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Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis


Amiga Version
Region: Worldwide

C64 Version
Region: Worldwide

Release: Oct 19, 2011 - Author: -Der-Tribun - Translator: Tony Montana
Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis is a very famous and successful adventure from Lucas Arts which still has a huge fanbase, even those days.

Less known is the fact that an action game with the exact same was released at the very same time (presumably to get a slice of the pie as well). And the game is unknown with good reason because the game simply sucks. The story is almost non-existent, the game control is bugging the hell out of the player, graphics and sound way below standards and the end is just dissatisfactory. Not programming that so-called game would have been the better call because this game is a disgrace for the Indy franchise.

One might get the impression that there's no opportunity for censoring the game: the enemies at the beginnning can't be taken out (the player has no weapons so far) and the use of arms later on is without any bloodshed. NS symbols aren't in there either. Well, at least that's what happens in the 16-Bit Versions but not in the more primitive C64 Version.

Compared are the C64 Version and the Amiga Version (which also represents the PC DOS & Atari ST Version because they're equal).
C64 VersionAmiga Version

Retouching the Intro

The censored part of the intro pops up when Captain Kerner passes the Atlantic statue to Dr. Übermann. Unfortunately, the difference is barely noticable on the following screens, due to the angle.

Which is why we zoomed in here. The swastika on Kerner's brassard (well, the visible part of it) has been retouched. It looks like an X in a circle now.

This modification concerns any 16-Bit Version. The reason might be that the 8-Bit Versions (like the C64 Version) were finished first. Then, in the process of reprogramming the game, the programmer were afraid of releasing the game with parts of a swastika in Europe because it could cause trouble. Bottom line: the swastika has been retouched in any 16-Bit Version.

Here you can find the complete intro of the Amiga Version: Amiga-Intro

Any NS symbols or plots with national socialistic backgrounds just serve the intention of documenting the differences. dissociates from any national socialistic and xenophobic way of thinking. Glamorizing or euphemistic user comments are going to be deleted and the user banned.