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original title: Gokudō kyōfu dai-gekijō: Gozu


  • R-Rated
  • Unrated
Release: Jul 26, 2009 - Author: magiccop - Translator: klepp - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the censored R-Rated US-DVD and the uncensored German DVD from I-ON (which is identical to the Unrated version)

Story (just a brief overview):
An old yakuza-boss wants to have Ozaki (formerly one of his best men) killed because he seems to be slowly losing his mind. The boss gives the job to Minami. He is supposed to dispose of Ozaki at a dump. Unfortunately, Minami is Ozaki's best friend. So naturally, he has pangs of conscience. But already on the way to the dump Ozaki dies because of a silly accident. So one could think that everything worked out, after all, until the point when Ozaki's corpse disappears in a mysterious way. Minami begins looking for him and stumbles upon all sorts of weird beings and happenings.

About the movie:
Takashi Miike, among others known for Audition, Fudoh or Ichi - The Killer, has created another very strange piece of movie history in Gozu. What starts as a yakuza-drama becomes a strange odyssey through Japan's most bizarre places (yes, there are rednecks in Nippon, too) and reminds of the movie world from a David Lynch. Only with Miike, everything is even a bit more extreme.

US version:
More than 5 minutes had to be cut out of the movie in order to get an R-Rating. But there is the alternative of an uncut Unrated version.
R-Rated version = 124:16 min.
Unrated version = 129:43 min.

Cut length = 327,3 sec.
00:00 Logo of the production company.
10 sec.

110:24 After the yakuza-boss said that he cannot get an erection without the soup ladle The R-Rated version does not show him wetting his anus with his fingers and than anally inserting the ladle. He moans.
23 sec.

110:35 Close up of the ladle which is being positioned. Then, the yakuza-boss goes down on his knees. The ladle is sticking out of his buttocks. The boss twitches a bit and when he looks into the camera he says that he almost reached an orgasm.
26.3 sec.

112:57 Minami hits the boss in the face with his fist making the boss stagger back. Then, we see some white liquid (which is probably supposed to be sperm) dripping to the ground between his legs. Then, we see the boss grimacing and slumping down. Right on the ladle.
22.5 sec.

113:07 After the yakuza-boss has collapsed part of the next shot is missing. The boss is lying in the foreground (the ladle is visible) and Minami in the background. He falls backwards and then grabs a broken lamp with which he approaches the ladle.
32 sec.

113:11 A little more of the ladle being electrified.
1.5 sec.

116:33 The sex scene between Minami and his "brother" Ozaki (now as a woman) has been heavily shortened for the R-Rated version. Ozaki directs Minami's hand between her legs and says that she is already wet. Then she asks him to insert his penis. Minami tries to do so but says that he is scared of hurting her. Ozaki, however, asks him to go on .
100.3 sec.

117:47 Longer shot of Minami trying to get his penis out of Ozaki.
6.9 sec.

118:04 Minami is still trying to free himself from Ozaki towing her through half of the apartment.
16.7 sec.

118:41 We see a hand reaching out between Ozaki's legs and holding Minami's penis. Cut to Minami.
8 sec.

118:55 End of the shot in which Minami liberates himself from the hand. There is a loud plopping noise!
1.2 sec.

118:57 Two shots of the hand crawling out from between Ozaki's legs + cut to the frightened Minami.
18.4 sec.

119:02 Shots of Ozaki and the hand. It is scratching on the floor. The finger nails are scaling off gorily. Then it disappears in Ozaki's body, again.
24.7 sec.

119:13 Shot of Ozaki's (this time as a man) squeezing out of the woman's abdomen.
18.5 sec.

119:20 Beginning of a shot of the head.
6.1 sec.

119:34 Profile shot of Ozaki crawling out of the body.
11.2 sec