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  • PG-13
  • German Version
Release: Sep 03, 2009 - Author: Karl Gustav - Translator: Karl Gustav - external link: IMDB
Paramount Vantage prefered a PG-13 version for the United States and in order to get that rating some cuts were necessary.

This is a comparison between the US Blu-ray and the uncut German DVD. Six differences can be found.
The PG-13-Version starts with a "Paramount Vantage" logo and an explanation, that this movie is based on a true story. 20s

Georgiana tries to cover her breasts while waiting for William to come to bed. She is not really successful with the cover up and that should be the reason why this scene had to go.
3,5 seconds

Once William startet to deflower Georgiana, both versions use different material. You can see her intial reaction in both versions - it obviously hurts, but then she seems to be more relaxed in the US-version, while in the German version you can see on her face, that it continues to be very painful. She tries to hide it, though.
US: 7 seconds | German: 15 seconds

PG-13German Version

When Elizabeth shows Georgiana how to masturbate, both versions again use different material. In the German version you can see Elizabeths hands a little bit longer reaching between Georgianas tighs and more of Georgianas reactions, when Elizabeth touches a sensitive spot. Georgiana seems to enjoy it. Then Elizabeth caressing Georgianas hair with her other free hand. In the US-version you only see Georgianas face for a brief moment, reacting to Elizabeth hands between her legs.
US: 6 seconds | German: 15 seconds

PG-13German Version

When Georgiana is sleeping with Charles Grey, again different material is used in both versions. On one ocassion the US-version stays close to both their faces, while the German version is a bit further away. Because of that you can see that Charles has one of his hands under her nightgown.
US: 7 seconds| German: 9 seconds

PG-13German Version

Again, the German version has a shot further away from the action, while the US-version starts the following closer shot a little bit earlier.
US: 2 seconds | German: 5,5 seconds

PG-13German Version

At the end of the scene the US-version is again closer to Gerogianas and Charles faces, while the German version continues the previous shot.
US: 7 seconds | German: 4,5 seconds

PG-13German Version