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  • Unrated
Release: Mar 21, 2010 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: klepp - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the cut R-Rated-VHS and the uncut Unrated-DVD

R-Rated: 71:38 min without end credits (74:53 min with end credits)
Unrated: 79:36 min without end credits (82:51 min with end credits)

- 47 changed parts, including
* 3 parts zoomed in for censorship
* 2x alternative footage
* 1 recut

- Cut length: 688.7 sec (= 11:29 min)

=> The cut length is longer than the pure difference in running times since the R-Rated version is highly slowed down most of the time

What we have here is a pseudo-cool Road-Movie from the year 1995 that tries to compensate for its poor plot with as harsh dialogues as possible and especially sex- and only a few but really explicit violence-scenes. Additional to that there are a few Running Gags that do not really work, like the number 666 appearing everywhere in the form of shopping prices or several people who seem to know the girl from past happenings which is always denied by her.
Nowadays the raw film is mostly interesting because this female leading part was played by Rose McGowan who was unknown at the time - those who have always wanted to see her naked should be more than satisfied with this flick.

It should not be too much of a surprise that the whole thing was not too popular with the MPAA and so it had to be cut pretty drastically to get an R-Rating. So the R-Rated-Tape lacks more than 11 minutes which is more than the simple comparison of the running times between the tape and the Unrated DVD. This is because the movie is only played at the same speed during the beginning in the club and at the ending in the car - the rest, however, is strongly slowed down at the R-Rated-Tape.

Running times refer to the scheme
R-Rated VHS / Unrated DVD

Only the R-Rated version contains the logo of Trimark Pictures at the beginning.

+ 8.2 sec

07:35 / 07:12-07:19

Xavier sends further insults in Amy's direction before she stops the car;
"Fuck you, you stinkin' kootch. Fuck you, you big wet bearded clam!"

7 sec

12:12 / 11:41-11:42

The shop owner's children are splattered with blood, cut to Jordan.

1 sec

12:13 / 11:43

Between the shots of Amy and Jordan the very short shot of the flying head is missing.

0.2 sec

12:15 / 11:45-11:49

The flying head can be seen a few irrelevant frames longer then a short shot of Xavier in front of the torso and one of the decapitated man's wife looking shocked are missing.

3.3 sec

12:15-12:16 / 11:49-11:50

When Xavier looks over after that the shot is zoomed in in the R-Rated version and has a different framing that the torso can only be guessed.


12:20 / 11:53

Also the next shot that lasts 0.5 sec has been zoomed in.


12:20 / 11:53-11:55

Right after that, the bloody torso falling to the ground is missing.

2 sec

12:21-12:25 / 11:56-12:00

Another zoom at the next shot of the head in the R-Rated version the bloody base of the neck cannot be seen anymore.


12:25 / 12:00-12:02

But the shot has been shortened, as well - the Unrated version shows him loner while green stuff is coming out of his mouth.

2.2 sec

17:46 / 17:07-17:11

Jordan is removing his pants longer and Amy is already bending up to him.

4.1 sec

17:51 / 17:16-17:19

The shot starts a little earlier, his testicles can be seen better.

3 sec

18:38 / 18:04-18:09

The news report showing the footage from the crime scene has been shortened a little, after the anchor repeated for Chet, again, that the mother has disemboweled her children;
"...before taking the knife to herself in some kind of unusual suicide rite."

5.3 sec

19:45 / 19:13-19:16

An additional shot of Xavier's breast - this time he pinches.

3 sec

19:50 / 19:21-19:28

Amy and Jordan are seen in the bathtub longer, cut to the excitedly twitching Xavier and, once again, the two in the tub.

6.7 sec

19:54 / 19:32-19:52

From the exited Xavier in front of the door we fade to Amy and Jordan in the act.
Then Xavier licks the sperm off his hand.

20 sec

25:37 / 25:17-25:22

The shot is a little longer, Xavier takes his arms up front, meaning he grabs his penis.

5.2 sec

25:40 / 25:25-25:36

Xavier from the back, once again, then he shortly licks his hand, again.

11.5 sec

26:15 / 26:10-26:45

The shot begins noticeably earlier and before Xavier kisses Amy they talk about his tattoo.

Amy: "What's it a picture of?"
Xavier: "Can't you tell? It's Jesus."
Amy: "Why the hell would you have Jesus tattooed on your dick?"
Xavier: "So people, when I'm boning them, can say I've got Jesus inside me."

35.1 sec

26:51 / 27:19-27:39

The sex between Xavier and Amy is only indicated in the R-Rated version meaning it only shows the last 3 seconds of it in which they get interrupted by Bartholomew.
The shot usually begins much earlier and contains a little bit of dialogue.

Xavier: "I'm gonna come!"
Amy: "Already?"
Xavier: "Don't worry, I'm good for about six times a night. Four at least. How 'bout you? You anywhere close?"
Amy: "Sort of."
Xavier: "I can't hold it much longer."

20 sec

29:26 / 30:07-30:18

First shot of Xavier on the back seat, he holds Bartholomew's separated arm in his hands.
Xavier: "Jam on it, girlfriend!"
Amy: "Get that fucking thing out of my car!"
Xavier: "I'm trying! What d'you think..."
He throws the arm at the approaching Bartholomew.

11.1 sec

29:31 / 30:22-30:28

The shot is longer, Bartholomew spreads blood from his arm stump out of the window and Xavier yells: "Would you kindly tromp on the fucking gas pedal?!"

5.6 sec

30:03 / 30:58-31:01

And once again, a shot has been shortened because of one of Xavier's insults; " fuckin furry tuna taco!"

3.2 sec

32:56 / 33:48-34:04

Amy reacts in the same shot: "You think you're funny? You're not. You're pathetic."
Then Xavier only calmly smells his finger and holds it under Jordan's nose: "Sniff my finger. Sniff my finger 'n' tell me it doesn't smell like your girlfriend's sweet juicy snatch."

15.7 sec

41:33 / 42:15-43:25

The shot is longer, Amy gives some advice to Jordan: "Take it out. Stroke it. Squeeze it. Harder. Look at it. Put it in when I say OK."
She says the "OK" once again in a close up of her lips, then a bit wild seesawing.

70.4 sec

47:17 / 48:51-49:39

Xavier asks further questions about Jordan imitating pig noises etc, while bewitching Amy;

Xavier: "Is it shaped like a fuckin corkscrew, or what?"
Amy: "What difference does it make to you?"
Xavier: "Does he plunge it into you long, slow, and deep like this? Or quick and short and shallow like a jackrabbit? Does he make noises like this? Or does he make it like... Or, no, he's a whimperer."
Amy: "Would you kindly stop babbling and fuck me already?"

47.4 sec

47:45 / 50:06-50:19

Jordan can be seen longer, the camera tracks down on him and we can see him opening his belt and can guess that he is about to masturbate.
Then a first shot of Xavier during the act.

12.9 sec

47:51-47:55 / 50:25-50:49

In the R-Rated version we only see Jordan looking down once and then his yo-yo.

The Unrated, however, goes back to Amy and Xavier, then we cut back and forth between the three of them and everybody reaches climax.

Unrated 20.4 sec longer

52:59 / 55:38-57:02

Before Amy enters the room there is a conversation between Jordan and Xavier in which Xavier pitches a three-way.

Xavier: "So what happened last night? A Mayonaisse-on-twat?"
Jordan is not really awake, yet, and only stutters baffled so Jordan continues: "A Mayo-on-twat. A three-way. A double-stuff. E.T. finger-touch."
Jordan: "What?"
Xavier: "You know in E.T. where the kid and E.T. they touch fingers and go ouch."
Jordan: "You must have been wasted."
Xavier: "Ever done that?"
Jordan: "You mean, like have sex with two people at the same time?"
Xavier: "It's the best. You start building up this momentum, this rhythm, you know like a piston engine. And as you're all poundin' away, your balls are slappin' against the other guy's and you can actually feel his cock through the girl's insides."

84 sec

53:15 / 57:18-57:37

Xavier still wants to know if anybody has ever had sex with animals and wants to tell an analogical anecdote .

Xavier: "No, really?"
Jordan is curious: "Have you?"
Xavier: "Well, when I was a kid, we had this golden retriever named 'Honey'..."
Amy: "I do not want to hear any more of this story!"
Xavier: "She was a consenting adult."
Jordan jumps in after a little pause: "I fucked a cantaloupe once."

19.2 sec

60:41-60:51 / 64:41-65:36

Here, the R-Rated version only shows a short calm shot of the sex between Xavier and Amy.

The Unrated version, however, is much longer and contains a very special way to gain lust: Amy is talked into sticking her finger into Xavier's butt.

Xavier: "Gimme your finger" - he licks it - "Now stick it up my asshole!"
Amy: "Repulse me! No way."
Xavier: "C'mon."
Amy: "That is the sickest, most grotesque thing I've ever..."
Xavier, authoritatively: "Do it."
Then she does it a little too fitfully (in the Off) and he advices: "Nice and easy."
Now Amy licks her finger again, too, and obviously seems to like it.

Unrated 45.1 sec longer

61:26 / 66:10-66:17

Xavier: "Nothing makes me thirstier than a wicked, excellent fuck."

6.5 sec

64:12 / 68:54-70:33
The R-Rated version only shows the last 7 seconds of the sex-scene between Amy and Jordan, right before Xavier joins them. Before that he only annoys her with his existence-question that he has already asked Xavier and Amy tests her newly gained finger-in-anus-qualities.

Jordan does her a while then he suddenly stops and asks her: "You ever wonder what the meaning of our existence is?"
Amy: "You gotta be kidding."
Jordan: "No, really. Don't you think about it?"
Amy: "Christ, Jordan. I'm just about to come. Can we talk about this later?"
Jordan: "I guess."
They continue, Amy greedily licks her finger - and much to his surprise approaches Jordan's butt; "What the fuck are you doing?"
Amy: "Relax, you'll like it!"
Jordan remains sceptical: "I am not going to like your finger shoved up my shit-chute. That's grodified."
Amy: "Jordan, will you please stop being so uptight and live a little? Jesus!"
Jordan: "I don't know, Amy."
Amy: "Take a walk on the wild side. Trust me. Just relax."

99.2 sec

64:36 / 70:56-71:12

The R-Rated version already fades to a later part of the act (Xavier kissing Amy).
In between a little skirmish is missing.

15.7 sec

64:41 / 71:16-71:26

And again, a bit sex is missing because of an additional dissolve.

10.2 sec

64:43 / 71:28-71:40

And once gain, Jordan on the one side is moaning heavily.

12 sec

65:07 / 72:03-72:07

The marked part at the end got cut out of the R-Rated version:
"Just go ahead and let her rip while we're all coming."

3.7 sec

65:42 / 72:40-72:55

A little bit of dialogue between Xavier and Jordan about their sexual abilities after Amy left.

Jordan: "She better hurry. My woody's startin' to droop."
Xavier: "Mine's not."
Jordan looks down and then in Xavier's face baffled.

15.6 sec

67:09 / 74:18-74:20

We fade in once more and the rapist (George) is being shown.

1.6 sec

67:24 / 74:33-74:34

George butts once.

1 sec

67:49 / 74:58-75:06

George has a Maria-statue in his hand and says a few words to Amy;
"Part them succulent meat curtains, darling, and get ready for the religious experience of your life!"

8.4 sec

68:01 / 75:17-75:23

In the R-Rated version Jordan's verbal attack was weakened a little, the marked part has been cut out;
"That's what your mom said - only I couldn't hear her as well 'cause she had my sperm gurgling in her mouth."

5.8 sec

68:59 / 76:17-76:29

Jordan from the front, George keeps approaching his penis with the hedge shears.
Then Amy, again, trying to set herself free.

12.3 sec

69:12 / 76:42-76:59

The R-Rated version only shows the first two shots.
In the Unrated version he screams much longer and George's work is shown in further short shots (always interrupted by a black frame, and always only one frame at a time) - he drops the hedge shears.
Then also the proper commentary from him: "Isn't love a many-splendored thing?"

17 sec

69:14-69:15 / 77:01-77:05

After the two short shots of Amy the R-Rated version reinserts the images of the hedge shears (not being pictured, again).

In the Unrated version, however, the blood splattered George says "Wake up, loverboy. Open wide and say..." and approaches Xavier's mouth with Jordan's separated penis - here, the same: isolated frames, constantly interrupted by black frames.

Unrated 4.5 sec longer

(His words "yum, yum, yum" can be heard in the R-Rated version, as well)

69:16 / 77:06-77:09

Only the Unrated version shows this meaning the R-Rated version lacks further isolated frames (Xavier's mouth is being held open and George is laughing) before Amy grabs the hedge shears.

3 sec

69:21 / 77:13-77:14

Two frames of the hedge shears piercing George's hand.

0.8 sec

69:24 / 77:17-77:23

Several gory frames: starting with Xavier, then again the suffering George who gets his eyes removed by Amy with the hedge shears.

6.8 sec