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Five-Year Engagement, The


  • Theatrical Version
  • Unrated Version
Release: Sep 28, 2012 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the Theatrical Version and the Unrated Version, both taken from the US DVD by Universal.

- 14 alterations, including six instances of alternative footage
- Difference in running time: 415,3 sec (= 6:55 min)

The Movie

After Bridesmaids, this is another romantic comedy by Judd Apatow's production company. As can be guessed from the title, the movie is about the engagement of Jason Segel and Emily Blunt and the following turn of events that prevents them from being in front of the altar for five more years. The movie was directed by Nicholas Stoller, who had previously worked on the great Forgetting Sarah Marshall with the same producer and protagonist and Get Him to the Greek.

Of course, a critic might argue that the main storyline of this movie is often the background for one single scene in other movies of this genre. Unfortunately, this can already be seen as part of the main problem of the movie: like many more recent Apatow comedies (compare e.g. Funny People), it seems to be just a bit too long. After the introduction, the gags become less good as well. However, the good chemistry between Segel and Blunt and especially the convincing scenes about the serious job issues can partly make up for it. All in all, the movie is still a little disappoiting, especially in comparison to the already mentioned Sarah Marshall.

The Extended Version

The US Blu-ray and DVD releases also contain the 7 minutes longer Unrated Version. In the UK, this has so far only been stated for the upcoming Blu-ray, the DVD promos do not mentioned the extensions so far.
Of course, if a comedy that has already been rated R gets an Unrated Version it always seems a bit suspicious. Quite often these new movie cuts only contain additional footage that had originally been left out for a reason (mostly to make the movie tighter). This is also the case here, but it has to be mentioned that at least it was not used as a marketing trick and that the releases contain both of the versions anyway.

The only thing worth mentioning about the new footage is that two scenes introduce a new character, Violets ex Gideon, which makes her look a bit different. The scene with the muppet voices at the end was extended as well, the ones that liked this bit will certainly approve. Besides that, the Unrated does not really feature anything new.

Running time designations are formatted like this:
Theatrical Version in NTSC / Unrated Version in NTSC
13:43 / 13:43-15:07

There is an additional scene after Alex' flirting. One of Violet's ex boyfriends appears and there is an embarassing chat.

Gideon appears: "Hello."
Violet: "Gideon."
Tom: "Oh, hi."
Gideon: "I just wanted to say congratulations to both of you. I really couldn't have picked a better choice for my favorite ex-girlfriend."
Tom: "Aw! Thank you very much."
Violet: "I didn't know that you were going to be here..."
Gideon: "Uh... Yeah. Your mom said I could come, so I just popped over... From London, through Atlanta. And Houston."
Violet: "Right. I am going to go to the loo and..."
Tom: "I think you literally just went to the bathroom."
She leaves and Tom stays behind with Gideon.
Tom: "How was Afghanistan?"
Gideon: "It was harrowing. I was there for the capture of Mullah Abdul Akhtud El Sayed Ahmed Shafeer Salaheen."
Tom: "Amazing."
Gideon: "Um... Violet is a fantastic woman."
Tom: "She is."
Gideon: "How long have you guys been together?"
Tom: "Just... Just over a year."
Gideon: "We were together for four and a half years. You think after four years you're gonna be spending the rest of your life together. Now you get her, even though you're still just in the first quarter."
Tom: "Do you want me to get you a glass of wine or something?"
Gideon: "No."
Violet comes back, Tom says: "Oh! Good timing."
Violet: "Gideon, stop crying."
Gideon: "This is an emotional moment for me."
Violet: "No, this is an emotional moment for Tom and I. You are a guest at our emotional moment."
Gideon: "Congratulations. Okay. All right."
He hugs and smells her, she reacts: "Do not smell me, Gideon."

84 sec

Alternative Footage
15:19-15:21 / 16:43-16:52

The scene ends differently after Suzie left.

In the Theatrical Version, Alex only makes an innocent gesture and violet leaves with the words "Oh, my God!".

The Unrated shows another shot of the three, then Alex says: "Guess what I really did last night? I'll give you 69 guesses."
Violet leaves differently but says the same.

Unrated 6,7 sec longer

18:29 / 20:00-20:03

The woman adds another stupid commend: "Don't let the terrorists win."

3,2 sec

Alternative Footage
42:31-42:34 / 44:05-44:15

There is some alternative footage after the words "Look, it's never going to be easy".

The Theatrical Version shows Violet and her mother continues to talk from the off: "You always need things to be perfect."
Violet: "That is not true."

In the Unrated, her mother talks longer: "I mean, you could delay forever. Like you did with Gideon. You always need things to be perfect."
Violet, in a different shot: "Mum, it's hardly the same, all right? Gideon was a complete tool and so that's why I was procrastinating as much as I did."

Unrated 7,3 sec longer

55:24 / 57:05-58:17

Violet and Tom can be seen in bed longer, then Tom turns to her and they reconciliate. Afterwards, they can be seen cuddling and talking.

Tom: "I'm sorry.
Violet: "I'm sorry, too."
Kisses, the fade over to more cuddling.
Violet: "I know that things are really complicated right now, babe. I just want us both to be happy. Do you think we could do that here?"
Tom: "No."

72,1 sec

Alternative Footage
60:13-60:14 / 63:06-63:17

The Unrated changes to a closer shot and Violet wants to pull the arrow out, Tom disagrees.
Tom: "Stay calm..."
Violet: "I'm gonna pull it out!"
Tom: "No, no, no, don't pull it out! That'll ruin the meat."
Violet: "It's not meat, it's my leg!"
Then, Suzie and Alex can be seen insignificantly earlier.

The Theatrical merely stays a bit longer in the perspective further away (no pictures).

Unrated 9,8 sec longer

67:34 / 70:37-70:44

Violet adds: "Sorry, Tarquin."
Tarquin answers: "You know, that would have been way less gross if you'd just puked everywhere."

6,9 sec

72:45 / 75:55-76:35

The jewish Rabbi also speaks a bit, his speech turns out to be as inappropriate as Tarquin's.

Rabbi: "I just wanted to say that I've only known Violet and Tom for a short while, but their union is a real mitzvah. And it is my great hope that they raise their children in the Jewish faith, so that they, too, may continue our Zionist struggle against the Arab. We must continue our fight against their murderous ways! Do not give up the settlements! Next year in Jerusalem!"
Tom: "That's enough for the toasts. Let's just start the dancing."
Violet: "Let's get dancing."

39,9 sec

Alternative Footage
78:54-79:02 / 82:44-83:19

The Theatrical shows Margaret again, then Tom leaves while she can be heard saying "Are you OK?".

The Unrated features Margaret having another idea, she smears mustard on herself.

Margaret takes the bottle: "I have an idea. I have an idea. You ready?"
Tom: "What are you doing?"
Margaret: "Excuse me, sir. Could you please pass the Grey Poupon?"
She puts some of the mustard on her neck, Tom does not really react.
Margaret: "I totally just thought of that. Well, I mean, I thought of it, like the other night."
Tom: "I have to go to the bathroom."
Margaret now ask onscreen: "Are you okay?"

Unrated 26,8 sec longer

84:59 / 89:14-89:43

Toms hyperaktive neue Freundin Audrey wacht nach den Tanzübungen nachts nochmal auf und will plötlich malen.

Audrey: "Let's paint. Let's paint."
Tom: "What?"
Sie springt durch den Raum; "Let's paint. Let's paint. Let's paint."
Tom: "I don't understand..."
Audrey hat eine Leinwand auf dem Boden und legt sich drauf; "We're making art together."
Tom: "But why do we need goggles?"
Audrey: "This is a new level of our relationship."
Tom: "This feels dumb."
Audrey: "We've reached a plateau."
Tom: "This feels dumb."

29,1 sec

104:52 / 109:37-111:01

An additional scene with Violet and Gideon, who now also joins the funeral of her grandmother and makes some stupid remarks.

Violet: "Wow. Hi."
Gideon: "Hi."
Violet: "Hello, Hello, Gideon. Didn't expect to see you."
Gideon: "Just came to say goodbye properly."
Violet: "To my grandmother or..."
Gideon: "Yeah. We actually grew pretty close towards the end."
Violet: "Oh, yeah?"
Gideon: "So, how are you and Tom? Any kids yet?"
Violet: "No. Tom and I split up a little while ago, son."
Gideon: "Oh! I'm sorry. It has been four years, of course."
Violet: "Hmm?"
Gideon: "Nothing. I..."
Violet: "No, go on, What? 'Four years, of course' what? Doesn't make sense."
Gideon: "That's what you do."
Violet becomes a bit angry: "Is it? Is it what I do? Well, let me just tell you something. Tom and I split up because it wasn't working. Not because we weren't perfect enough for each other. Not because I had him on a four-year timeline. Okay? So don't..."
Gideon interrupts her: "Um... This is my daughter."
Violet: "Sorry..."
Gideon: "She's four. This is what four looks like."
Violet: "Hello. What's your name?"
Gideon: "Violet. Regret calling her that now. Keep meaning to changed it, but it's a lot of paperwork. And I don't want to confuse her. Come on, darling. Let's go and look at the coffin."
Violet leaves, looking annoyed.

83,3 sec

Alternative Footage
108:07-108:10 / 114:16-114:19

After Suzie's "Alex keeps him company without also having sex with him" the versions differ a bit.

The Theatrical shows Suzie a bit longer, then Violet says: "Listen, I think that is a really rude way to say it."
The Unrated switches to a different shot of Violet earlier, Suzie adds "I assume". Violet the asks: "What does that mean?" Lastly, Suzie can be seen a few frames earlier.

No difference in running time


108:18-108:19 / 114:27-114:47

Suzie's daughter laughs, the chat goes on, Suzie still with her Elmo voice.
Violet: "Well, I don't really know what I think is right. I think I'm just..."
Suzie: "You know, time will tell, I think. Elmo thinks time will tell!"
Violet: "Would you mind not doing that Elmo voice? 'Cause really, you're repeating back what I'm saying."
Suzie: "Honestly, Elmo thinks you should shit or get off the pot."
Violet: "Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!"

The Theatrical Version shows Suzie's daughter half a second earlier (no pictures, counted as alternative footage).

Unrated 18,9 sec longer

Alternative Footage
109:44-109:47 / 116:12-116:42

The Theatrical Version only shows Violet after the discussion.

In the Unrated Violet aks Suzie's daughter who had imitated the voices better.
Violet: "Whose was better?"
Tochter: "Mommy's better."
Suzie (Elmo): "The worst choice you can make is no choice at all! Okay? Snack time! Time for a snack. Huh? It's time for a snack."
She takes her little boy and says (still with the Elmo voice): "My favorite! Just kidding. I love you both."
Laughs as well: "Come get a snack."

Unrated 27,2 sec