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  • Grindhouse Version
  • Original Version
Release: Jan 10, 2022 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB

Comparison between the shortened Grindhouse version and the uncut original version (both included on the German DVD by Imperial Pictures / Cargo Records)

- 6 cuts
- Cut duration: 611,5 sec (= 10:11 min)

A few additional master errors with a duration of less than 0.5 sec each were not listed in the report.

Angel in the Dark is C-action made in the Philippines and is a prime example of works from that area at the time: A hair-raisingly stupid story with sometimes totally abstruse scene transitions, sub-par acting performances, but quite a lot of brawling and some bloody shootouts. Romano Kristoff and Jim Gaines have worked with director Teddy Page before, e.g. in Jungle Rats or Black Fire. Hardcore video store fans should know what they're getting into.

The uncut German DVD premiere came in December 2021, with the main film being labeled as the "long version", which is nothing more than the normal original version. A "grindhouse version" is also included as a bonus, offering German, English and Italian audio - the same as the main film. This version runs 10 minutes shorter and, according to wear and tear, is presumably from a foreign theatrical release.

It lacks especially abstruse plot scenes with the prostitute Kristoff's character falls in love with. At least there is more nudity to be seen and at the beginning a little bit of beating in the police station was cut. However, everything is basically acceptable and a somewhat crisper alternative for interested viewers. For full trash enjoyment, however, the main version is recommended, which also offers somewhat better picture quality.

Runtimes are ordered as follows: Grindhouse version in PAL / Uncut version in PAL

Some black screen at the beginning of the Grindhouse version.

The title insert after about 3 minutes differs and was placed over the upper half of the picture in the uncut main film. Attached is also a comparison picture of a later scene: The Uncut has much better/natural color, but is zoomed in a bit.

Grindhouse VersionUncut

03:51 / 03:46-04:48

After the director's credit, you see Mark a bit longer, he's spotlighted. After that, there is a complete absence of him being interrogated and beaten up at the police station. One cop says to the other that the homeless man is American, so they shouldn't be so rough on him.

62,4 sec (= 1:02 min)

21:05 / 22:03-25:23

Michael comes to visit Lyn. In the stairwell, he encounters another john. In front of the door, a woman complains and Michael shocks her a bit by presenting her with a used condom (?!). After a bit of dialogue with Lyn, there is a knock on the door and so she obliquely only now realizes that she had locked daughter Kate in the next room all the time while the john was there. Michael gives the blind girl a second doll, she is pleased. When Kate says goodbye to "Mr. Michael," he notices her naming the doll after him. He briefly has a vision of his own dead daughter. Then he recognizes the real Kate again and is relieved.

200,8 sec (= 3:21 min)

25:44 / 30:02-32:00

Another scene with Lyn and her daughter Kate. She promises to go out for ice cream. Carlos rings the bell and demands instead that she now shop for him. Lyn gives in and sends Kate to the room. When Carlos mentions that Sartana is the customer today, Lyn briefly resists. Carlos makes it emphatically clear that she must obey him.

117,3 sec (= 1:57 min)

26:54 / 33:09-33:35

Sartana walks away with Lyn for a moment longer. There follows a brief, more or less incoherent, smooching in the shower.

26,1 sec

46:10 / 52:51-54:00

Before continuing with the morning workout, there is actually a scene at night. Marc sneaks into the room and reaches for the liquor bottle. Eddie wakes up, of course, but doesn't let on at first. Marc goes on to the fridge, whereupon Eddie comes to him, empties a bottle and reminds him of his promise not to drink. Finally, a close-up of shaving foam (?) in his hand - probably as a sledgehammer symbol that he is finally pulling himself together with a shaved beard.

68,7 sec (= 1:09 min)

58:34 / 66:23-68:39

Michael kisses Lyn and romantic music starts. Soft lovemaking follows, until Michael literally licks her on the bed.

136,1 sec (= 2:16 min)

70:45-70:46 / 80:50

Here is a significantly longer shot in the grindhouse version.

+ 1 sec