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3.09 Unfinished Business


  • TV Version
  • Extended Version
Release: Jan 10, 2012 - Author: Buster - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB - more from this series
The sci-fi series Battlestar Galactica in the USA started in 2003. Unlike the 1978 original series, the target group for the new version is a mature audience, thus the plot is more complex.

Of course, the main parts of the plot stayed the same: Human life has it's origin on planet Kobol with its 13 tribes. 12 of these moved to found their own colonies on other planets.

After the genocide of the human race - arranged by the Cylons - a convoy of survivors heads off. Lead by Battlestar Galactica they're trying to find the legendary 13th colony: Earth.

For quite some time now ther exist Blu-Ray and DVD sets that include the 6 extended episodes; these sets were both released in the USA and the UK.

Even though the extended scenes rarely (if at all) contain any dialogue there still are some very interesting differences.

Running time
TV Version: 42:54 min NTSC (not including credits)
Extended Version: 69:15 min NTSC (not including credits)

Difference: 26 minutes and 21 seconds in3 6 scenes.
Flashback to Admiral Adama: On planet New Caprica he puts his naked feet in the sand and lets some sand trickling through his fingers.

17 sec.

The previous flashback is interrupted by a short scene of a boxing match and a short shot of Kara Thrace and Samuel Anders having sex in her cabin. Then we see Adama again, having a relaxing time on New Caprica.

34 sec.

Anastasia Dualla makes a status report in Admiral Adama's accommodation. She talks about a few incidents on board which make her believe that the crew lacks discipline. She suggests to cancel the boxing tournament and to make the crew continue their duties. Adama refuses to do so since he believes that the tournament will be good and a positive distraction for the crew. He jokes around and tells Dualla to try it out, too, which - of course - she refuses.

45 sec.

Kara and Samuel finished their sexual intermezzo. The scene is interrupted by a few boxing scenes as well as a scene of Kara and Lee Adama having sex on New Caprica.

26 sec.

Kara and Samuel's dialogue is a little longer. Samuel asks her if he's more for her than just a sex toy. She answers that sex is all he can give her in the momentary situation. When Samuel says that he might not be what she's looking for, Kara responds that she won't try to change his mind if that is how he feels.

34 sec.

Kara on her way to the boxing court.

4 sec.

A few shots of the fight "Apollo vs. Helo" were cut out; Kara watches them.

18 sec.

Some more shots of the boxing match.

17 sec.

Apollo in his corner.

5 sec.

Sharon and Helo in the other corner.

3 sec.

The fight continues.

5 sec.

When Apollo gets knocked down, the scene goes on a little longer and offers alternative footage. While Apollo in the TV version turns his face away when he gets knocked down, he in the extended version see his mouthpiece flying out ouf his mouth along with some blood.

6 sec.

TV VersionExtended Version

After he went down, Apollo seems to be a little dizzy and shakes his head before he gets back up.

2 sec.

Colonel Tigh interrupts the fight and Dr. Cottle enters the ring.

7 sec.

Apollo is still mad about Dr. Cottle cancelling the fight.

5 sec.

The chat between Kara and Lee (Apollo) Adama after the fight is a bit longer and a bit more intensive in the Extended Version. Apollo reproaches Kara for her failing marriage with Sam Anders. Kara, on the other side, is angry because he does not seem to be able to have them stationed on the same ship. When Apollo asks her how long she wants to go on playing the game she puts her token into the drawing pot for the next box fight.

56 sec.

Admiral Adama briefly talks to Dualla and says that his son looks really good now that he has lost some weight.

Lee Adama congratulates Helo for winning the fight. Dualla then asks how he is feeling and when he would get into the "ring" with her. He says that she has to wait as there is still another fight waiting for him. When she see that his next opponent will be Kara Thrace, she leaves without saying a word. Before that, the two can be seen in a flashback on New Caprica.

Admiral Adama briefly talks to Tigh when the fight between Omar Fischer and another crew member starts. Larua Roslin joins them and a conversation starts. A flashback shows her finding him playing in the sand.

3 min. and 5 sec.

The fight continues and Laura Roslin asks Adama whether he has also pust his token into the pot. He says he did not but wishes he had.

55 sec.

The end of the fight.

2 sec.

Hot Dog is being called into the ring.

5 sec.

During the fight between Starbuck and Hot Dog Dualla massages her husband's shoulders and tells him a story from her childhood. On the way from school to home she regularly got beaten up by a boy. Her mother then told her that it was not because the boy was "evil".
Later Dualla realized that there was something like love hidden behind the cover of hatred. She now asks herself what really is the reason for the fight between Starbuck and Apollo.

33 sec.

Kara wins over Hot Dog. Dualla and Apollo can be seen briefly.

12 sec.

Flashback to New Caprica:
Sam Anders offers Apollo something to drink.

8 sec.

Another flashback.
Gaius Baltar opens the construction for New Caprica City. Galen Tyrol and Cally can be seen in the audience.

13 sec.

A camera pan over the audience is missing as well as Felix congratulating Gaeta Baltar on stage and Kara telling Apollo that his flight will be called soon.

25 sec.

Kara explains Ellen Tigh that their men would never be friends. Ellen answers that she always wanted to go out with an athlete.

The scene in which Galen Tyrol tells his wife Cally that he prefers the baby's birth to happen on the Galactica starts sooner.

46 sec.

Felix Gaeta asks Apollo for a dance with Dualla.

3 sec.

The fight between Kat and Racetrack is on. Outside of the ring Kara is practicing with Athena and asks her why relationships always have to be complicated. She says that as soon as one has a partner, it seems that they think of one as their property.

Dualla asks Apollo not to fight. He insists and tells her that this has nothing to do with her, but that there was some unfinished business between him and Kara.

Flashback to New Caprica:
Colonel Tigh explains Kara that the best cure against a hangover was to keep on drinking.

2 min. and 8 sec.

Figurski and Tyrol at the boxing ring.

6 sec.

Tyrol cheers on the fighter.

3 sec.

Figurski and Tyrol, as well as Roslin and Adama, are shown a little longer after Kat has won the fight.

9 sec.

Flashback to New Caprica:
Roslin and Amanda are shown longer smoking illegal substances.

10 sec.

A few shots of a party on New Caprica are missing.

7 sec.


27 sec.

Dualla falters.
She tells Apollo that they’ve caught enough attention already, she wants their relationship to be secret a little more. Apollo doesn’t want her to go. She won’t have her mind changed and leaves the dance. But she wants Apollo to enjoy himself and have something to drink some more, as she has never seen him this happy before.

1 min. and 26 sec.

The scene of Adama and Roslin lying on the ground watching the stars starts a little earlier. Roslin explains that she didn’t care a lot about the stars back in the colonies. Now, though, she can’t get enough of them. Adama starts singing a song he learnt a long time ago from a colleague pilot.

1 min. and 10 sec.

Exterior view of the fleet.

10 sec.

Dualla and Apollo can be seen inbetween the audience after Adama has stepped into the ring.

2 sec.

Adama challenges Tyrol, his friends then want to motivate him by betting on him. Kara and Athena are surprised, too.

12 sec.

More bets are being made.

7 sec.

Pan across the ring.

1 sec.

Tyrol gets back up again after having been knocked down by Adama at the beginning of the very first round.

7 sec.

The fight goes on.

8 sec.

Kara and Athena.

2 sec.

Flashback to New Caprica:
Kara and Apollo are shown a little longer.

12 sec.

Hot Dog tells Tyrol to get back up again.

6 sec.

More shots of the fight. Tyrol has to take some more light blows.

17 sec.

Tyrol waits a little longer before moving towards Adama.

3 sec.

Flashback to New Caprica:
The dialogue between Laura Roslin and Adama is a little longer. She tells him that one should embrace every single calm moment on this planet.

Roslin: "I mean, let's get real. Let's get real. The Cylons come back, we're dead. Disease strikes, we're dead. Earthquake, volcano, hurricane, today, tomorrow, five years from now, and it's... and you know what I'd say? Life's a bitch and then you die. You know... no, I'm serious. I mean, I think that... I think we should all look at every moment of every day from now on as borrowed time and people should live the lives that they want to live before it's over. Let's stop spending the little time we have left here worrying about when it's gonna end."

1 min. and 40 sec.

The scene in which Kara shows Apollo the spot where she wants to build her future home starts earlier.

4 sec.

Apollo asks if he is just standing in the kitchen. Kara answers that this is the bedroom. Apollo has to laugh and says that this is not the place where he could right now imagine living.

41 sec.

In the extended version, when Kara is asked if she really wants to spend the rest of her life with Sam Anders, she answers with a counterquestion – namely, if Apollo thinks of someone else. Apollo replies that she shouldn’t be distressed that he is going to try to mix up her new life.

37 sec.

Apollo teases Kara a little to make her get up and shout out her love for him into the night after the two have had sex.

9 sec.

Kara asks Apollo if it really is her he wants. He says yes and tells her that it was because of Zak and many other things that he had been scared to admit he needs her. Both repeat their love for each other once more.

1 min. and 20 sec.

Some more additional shots of the fight between Adama and Tyrol.

15 sec.

Kane teases Apollo with her upcoming fight. Dualla wants to know why they had to fight in the first place instead of getting a room. When Kara explains to her they’d already done that, Dualla finally understands that her husband cheated on her. Then she leaves the arena. She expects from Apollo to resolve the issues with Kara.

50 sec.

Another missing part of the battle.

30 sec.

Galen Tyrol in his corner.

5 sec.

Flashback to New Caprica:
Cally finds her husband. He’s not feeling well after last night, she tries to give him a coffee.

19 sec.

Adama drops by and tells them he had a change of heart. She explains that, if they still wanted, they could settle down on New Caprica. Some shorter shots have been removed here.

18 sec.

Extended shot of Admiral Adama lying on the ground. He’s spitting out his bloody gum shield.

7 sec.

On New Caorica, Kara finds her husband sleeping on the ground. Behind her is Colonel Tigh having a drink while his wife is sleeping on his lap. Kara sits down next to him and takes a huge zip from the bottle. Tigh realizes it’s the first the two of them ever had a drink together which implies it must be a special occasion. When Kara tells him she’d slept with Apollo, he has to laugh. First, Kara doesn’t think it’s funny at all. But then, she starts laughing herself.

2 min. and 59 sec.

Dualla and Apollo in a Raptor that approaches Pegasus. Apollo explains to Dualla that Kara and Sam Anders had just gotten married. He also explains he’d had an amazing time with her and proposes. Even though she’s aware that he could leave her for Kara anytime, she says yes.

2 min. and 9 sec.

At the end of the fight between Kara and Apollo, both of them are standing in the ring, being exhausted. She can’t hold each other anymore and go down together.
In the foreground, one can see Dualla. She’s leaving the arena.

28 sec.