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Slumber Party Massacre, The


  • BBFC 18 VHS (Thorn Emi)
  • R-Rated
Release: Jun 19, 2012 - Author: Eiskaltes Grab - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the cut UK VHS by Thorn Emi (BBFC 18) and the uncut R-Rated-DVD by Shout Factory.

Difference: 14 scenes with a total length of 53.5 seconds.

While the first one of the three-part slasher series was uncut in British movie theaters, the VHS by Thorn Emi contains several cuts with a length of almost one minutes. Furthermore, the original title was retitled to "Slumber Party Murders" because the right holder feared the movie was going to end up on the infamous list of "Video Nasties". Subsequent DVD releases with the original title were uncut.
0 Min
Due to deliberate censorship, the original title "Slumber Party Massacre" became "Slumber Party Murders" for the VHS release.
no difference

8 Min
Russ chokes the woman in the bacl of the van and gets a drilling machine. He kills her with it offscreen, blood splatters around.
10 sec

13 Min
Russ injures Linda's arm with the drilling machine. Linda tries to run.
3 sec

41 Min
Diana slides down the wall in front of Russ who's right in front of her with his drilling machine.
5 sec

41 Min
Russ raises the drilling machine. Diane looks up to him fearfully.
3 sec

45 Min
The drilling machine goes right through John's chest.
3 sec

53 Min
Jackie turns around to the others. Her throat is slashed. Then she goes down. Russ comes rushing in.
2.5 sec

57 Min
The camera tracks down from Kimberly's face twisted with pain to her belly with the knife Russ rammed into her.
3.5 sec

57 Min
Extended shot of Russ with Kimberly dying in his arms.
2 sec

64 Min
The killer reaches back with the drilling machine in his hand and slashes Jana's belly.
7 sec

66 Min
Trish rams the machete into Russ' wrist.
2 sec

66 Min
Russ screams in agonizing pain. His chopped off hand falls to the ground.
3 sec

66 Min
He screams while he's looking at his bloody arm stump.
3 sec

66 Min
Trish slashes his belly sideways with the machete. He grabs his wound and spits blood.
4 sec

67 Min
After Russ fell on the machete, he spits some blood. Trish pushes him aside.
2.5 sec