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Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle


  • Theatrical version
  • Extreme Unrated version
Release: Sep 09, 2008 - Author: Doc Idaho - Translator: klepp - external link: IMDB
Theatrical version: 83:41 minutes
Unrated version: 88:18 minutes

Altogether the Unrated version is 55 seconds longer and contains 11 differences.
The trademarks at the beginning are longer on the Unrated DVD. 17.5s

25. Minute

On the getaway from the two female students on the toilet Harold & Kumar come across the Asia-party and wonder why the shy guy from a little while ago who always piped up when Harold wanted to ask a question is totally high.

Here, the Unrated shows two female Asians who want to have some weed from the shy guy who is dancing without a shirt on and waving around a bag of weed. The student playfully hesitates a bit but is willing to give them some of it if they show him their breasts. No problem for them. Harold & Kumar watch the scene surprised.

Harold & Kumar being noticed by the campus-police is a little longer in the Theatrical version for reasons of continuity. 1s

After we saw the campus-police on the stairs we see the girls with their tops lifted who have noticed the shouting of the campus-police.

The formerly shy Korean looks after Harold & Kumar when the campus-police arrive and then stand rooted to the ground when they notice the girls with the uncovered breasts. They quickly pull their tops back down and the campus-police continue chasing Harold & Kumar.


48. Minute

The Extreme Boys talk noticeably longer about how extreme the stunt with the kayak has just been.

One of the boys eats the extreme cheddar Doritos.

62. Minute

Neil Patrick Harris amuses himself with two naked women in Harold's stolen car. The fictitious NPH does not seem to be gay. Alternative footage has been used, here. While the Theatrical version shows about 1s more in the beginning and then is synchronic to the Unrated version for 15 frames the Unrated shows more at the ending when NPH continues licking the woman. During the whole scene another background is seen. But maybe the German DVD used for comparison is simply so bad that it just looks like a different background.
Unrated 3s longer

Pictures from the Unrated

In the next shot there is a different background, too, but the Unrated is also longer. While NPH keeps making out with the two women we see the appalled Harold & Kumar once again.

But shortly before Harold gets wet the two of them are standing at the roadside in the Theatrical version. 0,5s

63. minute

Harold & Kumar see the Korean from the party a little while ago kissing Goldstein in the hot dog restaurant even though he still has his mouth full of food. Rosenberg looks away disgusted.


65. minute

In the Theatrical version the last shot with the Extreme Boys is a little longer. 0,5s

But the whole scene is longer in the Unrated version. Here, the boys keep troubling over Harold & Kumar steeling their jeep.