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  • US DVD (Troma 2. edition)
  • Uncut
Release: Aug 20, 2020 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB

During a crisis of faith, the priest Joel decides to visit his friend K. in New York, whom he has known since childhood, to clear his head. Shortly before, K. has met a seductive woman in a bar, who now develops a strong interest in Joel. After some research and with the help of his buddy Dougy, K. finds out that the woman is connected to several murder cases. K. also notices that the woman has no reflection in a mirror and concludes that she is a supernatural being. Does K. manage to free his friend from the clutches of the demonic creature?

A vampire movie with black actors set in New York? If you first think of Vampires in Brooklyn with Eddie Murphy, you will overlook Def by Temptation, which was made five years earlier. Strictly speaking, the demon from Def by Temptation isn't a vampire but rather a succubus, but because of the missing mirror image and the fear of Christian symbolism the movie plays with vampire myths. Regarding the content there is unfortunately a standstill at some points. Joel's crisis of faith doesn't catch on enough and many of the dialogue scenes are too overflowing and don't contribute much to the plot. The movie scores especially because of its atmosphere, whereas the well-done setting/lighting and camera work is especially worth mentioning. The effects are quite remarkable for a low budget production, even if they are only used occasionally. Many actors have already been seen in Spike Lee's School Daze, including director James Bond III, Samuel L. Jackson, Bill Nunn and Kadeem Hardison. Of particular note is Cynthia Bond as a changeable demon who can mutate from innocent girl to raging fury within seconds.

Def by Temptation - Two Troma DVD editions and a superior Vingar Syndrome Blu-ray

The film was first released on DVD in the US by Troma on 10 February 1998. It contains the uncut version of the film with decent picture quality. The movie specific bonus material is a bit sparse with a picture gallery, but a lot of Troma nonsense was added to the DVD. On 19 May 2009, a new edition was released on DVD by Troma. As with the first edition, Samuel L. Jackson was placed concisely on the cover. The "A million times better than Twilight" quote on the cover may be confusing, as this statement applies to almost every movie. The new edition has other extras (including an interview with Ernest R. Dickerson) and uses a different transfer.

Unfortunately, it seems that a censored US TV version has been used here, as the film is conspicuously shortened, due to the removal of obscene dialogues and nude scenes. In some places, the swear words were removed from the soundtrack, in others they were shortened instead. Only the new extras justify a purchase here, but in the meantime this argument has been weakened with the Blu-ray/DVD release by Vinegar Syndrome, who have taken over the bonus material from the Troma DVD. The film is qualitatively much better than on the DVD editions and is also available in the correct picture format. What is unusual is that Vinegar Syndrome shows a black screen immediately after the opening credits instead of a short shot of the bar. The clearly better picture quality, however, makes it possible to overlook this marginal difference.


US DVD (1st edition): 91:09 min (PAL speed)
US DVD (2nd edition): 93:52 min (NTSC)
Vinegar Syndrome DVD: 95:14 min.

The US DVD by Troma (2nd edition) was compared to the uncut US DVD by Troma (1st edition).


The bartender tries to escape from the apartment naked. He's being chased by the demon.

Uncut: 8 sec.


The shortened version fades out as the camera moves up on the demon. A black screen follows.

In the uncut version, the camera moves further up. The man moans and screams.

Cut: 15 sec.


The demon's sentence is a little longer.

Demon: "[Is that what you're gonna tell your wife] when she wants to fuck."

Uncut: 2 sec.


The shortened version fades out again.

In the uncut version, the scene goes a little further. K asks if the demon is new in town. Then it fades over to the saxophone player.

K: "No problem. So, you new in town?"

Cut: 17 sec.
Uncut: 9 sec.


The beginning of the sex scenes between the demon and the man is missing. She gives the man a few blows and finally gets off him.

Uncut: 11 sec.


A shot of the sex scene is completely missing. It seems that the demon penetrates the man from behind.

Uncut: 29 sec.


A sentence from K is missing as he comments on Joel's outfit.

K: "Feel the shit, you know what I'm saying."

Uncut: 3 sec.


The dialogue between Dougy and the model goes a bit further after the model said she wasn't in the penthouse.

Model: "What are you, hard up or something?"
Dougy: "Hey, hard up, fuck that. "Hey, why don't you just fess up? Hard up, I aint no stranger to wet panties, hey. And I'm also on a first-name basis with pussy, you know what I'm sayin'?"
Model: "Yeah, I bet you date Fistina and Palmette pretty steady, don't you?"

The next shot starts a little earlier.

Uncut: 18 sec.


The shortened version shows a black screen before K. comes to his apartment.

Cut: 1 sec.


In the conversation between K and Joel, one sentence of K is missing.

K: "Bullshit, you can't even dress your fucking self."

Uncut: 3 sec.


One of K's sentences was shortened as he talks to the demon.

K: "Oh, you got motherfuckin' amnesia now, huh? Look, bitch, [you know God damn well what my fuckin' name is]."

Uncut: 5 sec.


When Dougy is talking to K, the following sentence from K is missing.

K: "I thought I can talk to you, but I cant. So fuck you."

Uncut: 2 sec.


After the demon has taken possession of the medium, the following sentence of K is missing

K: "Fuck the dum shit, Dougy, let's roll."

Uncut: 4 sec.


The shortened version fades away when the withered flowers are visible. A black screen follows.

In the uncut version the flowers are visible for a longer time.

Cut: 14 sec.
Uncut: 4 sec.


K. adds "no bullshit" after telling Joel that the woman is a murderer.

Uncut: 2 sec.


One sentence of K was shortened.

K: "Joel, open your fucking eyes."

Uncut: 2 sec.


Again a sentence from K is missing.

K: "You're fuckin' right, I've been drinkin'"

Uncut: 2 sec.


One sentence of K. was shortened.

K: "If you're gonna act so fucking naive..."

Uncut: 1 sec.


The second half of the sentence is also missing.

K: "...pack your shit, and get the fuck outta my house."

Uncut: 5 sec.


Once again a sentence of K is missing.

K: "Let me tell you something, this thing is after you. And I'm scared that if she hasn't gotten you already she will, you dig what I'm sayin'?"

Uncut: 7 sec.


When K. is holding the bartender, one of his sentences is missing.

K: "Fucking shut up."

Uncut: 1 sec.


A line from K is missing before he goes to the bar with Dougy.

K: "Let's know this shit out and get it over with."

Uncut: 2 sec.


K. notes that the plan didn't work.

K: "Well that fuckin' plan didn't fuckin' work. Let's get the fuck outta here, okay?"

Uncut: 4 sec.


After the scene with Joel and the demon follows a black screen.

Cut: 15 sec.


K. is on TV longer.

Uncut: 3 sec.