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Mysterious Island, The

02 Les naufragés de l’air

original title: L'île mystérieuse


  • Extended Cut
  • Mini Series
Release: Mar 27, 2017 - Author: Tony Montana - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the Spanish Extended Cut (German DVD by X-Rated) and the Mini Series (German DVD by Pidax).

21 differences, consisting of
- 10 additional scenes
- 6 extended scenes
- 2 scenes with alternate footage
- 1 recut
- additional opening and end credits
- Length difference: 630.68 sec resp. 10 min 30.68 sec

There are minor jump-cuts with a length of less than 0.5 sec that have not been considered in the following comparison.

Basically, there are 4 versions. On the one hand, there are the rather short "German Theatrical Version" (approx. 95 min) and the "US Director's Cut" (approx. 101 min), on the other the much longer "Spanish Extended Cut "(approx. 268 min) and the "Mini Series" (approx. 52 min per episode) which is also the longest of all versions.

Since I am neither familiar with the "German Theatrical Version" nor the "US Director's Cut", there is not much I could say about those two. But the fact of the matter is that the Theatrical Version lacks almost 3 hours (!) of footage . compared to the Extended Cut. And since the Director's Cut is only 6 minutes longer than the Theatrical Version, I think it is safe to say that both versions confine themselves to necessities. Which is a shame, really, because the long tracking shots and the slow pace are crucial in my opinion. Both the Extended Cut and the Mini Series take their time to tell the story very detailed. With a length of approx. 52 minutes per episode, the Mini Series is even longer than the Extended Cut - despite the opening and end credits in every single episode.

Time index refers to
Spanish Extended Cut - Mini Series (both in PAL).
44:17 / 00:00

The mini series starts with the opening credits, followed by a recap (no screenshots).

275.96 sec resp. 4 min 35.96 sec

Extended Scene
53:43 / 14:01

Spilett insignificantly longer.

0.8 sec

Additional Scene
54:25 / 14:44

Additional footage of Herbert and Pencroft walking across the little river. Herbert steps in a whole on the ground and almost falls down. Pencroft helps him up and tells him to keep walking by the riverside.

13 sec

Extended Scene
55:06 / 15:38

Herbert and Pencroft much earlier in the woods.

20.6 sec

Additional Scene
01:01:27 / 22:18

Additional distancce shot of Herbert, Pencroft and Spilett.

6.2 sec

Extended Scene
01:01:27 / 22:24

The subsequent shot of Neb starts slightly earlier (no screenshots).
In addition to that, it is longer. To be more specific, he checks the surroundings longer and keeps moving.

7.96 sec

Extended Scene
01:08:34 / 29:40

The group longer.

5.96 sec

Alternate Footage / Recut
01:08:48 / 29:59

The mini series shows the group reaching the top. The dog leads them to a bay, stops and starts barking. Neb realizes he has been there before and Herbert finds footprints. The camera pans to the left and zooms in on the footprints in the sand (44.72 sec).

The Extended Cut only contains a small close-up of the barking dog, followed by the footprints in the sand on which the camera then zooms in on (8.36 sec).
The shot of the barking dog is also a little later in the mini series.

36.36 sec
Extended CutTV Version

Additional Scene
01:09:10 / 30:58

Additional distance shot of the group following the tracks in the sand.

11.76 sec

Additional Scene / Recut
01:09:16 / 31:16

Now the barking dog in the mini series (please see 01:08:48 / 29:59).
Technically, this recut does not make any sense at all because the dog is already down at the beach (please see 01:09:10 / 30:58). And yet, this particular shot shows up on the rock. At the end of this shot, he jumps down.

2.76 sec

Additional Scene
01:09:29 / 31:32

The scene of the group surrounding unconscious Smith is longer. In the mini series, Spilett explains Smith was alive, his breathing weak and he did not have a fever. Neb then makes a mocking remark to Pencroft resp. Neb says they now had fire without having to rub two wooden sticks against each other. Pencroft asks if Smith had matches or a lighter. Neb explains Smith did need either to make a fire.

19.28 sec

Additional Scene
01:11:44 / 34:06

Only the mini series shows Herbert searching for and finding the clam Neb mentioned.

40.32 sec

Extended Scene
01:11:44 / 34:46

The subsequent shot of Herbert running back to the group with the clam starts earlier.

4.88 sec

Extended Scene
01:12:23 / 35:30

Smith longer after regaining consciousness.

9.08 sec

Alternate Footage / Recut
01:12:45 / 36:02

The Extended Cut here contains two shots of Pencroft of Neb from the mini series (please see 01:09:29 / 31:32). (3.32 sec)

After the (longer) shot of Smith, the mini series continues with the group exploring the island. At some point they stop and Smith asks if they were on the mainland or an island. Pencroft says this was a legit question (33.6 sec).

30.28 sec
Extended CutTV Version

Extended Scene
01:20:29 / 44:15

Herbert and Pencroft earlier in the woods.

32.92 sec

Extended Scene
01:23:12 / 47:32

Neb and Spilett insignificantly longer.

1.16 sec

Additional Scene
01:23:28 / 47:48

Additional footage of the search for food.

41 sec

01:25:32 / 50:33

Here, the order of the shots within the scene has been changed. Furthermore, the shots are a little longer in the mini serie. Contentwise, both versions are identical.

The Extended Cut first contains a distance shot of Spilett and Neb on the rock. Then a close-up of them: Neb points out to Spilett that Smith had managed to make fire. A distance shot of Smith by the fire follows. Then a further nature shot with Spilett and Neb. The two of them are happy that the fire is on.
The mini series contains the distance shot of Spilett and Neb on the rock as well. Then the entire footage of Smith by the fire, followed by the entire footage of Spilett and Neb.

11.68 sec
Extended CutMini Series

Extended Scene
01:25:42 / 50:55

The subsequent shot is longer.

6.8 sec

01:26:25 / 51:44

Now the end credits in the mini series.

51.92 sec