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Wild Pussycat, The

original title: Kafti ekdikisis


  • Greek Version
  • Export Version
Release: Oct 18, 2020 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB

The Wild Pussycat - Dive into the world of the Greek cinematic perversion

In her diary, Vera meticulously lists the mistreatment she has suffered from her husband Mihalis. She is beaten, humiliated, forced to have sex with other men or has to watch tied up as Mihalis has fun with other mistresses. She sees her last resort in suicide. After her death, Vera's sister Maria gets hold of the diary, which ignites the embers of revenge in her. By a perfidious plan, she seduces Mihalis in order to lure him to her apartment. She drugs him and locks him in a hidden room through which he could secretly watch Maria through a one-way mirror. Maria has sex with various partners, while Mihalis, chained up in chains, can only watch her powerlessly, but Maria plans a far more perfidious finale.

The Wild Pussycat is a deeply perverted masterpiece of Greek exploitative art, which leaves one consistently astonished by the countless mistreatments it shows. Voyeurism, sadism, masochism, rape, same-sex intercourse and unnecessary surgery are all present throughout the film. It thrills the viewer throughout, anyone interested in exploitation should take a look into the dark soul of Greece with this film. To friends of Italian cinematography of the 70's, the plot might seem familiar, because no less than Joe D'Amato has shot a remake of it: Emanuelle's Revenge in 1975.

For those who still don't feel dirty enough after the movie, Tango of Perversion and The Wife Killer can also be recommended. They're also released by Mondo Macabro. The first one is about a drug-addicted, women-hating gigolo who celebrates sex parties at his disturbed boyfriend's house, which he secretly records on video. In The Wife Killer, a sex killer gets in the way of a man who wants to kill his wife to run away with his lover.

The Greek version is toned down and adds a whole subplot to make up for it

There are two different versions of The Wild Pussycat. The export version offers the full range of sexual perversions, while the Greek version has many of the more revealing scenes removed, but adds a completely new subplot about a group of drug smugglers. Drug detective Liapi gets the hint from an acquaintance that Mihalis might be involved in drug dealing and in fact the trail leads to a group of drug dealers who are planning a big deal. The new scenes run completely parallel to the main plot, while the only reference is that every now and then the name of Mihalis is mentioned, who is supposed to be part of the gang. Clearly, the export version should be given the priority, not only because there is a lot more sex & violence to be seen there, but because the additional scenes of the Greek version are a bit sluggish and distract too much from the main plot.

The Blu-ray release is very well done. In addition to the two versions of The Wild Pussycat, the film The Deserter is also on the Blu-ray. The movie is about a deserted soldier who gets into the clutches of two women, who have their own plan with him. There is also an Italian remake of this with Armida, il dramma di una sposa, which was shot by Bruno Mattei (Contaminator). Go for it, it's worth it.


Export version: 84:41 minutes.
Greek version: 85:59 min.

The Greek version was compared to the export version. Both are included on the US Blu-Ray by Mondo Macabro.

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At the beginning, the export version shows various shots of a white cat, while the credits are displayed.

The Greek version shows the original credits against a black background instead.

Export: 1:49 min.
GR: 1:48 min.


The camera pans to the lovers in the export version.

Export: 7 sec.


The love couple can be seen longer. The man tries to unhook her bra.

Export: 7 sec.


In the export version, Vera watches the couple from the stairs for a longer time while they are making love.

Instead, the Greek version shows only a short alternative shot.

Export: 37 sec
GR: 2 sec.


In the export version, the woman asks who rang the bell. The man says that it is the slut he lives with, but that this is now over. He goes to the cupboard, takes a suitcase in his hand and runs to the door.

The Greek version only cuts to the woman very briefly.

Export: 38 sec.
GR: 1 sec.


After the man has banged the suitcase in front of the door, he goes back to the woman in bed. Then we see Vera at the door.

The Greek version shows a different view of Vera instead.

Export: 16 sec.
GR: 5 sec.


In the export version, the couple can be seen in bed longer.

Export: 3 sec.


The export version shows Vera twice more and then the road.

Export: 8 sec.


The crowd can be seen a little longer.

Liapi receives Paschalidi, whom he has not seen for several years. Pashalidi asks Liapi to observe his son Michali because he fears that he is in trouble. When Pashalidi searched his son's jacket, he found a weapon. A friend of his later saw him in Istanbul, where he spent a lot of money in night clubs. He gives him a photo.

GR: 1:53 min.


Maria takes off her sunglasses and says that the woman wanted to show her a package that she had hidden from the police. The woman says that it is Vera's diary.

Export: 10 sec.


Maria reads Vera's diary for a longer time, writing about how much she is in love with Michali.

Export: 26 sec.


The driver can be seen longer. He lets his hand wander on the thigh of the woman who does not like it much.

Export: 18 sec.


After the sex scene in the car, we see Maria earlier. The camera slowly focuses on her.

Export: 5 sec.


The following scene can only be seen in the Greek version. Liapi and his colleagues are observing a man. He grabs a motorcycle and drives away. Liapi and his guys take off after him. In a park, they can finally arrest the man by force.

GR: 1:45 min.


Maria reads the diary longer. The flashback begins earlier. Vera tells Michali that she loves him, but Michali throws her on the bed and says that he hates her.

Export: 20 sec.


The arrested man is taken to Liapi's office. Liapi threatens him that he will end up in prison for five years, which will end his acting career if the man doesn't talk. He wants to know from him who sold him the drugs. Liapi suspects a big gang behind the drug business that he wants to catch. From this man, he hopes to get a first lead. The man says that he didn't buy the drugs, he stole them from Maria. The man tells them that Maria is singing at a club in Syntagma.

GR: 2:38 min.
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