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Dust Devil


  • R-Rated Version
  • German Theatrical Version
Release: Jun 10, 2019 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Cruel_Hides - external link: IMDB
Compared are the R-Rated cut US-Laserdisc from Dimension and the uncut german VHS from Highlight Video rated with FSK 18.

The uncut german theatrical version of the german VHS is included in the 5-disc Blu-ray-Box from Koch Media in high definition.

- 5 cuts
- average duration: 38,5 sec

A few additional template errors with a duration under 0,5 seconds wasn't listed in the report.

Dust Devil from 1992 exists not only as theatrical version, but also as Final Cut which is 17 minutes longer with alternative material. Koch Films released a german Blu-ray Special Edition on 23. May 2019 with both versions and the slightly longer workprint version.

Though the Final Cut was the worldwide standard, the shorter theatrical version wasn't found in good condition. The US Laserdisc contains this version in its best quality, but it is slightly cut anyway. This R-Rated Release ist cut in two moderate sexscenes. The final headshot doesn't show the toughest parts.

Timecodes are ordered as follows:
US-Laserdisc in NTSC / Deutsche VHS in PAL
The US US-DVD shows the Miramax-Logo and a note to Dimension on startup.

+ 23 sec

06:18 / 05:39-06:03

The tracking shot to the sex-scene on he bed is much longer, the act is also better recognizable from the side view.

24,2 sec

33:50-33:51 / 32:27

When the police officers took a closer look to the dangling arm, the german VHS shows an insignificant template error.

+ 0,7 sec

49:35 / 47:33-47:38

Before the kick to the privates a shot of the sex scene is shown.

5,7 sec

68:39-68:40 / 65:55

In the US Version the car drives a little bit longer to the camera.

+ 1 sec

79:33 / 76:22-76:24

After showing the bloody beginning of the bursting head, the shot is much longer, respectively more parts are flying thorugh the air.

2,2 sec

79:36 / 76:27-76:29

The fuselage tips over in an additional setting and sprays blood onto the camera.

2,6 sec

79:37 bzw. 79:41-79:43 / 76:31-76:37

The Dust Devil grabs himself in the same as well as in additional scene in the direction of the head, the hands then sink to the ground.

The part with the hands falling to the ground is inserted again shortly afterwards in the US, but the beginning of the recording is missing there. In addition, the torso actually turns its hand forward again at the end of the recording. (1 sec).

Uncut Version 3,8 sec longer

At the German VHS the picture freezes at the end of the credits and the soundtrack runs much longer. At the US Version the Dust Devil leaves the picture instead and the Miramax logo follows. This explains the longer runtime of the German VHS.

US-LaserdiscGerman VHS

Finally a small image comparison. Although both versions are kept in full screen, the US master shows more image information on all pages.

US-LaserdiscGerman VHS