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original title: Perdita Durango


  • Spanish / German Version
  • Director's Cut (4K-Blu-ray)
Release: Sep 02, 2021 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB

Comparison between the German DVD from ems, which is largely identical to the German Blu-ray from Black Hill Pictures, and the Director's Cut.

- One cut
- Cut duration: 3.8 sec

A couple of master errors with a duration of less than 0.5 sec each were not listed in the report.

Álex de la Iglesias' iconic Perdita Durango / Dance with the Devil offered quite a bit of head-scratching for international buyers. In Germany, of all places, there was surprisingly no need to worry, as VHS, DVD and Blu-ray were presumably identically uncut, each with an "18+" rating from the FSK. In the UK, the first BBFC 18 version is missing over 5 minutes and in America, the R-rated is cut by 2.5 minutes. In the latter version, in addition to censorship-related interventions, short clips of, among others, Vera Cruz were removed for copyright reasons, which are thus said not to have been included even in a parallel Unrated release.

The year 2021 brought the American UHD premiere from the collector's label Severin Films. In addition to a 4K Blu-ray, the set also includes a Blu-ray from the same, new image master. The film is titled here as a "Director's Cut," which, considering the earlier copyright issues with the U.S. releases, mainly suggested that those very issues were now out of the way. With this description, it was therefore primarily to be expected that the original Spanish version would finally be seen in America, as has long been the case in Germany, among other countries. In fact, all the TV/cinema clips as well as the violence/sex scenes are complete and at first glance the film seemed to be simply identically "uncut" in terms of runtime as well.

But there is a little curiosity to be discovered beyond that, which makes the new 4K release an exclusively longer version of the film, at least on digital media. Only here, a crude scene with implied child abuse is more detailed by one short shot than presumably all worldwide DVDs/Blu-rays so far.

Our reader E. Stein was able to contribute a small piece of the puzzle, because in a Facebook conversation with Severin Films, the label said "our cut features a few seconds not featured in other widely available cuts, having only previously been featured on a German VHS". That's what led us to the present comparison in the first place, as a particularly longer version has not been officially promised anywhere else.

It's quite possible that the short moment was deliberately censored worldwide already during the VHS era. But we have also purchased the said German VHS again for a separate comparison: The scene is not included there and Severin's statement is therefore wrong. Our author Eiskaltes Grab was able to confirm this once again with a different copy of the German VHS. Whether this moment could be seen anywhere in the world in the past is therefore not finally verified.

The German Blu-ray and the US Blu-ray+UHD start identically with the first credits. Only on the German DVD and VHS is there the logo of the German distributor Advanced Filmverleih, which adds a bit to the runtime there.

+ 16 sec

Otherwise, it should be noted here that the German Blu-ray by Black Hill runs in 24fps. This accounts for a small additional runtime difference compared to the US BD+UHD. Also, only the German Blu-ray apparently has a Spanish master, while the German DVD and also the new US Blu-ray+UHD have English credits.

German Blu-ray by Black HillUS BD+UHD / German DVD

GER DVD 89:59 / GER BD 93:29 / US BD+UHD 93:34-93:28

Only on the new US-BD+UHD does the controversial scene with Santos and the little kid start a little earlier. First for comparison purposes: in the UK version; the scene was completely missing. In the American R-rated, only the brief moment at the beginning, where an abuse involving oral sex is implied based on Santos' comment ("don't bite!"), was missing. The German releases seemed uncut, but the new US UHD/BD now takes it a step further by way of introduction. Before Santos' commentary, the girl wipes her mouth in close-up, whimpers a bit, and then gets slapped. The suggestion of oral sex preceding this moment is thus again a touch more drastic.

3,8 sec

Similarly, the credits match: the German DVD and the US BD+UHD show English credits, while the German Blu-ray by Black Hill has Spanish credits. Also, the Spanish version starts immediately on a black background, while the English credits have a minute of neon shots of Las Vegas in the background first.

German Blu-ray by Black HillUS-BD+UHD / German DVD

Also worth noting is the slightly different color scheme here and there. Especially noticeable in the club scene towards the end with color filter.

German DVD (ems)

German Blu-ray (Black Hill)

US 4K UHD/BD combo (Severin Films)