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Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay


  • Theatrical Version
  • Unrated Version
Release: Jan 31, 2009 - Author: Doc Idaho - Translator: OG-Kai - external link: IMDB
One of the strong points of part one – the emotional moments between Harold and Kumar – was abbreviated, but at least the absurd humour is still part of the movie, although it could have been elaborated further.

Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay is the logical sequel of part one and consequently takes place immediately after it. After the flight to Amsterdam H&K are arrested as terrorists and land in Guantanamo Bay, because neither Harold nor Kumar could persuade the passengers that a bong is not a bomb (no matter how complicated it is built). Luckily, they can escape together with some Cubans and make their way to Miami where they begin their odyssey through the Southern States of the USA. First, they come to Texas in order to chancel the wedding of Kumar’s ex-girlfriend, and second, to prove their innocence. During their journey they drop by on a “no panties” party, argue with the KKK, meet strange Rednecks, pay a visit to the whorehouse together with Patrick Harris and philosophy with W. on the legalisation of pot. Fantastic!

The extension of the unrated version is far-reaching; not much was deleted due to the r-rating.

There are 52 alterations and the unrated versions is 7:15 min. longer than the theatrical version.
3. minute

After Kumar said „nice pubes“ to Harold, he pulls the shower curtain aside in an alternative shot. So you can see Kumar sitting on the toilet a little longer.
UR 2s | R 1s

Kumar at his best on the toilet.
Harold: "Asshole, get out of here right now."
K: "Oh! Dude this thing is huge!"
H: "Wipe and leave. Wipe and leave now."
K: "I think it still has chesse on it."

6. minute
After the superior of Matthew Perry lets Kumar go, Kumar says "I aprreciate it. Thanks, Matt Perry" in an alternative shot so that the people in the background fit into the next scene.
UR 2,5s | R 2s

The superior talks to the security guy once more.
Superior: "What are you doing?"
Security guy: "What do you mean, what am I doing? He called me Matthew Perry."
S: "Well, you look like Matthew Perry."
Sg: "He's white!
S: "So what?"

8. minute

While Kumar’s gaze follows his ex-girlfriend longer, he says: "Plus that dude has date rape face."
Harold: "I don't even know what that is."
Kumar: "One who possesses the face of a date rapist."
H: "Right. Listen, um .."

After that the theatrical version begins with a similar shot a little earlier.11f

24. minute

Harold & Kumar are following the woman longer into her flat.

In contrast, the theatrical version contains an alternative shot later in which you can see H&K. 2s

The two of them are running across the entrance hall longer and are looking at the women. Harold realizes a lady, whose public hair has the colours of the US flag, and says
"Very patriotic of you."

24. Minute

While H&K are talking to Razza at the whirlpool, there is an alternative shot. While the dialogue the theatrical versions shows the three participants regularly (and alternative shots of the other party guest, as well). The unrated version, however, shows stripped to the waist girls, while the dialog can be heard out of the “off”. The whole scene seems strange in the unrated version and also the dialogue out of the “off” is irritating, especially when Kumar says goodbye.
For 1,5s you can see identical footage in the middle of the scene, when a woman does a back flip. Other than that, both scenes are with 19,5 respectively 9s of identical duration.

An interesting detail from the audio commentary is that normally only women who are shaved downwards their equatorial line are willing to do naked shots; as a result of this, some wigs had to be used for the close shots…

theatrical version

unrated version

28. Minute

Raza’s "Osama" penis can be seen again. Raza is proudly patting his public hair. The theatrical version has his upper body focused instead.
UR 2s | R 2,5s

30. Minute

The Korean translator Jack (Ed Helms from The Office) does still not understand the English of the Korean guys and says to Ron Fox: "I'm a pretty good translator. It's total gibberish. - They may be trying to stonewall us."
Ron Fox: "Are you sure you speak Korean, Jack? You speak Korean? You're not fucking with Daddy, are you?"
Jack: "Do you have a masters in romantic Korean literature? Because I do ... and I'm offended."
Ron Fox: "Good enough for me."

Deput Fry intervenes.

Fry: ".. We're not looking to hurt your sons ... we just wanna know where they are. Do you know if they know anybody in Florida?"
Kumar’s father: "Their friend Raza Syed lives in Miami. But why would they be there?"

40. Minute

In the wood Kumar is with Goldstein at the phone a moment earlier. 15f

And Goldstein can be seen peeing a little longer.

Goldstein wrings it: "Oh-wo-wo-wo."
Kumar: "What is that sound? Are you jerking off again? What are you doing?"
G: "I'm taking a glorious pee-pee."

When Goldstein explains what a blumpkin is, you can see Kumar in the theatrical version, and Goldstein and his t-shirt on which you can read: "Your vagina smells like dooddy;” in the unrated version.

In the theatrical version you can see H&K a moment longer, after Kumar threw away the telephone.1s

On the other hand, you can see Goldstein who is still on the toilet in the unrated version and how Rosenberg is approaching from behind.
Rosenberg: "Aw, did you go?"
Goldstein: "Yeah, I'm done."
R: "You said to me we were gonna cross swords. You promised."
G: "I'm sorry, sweetheart."

43. Minute
When Raylene remarks that the internet connection does not work, Raymus says: "You try unplugging the AirPort base?"
Raylene: "Yeah, I done did that but it didn't work."

Then, when Raylene yells at Raymus, there are two alternative scenes, because Kumar had to be moved into the right position for the extended version of the scene. The first scene with Kumar takes 7sec. longer in the unrated version. The second scene is equally long. In this scene there is a long shot in which Raylene hits her husband with her handbag.

Shortly before Harold says that they could simply hit the road, Raylene can be seen longer in the theatrical version.9f

Contrarily, the unrated version contains another extension, after Raylene yelled at her husband because he said “fuck”.
Kumar: "Please don't worry about us. We cuss all the time."
Raymus to his wife: "Who do you think you is, hitting me? Who do you think bought you that Prada bag?"
Raylene: "I told you I wanted a Gucci one."
Raymus: "The Gucci bag cost more!"
Raylene: "Well, Jan Sapperstein's husband sure could afford it."
Raymus: "Here we go again with Jan Sapperstein. I don't give a rat's ass what that bitch got. You be happy with what you have."
Raylene: "What I have is a husband who ain't worth a turd!"
Raymus: "Oh you wanna give me shit now?"
Raylene: "That's right!"
Raymus: "After everything I let you buy! Even look at the credit card bills."
Raylene: "... you buy?! Do you think we need another set of golf balls?"
Raymus: "Even worse is the credit card miles."
Raylene: "Stinky, smelly, motherf--"

47. Minute

Shortly before they go to bed, Raymus can be seen a little longer in the theatrical version.

On the other hand, the unrated version has a short extension. After Raymus shouted at his one-eyed son and said “it’s tough love,” he adds here: “it’s the best way.”

48. Minute

Directly at the beginning, when Kumar is dreaming of having a threesome with Vanessa and Weedy, there is a longer, alternative scene. In the theatrical version they lie in a bed and Kumar kisses Vanessa first, then Weedy, who is patting his chest. Then he slowly pushes Weedy’s and Vanessa’s head under the blanket in order to give him oral satisfaction. In the unrated version they also lie in the bed, but Weedy does not have her hand on Kumars chest but is doing a hand-job on Kumar under the blanket. Here as well, Kumar pushes their heads under the blanket to receive oral satisfaction. Kumar gets frightened for a moment and then says gently: "Ah, teeth, teeth, Weedy, teeth. Oh!
u v 26,5s | t v 21,5s

theatrical version

unrated version

49. Minute

When Kumar is banging Weedy from behind, the theatrical version fades out earlier. In the unrated version Vanessa lies on her back, Weedy lies on top of her and Kumar kneels behind the two girls and has sex with Weedy. After the theatrical version has faded out, the scene is missing in which Kumar takes lubricant, applies it on Weedys’ butt and says “Putting it in the ass now, Weedy." You can hear squeaking noise and Kumar is obviously turned on: "Ohh! Yeah, how about that?"
Then you see Vanessa who lies on top of Weedy and licks her. Next to them Kumar jerks off while he is watching the two girls. His penis is unnaturally big under the blanket. The alternative fading of the theatrical version was extracted. 1,5s

Also at the end of the scene the theatrical version fades out earlier. You can only see how Vanessa is putting her whole hand into Weedy’s pink plush vagina. In the unrated version Weedy starts shaking excitedly when Vanessa pushed nearly her whole forearm into Weedy. When Kumar sees that he stumbles “Wow” while Weedy’s vagina is making some typical noises.

50. Minute
When Kumar accidentally utters he only wants to go to Texas in order to chancel Vanessa’s wedding, Harold says in the theatrical version: “What?” and Kumar: “What?”. In the unrated version, in comparison, both add another “What?”

52. Minute
The two members of the KKK with the beer barrel talk about the show Becker: "The other day, caught a rerun of that show Becker. Already in the “off”. You know that show?"
"Yeah, that's the one with that Jew, Ted Danson."
"That blond negro they got on there, he had me in stitches. He's actually pretty funny."
"Really? You think so?"
"I'm not saying I wouldn't lynch the guy, but... his timing, it's priceless."

Urinate between Harold and Kumar.

More urinate.

The theatrical version shows 1s more of the two KKK members.

54. Minute
One of the KKK members talks about what he has done to a member of a minority group. He pushed a “been eater” down the stairs at Walmart’s. He fell into some bottles of whine which he was asked to pay for by Walmart. All KKK members start cheering and Kumar participates, which is why Harold nudges him.

On the contrary, the theatrical version has another short scene with H&K 2,5s

58. Minute
NPH mentions that the story of a lost love took place at the set of "Clara's Heart".

After NPH slapped himself, because it had been a big mistake to break off with T-Bird, Kumar asks: “Why?” I mean with T-Bird gone, couldn't you have sex with whoever you wanted?"
NPH: "Well, let me be clear. There is nothing on the planet, that I love more than a hot, new pussy."
K: "Sure"
NPH: "Nothing. -- What does the PH stands for in NPH?"
Harold: "Patrick Harris."
NPH: "No, common mistake. Poon handler."

While NPH is saying "The point is ...", the theatrical version shows an alternative shot. Summed up 3s long.

66. Minute

In the unrated version the subtitles of NPH read "Pussy, I'm home.", when he enters the whorehouse. In the theatrical version: "Lucy, I'm home."

No time difference

When Sally mentions that her best girls are gone because of NPH he says:
"Hey, I paid her good money.” In the unrated version he adds: "It's not my fault she didn't lube up."

But the reactions of H&K on this are different: in the unreated version they appear to be more surprised.
unrated version 1,5s | theatrical version 1s

67. Minute

When NPH asks the hooker of his choice what her name was, she answers “Tits Hemingway” and he: "How did you come up with that."
Tits: "Well, I have huge tits and my favorite book is A moveable feast."
NPH: "I guess that makes sense. Yeah."

In the following 5 sec. there are minimal frame differences which are not discussed in more detail here.

Harold stays back alone and waves to the other girls in the theatrical version. In the unrated version, however, Sally offers him other means of communication. They have magazines und a small cinema. If he wanted to wank off, they would have electrical devices, too. But Harold is satisfied by drinking a coffee…
unrated version 31s | theatrical version 3,5s

Kumar can longer be seen on the bed.

Some more unimportant frame differences.

Harold is watching the two getting naked for a longer period of time.

The unrated has another shot in which you can see the girls.

68. Minute

In the cinematic version the dress of the blonde is dragged down a little longer.

In the unrated version you can see how she is getting naked.

In the theatrical version you can see the dark haired girl and how she is getting off her dress, and then Kumar, who is telling her what to do until they kiss each other. In the unrated you can first see Kumar, then how the black haired girl is getting undressed and then the kiss is shot from a further distance.
UR 6,5s | R 4s

theatrical version

unrated version

Talking to other whores, the group can be seen longer.

The same.

Another short addition. This time Harold adds some words: You know. I don't even care because ... You know ... "

An alternative shot for a short period of time. Harold adds: "Venus come on.", when Venus says that good friends are hard to find.
unrated version 3,5s | theatrical version 1,5s

unrated version

82. Minute

H&K realize that their penises are touching while they are hanging in the parachute.

94. Minute

Maria adds for which magazine she provides pictures: "For High Times Magazine".

95. Minute

Maria and Harold are kissing much longer than in the unrated version. The theatrical version is using alternative footage.

unrated version 10s | theatrical version 2,5s

unrated version

Some changes in the credits

There are alternative background pictures in the two versions

96. Minute

Additional footage of Amsterdam.

The same. H&K are standing in front of the prostitutes much longer.

A long extension: First you can see Vanessa after Kumar dragged her away from the showcase. Then a short “bicycle insert”. But right after this you see the showcase again in front of which H&K are waiting. Then you see how Vanessa and Maria are directed out by two hookers. Vanessa is obviously ashamed and covers her intimate areas after she paid the hooker. God knows what happened to her. Maria, however, is totally cool and has a smoke. After that you can the four guys cycling. Vanessa is cycling free-hands and falls over. Kumar consoles her.

The four guys are strolling longer in the theatrical version.

Vanessa a moment longer with feathers.

Harold with a mask.

Harold in the theatrical version with another mask.

Maria and Vanessa are longer in the shop and consume.

97. Minute

Vanessa uses her whistle when the “grabbers” ran away.