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Release: May 15, 2012 - Author: Doc Idaho - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
The director of Supernova is Thomas Lee. However, Thomas Lee is nothing else but an alias for Hollywood directors who do not want to get connected to certain movies any more. After the previous and still more famous alias Alan Smithee had been uncovered, this was the first time Thomas Lee was used. Actually, the movie had been directed by Walter Hill (48 Hrs., Red Heat). After an argument with the producers about the final cut and because of his dissatisfaction with the script, he dropped out in post production phase and demanded an alias. An even more famous director replaced him: Francis For Coppola was tending to the final cut. Jack Sholder (The Hidden) is also supposed to have something to do with the movie, however, no details are known.

Under Coppola's lead, a rather short (83 min) and badly cut movie was created. Many side plots were removed, which can be seen on the 20 minutes of deleted scenes on DVD. There, the rather brutal death of Yerzy can be found as well. Without it, the last scene of the movie seems rather strange.

Unfortunately, the movie was in the news earlier due to a sex scene in zero gravity although the result is nothing special really. This does not only apply to the shortened PG-13 version. The R-Rated also only features a slightly longer and as boring scene there.

The main difference between the two versions is a series of quite often hardly discernible nude shots. The R-Rated version can now be found on all US DVDs, the PG-13 is supposed to have been released on VHS once, however, we could not find proof of that.

Both movie versions were taken from German TV broadcasts. Both of the versions received the FSK 16 rating in Germany and it is not perfectly certain that the last cut with the harpoon has not been applied by the TV station due to a rather early broadcast time. All of the alternative shots, however, are definitely due to the PG-13 cut.

Comparison between the Tele 5 broadcast on March 5th 2012 (PG-13) and the Kabel 1 broadcast on December 22nd 2011 (R-Rated).

The R-Rated is 13 seconds longer.
Danika and Yerzy are having Sex. The R-Rated shows more of Danika's breasts.
no difference in time


The PG-13 version shows her breasts for 5 frames before fading into a shot of her back, whereas the R-Rated shows them longer.
no difference in time


Different shot of the two women entering the sleep cabin naked. However, not much can be seen.
no difference in time


Danika's cabin closes. The R-Rated shows this in a shot from the front resulting in some nudity.
no difference in time


Kaela looks at the bad looking A.J., who just fell out of his cabin. The PG-13 version does not show A.J.
no difference in time


Yerzy shows Danika an application form for parenthood. Her breasts can be seen fully in the R-Rated but only a tiny bit in the censored version.
no difference in time


Karl is standing naked in front of Danika longer, she is obviously embarassed. Karl's behind can be seen a lot longer in the R-Rated, which also is a bit longer here.


Karl and Danika are longer having zero gravity sex. Her right breast can be seen.

Karl moans longer when he gets pierced by the harpoon.

In the R-Rated, Kaela pulls down her pants an her butt plus breast can be seen from the side. The PG-13 only shows her back.
no difference in time