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Kid Dracula

original title: AkumaJou Special: Boku Dracula-kun


Censored Version
Region: Europa / USA

Uncensored Version
Region: Japan

Release: Jan 14, 2014 - Author: DarkChojin - Translator: DaxRider123
Kid Dracula is a jump'n'run game by Konami that is far removed from the typical Castlevania style and obviously made for a child audience. In the game you play the eponymous, cute chibi-looking protagonist - the son of the evil count Dracula - whom you have to bring through eight varied levels. In the end you have to fight the evil alien Galamoth.

Now it gets a little complicated: In 1990 there existed a predecessor exclusively produced for Nintendo's Famicom with the Japanese title AkumaJou Special: Boku Dracula-kun. Then in 1993 the game of this report was released for the Nintendo GameBoy - in Japan it was released under the same name as the Famicom game, even though it was planned to be a sequel as well as remake at the same time! This version was also released overseas under the name Kid Dracula.

Besides the censorship - which will be listed above - it is intersting to notice that the Japanese original version is much easier than the international version: the bosses as well as the regular enemies can be killed easier and faster, updates for your lifebar can be found earlier and hearts that refill your lifebar are more frequent.

This is a comparison between the uncensored Japanese version and the censored international version (in this case the European cartridge).
As usual, all Christian symbols are gone. While the Japanese intro shows a cross on top of a belfry, the international version includes a regular castle tower. For whatever reason they decided to still include the sound of the bells in the international version.

Uncensored VersionCensored Version

Level 1 Final Bosses: The Ghosts of Halloween (Past, Present, and Future)
In the Japanese version, all three ghosts have a Manji symbol on their forehead (which is hardly noticeable on the baby ghost but clearly visible on the other two). In order to avoid inappropriate associations the producers have changed the shape of the ghosts head in order to delethe Manji symbol from the foreheads.

Uncensored VersionCensored Version

This censorship is also visible in the games' manuals which includes a small illustrated bestiary:

Japanese ManualGerman Manual

(Thanks to Bodonator who provided us with a scan of the German manual!)