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The Light at the Edge of the World

Hump Bang


The Curse of the Werewolf

Mysterious Island, The

06 Le secret de l’île

original title: L'île mystérieuse


  • Extended Cut
  • Mini-Serie
Release: Apr 28, 2017 - Author: Tony Montana - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the Spanish Extended Cut (German DVD by X-Rated) and the Mini Series (German DVD by Pidax).

25 differences, consisting of
- 2 additional scenes
- 6 extended scenes
- 10 additional scenes in the Extended Cut
- 3 extended scenes in the Extended Cut
- 1 extended scene with alternate audio track in the Extended Cut
- 1 scene with alternate footage
- additional opening credits
- alternate end credits
- Length difference: Extended Cut (!) 147.36 sec resp. 2 min 27.36 sec longer

There are minor jump-cuts with a length of less than 0.5 sec that have not been considered in the following comparison.

Basically, there are 4 versions. On the one hand, there are the rather short "German Theatrical Version" (approx. 95 min) and the "US Director's Cut" (approx. 101 min), on the other the much longer "Spanish Extended Cut "(approx. 268 min) and the "Mini Series" (approx. 52 min per episode) which is also the longest of all versions.

Since I am neither familiar with the "German Theatrical Version" nor the "US Director's Cut", there is not much I could say about those two. But the fact of the matter is that the Theatrical Version lacks almost 3 hours (!) of footage . compared to the Extended Cut. And since the Director's Cut is only 6 minutes longer than the Theatrical Version, I think it is safe to say that both versions confine themselves to necessities. Which is a shame, really, because the long tracking shots and the slow pace are crucial in my opinion. Both the Extended Cut and the Mini Series take their time to tell the story very detailed. With a length of approx. 52 minutes per episode, the Mini Series is even longer than the Extended Cut - despite the opening and end credits in every single episode.

Time index refers to
Spanish Extended Cut - Mini Series (both in PAL).
03:32:32 / 00:00

The mini series starts with the opening credits, followed by a recap (no screenshots).

274.92 sec resp. 4 min 34.92 sec

Additioal Scene / Recut
03:36:33 / 08:36

Jupiter under fire - including cuts to the shooter.

3.48 sec

Alternate Footage
03:36:36 / 08:39

The shot of Neb returning fire slightly differs.

Extended Cut 0.08 sec longer

Additional Scene Extended Cut / Partial Recut
03:36:34 / 08:40

At first, further shots at Neb are being fired. Then Jupiter, followed by more shots of the firefight. Jupiter again, then Herbert & dog. Back to Neb and then the shots at Jupiter in the Extended Cut (please see 03:36:33 / 08:36). Neb returns fire.

Extended Cut 31.32 sec longer

Extended Scene Extended Cut / Alternate Audio Track
03:37:06 / 08:40

The shot of the pirat, who fired at Jupiter, going down starts slightly earlier in the Extended Cut. In addition to that, it is insignificantly longer.
But the again, one gets to hear the pirat scream in the mini series which is not the case in the Extended Cut.

Screenshot to illustrate the scene

Extended Cut 1.08 sec longer

Extended Scene / Partial Recut
03:37:22 / 08:56

Neb and Spilett longer resp. the Extended Cut contains an additional shot in the middle.

3.08 sec

Additional Scene Extended Cut
03:37:36 / 09:13

Now said additional shot in the Extended Cut: Jupiter is lying on the ground.

Extended Cut 6.2 sec longer

Extended Scene Extended Cut / Recut
03:37:42 / 09:13

Ad now the rest of the shot of Neb and Spilett in the Extended Cut (please see 03:37:22 / 08:56).

Extended Cut 3.08 sec longer

Additional Scene Extended Cut
03:45:23 / 16:50

At first, there is a distance shot of the island. Footage of two of Nemo's guys diving to the pirat ship follows. They place some explosives and leave. Meanwhile, the ship keeps shooting at the island. Last but not least, there is an additional shot of the vulcano.

Extended Cut 94.88 sec resp. 1 min 34.88 sec longer

Extended Scene
03:46:58 / 16:50

The subsequent shot of the exploding pirat ship starts insignificantly earlier in the mini series.

0.44 sec

Additional Scene Extended Cut
04:06:49 / 34:42

Now the diving scene in the Extended Cut.

Extended Cut 17.32 sec longer

Extended Scene
04:07:06 / 36:42

The subsequent shot starts earlier.

2.36 sec

Additional Scene Extended Cut
04:10:05 / 39:43

More underwater footage.

Then Nemo resp. his story in the form of further pictures.

Keep on splashing, folks.

Extended Cut 105.96 sec resp. 1 min 45.96 sec longer

Extended Scene Extended Cut
04:12:16 / 40:07

The underwater shot is a little longer in the Extended Cut.

Extended Cut 1.2 sec longer

Extended Scene
04:13:07 / 40:57

And now in the mini series.

5.24 sec

Additional Scene
04:13:13 / 41:09

Two additional shots of the divers.

12.36 sec

Additional Scene Extended Cut
04:16:48 / 44:54

Additional scenes of Nemo in the hallway of the Nautilus. He finds the body of his last crew member. Then Bob Harvey hiding on board.

Extended Cut 37.04 sec longer

Extended Scene
04:18:31 / 46:01

Bob Harvey's death is longer. Only the mini series shows him actually going down.

1.28 sec

Additional Scene Extended Cut
04:18:34 / 46:05

The group grabs wounded Nemo. Then they leave the room. After that, there is additional footage of the vulcano again.

Extended Cut 16.76 sec

Extended Scene
04:23:46 / 51:01

The vulcano slightly longer.

0.68 sec

Extended Scene Extended Cut
04:23:46 / 51:01

The Extended Cut shows the area near the vulcano. Then the camera zooms in on the vulcano.
The mini series only contains the end of the shot showing the vulcano at close range.

Extended Cut 10.04 sec longer
Extended CutMini-Serie

Additional Scene Extended Cut
04:23:57 / 51:02

The destrcution of the island continues & a few exterior shots of Nemo's ship.

Extended Cut 42.64 sec longer

Additional Scene Extended Cut
04:25:12 / 51:34

Additional shot of the vulcano.

Extended Cut 1.16 sec longer

Additional Scene Extended Cut
04:25:23 / 51:44

Additional footage of Nemo, his ship and the island.

Extended Cut 60.36 sec resp. 1 min 0.36 sec longer

04:26:24 / 51:44

While the Extended Cut contains Spanish credits, the credits of the mini series are in German. In addition to that, the footage in the background differs.

Extended Cut 22.08 sec longer