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original title: Perdita Durango


  • R-Rated
  • Uncut
Release: Jul 28, 2009 - Author: Eiskaltes Grab - Translator: Gladion - external link: IMDB
The cut US-DVD by Alluminations Rated R has been compared to the uncut FSK 18-DVD by E-M-S.

There are 14 differences with a total length of 2 minutes and 20.76 seconds.

13 cuts = 2 minutes und 20,76 seconds.
1 alternative scene = No difference in runtime.

The solid concoction by director Álex de la Iglesia (Aktion Mutante, El día de la bestia) has been released in two different versions in the US, as usual. Together with the Unrated-Cut, which is supposedly not entirely uncut and shortened in at least one scene, there was another version released, rated R. At this, there are two categories of scenes missing: 1.) Almost all takes of naked and intimate body regions are missing / 2.) Also, numerous harmless plot scenes had to go, most of them concerning the VERA CRUZ-Scenes, so this may be because of of copyright-problems. All in all you can say that the R-Rated cut is not a bad version, because the differences are small and rather trivial.
0 min
The blanket glides further down, so you see Perdita's naked butt.
6.72 Sec

0 Min
When Perdita turns around longer, you can see her left breast.
3.04 Sec

2 Min
Both versions fade in different titles:
Ger.Version: Perdita Durango / US-Version: Dance with the Devil.
No time difference

14 Min
A cameratake over Perdita and Romero lying in bed naked.
7.6 Sec

20 Min
A TV show is faded in.
12.12 Sec

22 Min
Another TV show being faded in.
4.04 Sec

52 Min
Romero entertains himself with Perdita's breast.
4.52 Sec

52 Min
A bit longer how Romero amuses himself with Perdita. Subsequentally, he takes off her trousers.
14,48 Sec

75 Min
A cameratake over the movie screen that is just showing a Western movie.
Romero praises the "sacred Burt Lancaster" and says he had about 108 shiny teeth.
Two children watching the film are being shown.
14.24 Sec

75 Min

German Version:
The film on the movie screen is shown longer.

Here, the shot of the two children has been reinserted.
No time difference

German VersionUS-Version

76 Min
The children and the movie get faded in another time.
Romero says that he wanted to be a man like this in the past - but with the dignity of Gary Cooper.
15.24 Sec

88 Min
Reggie asks whether she understood that she must not bite.
7.08 Sec

101 Min
After the elderly man has been hit by a car and lies dead on the ground, in the uncut version the movie fades to the TV set that is showing an anime at the moment.
3 Sec

107 Min
Again you see an anime being broadcasted. Perdita switches the program while she gets Romero's magical cards handed over by the young woman.
12.96 Sec

114 Min
Shot-down Romero is lying on the ground while Woody is walking toward him. Suddenly, Romero finds himself mentally in a Western movie and has got acting celebrity Gary Cooper right in front of him. The scene transforms back into reality where you see Romero lie on the ground and Woody standing directly next to him.
35,72 Sek

117 Min
When the final credits are being faded in, you see different cameratakes over Las Vegas in the German Version. In the US-Version on the other hand, the background is black during the credits.No time difference.