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original title: Koroshiya 1


  • BBFC 18
  • Austrian DVD
Release: May 22, 2010 - Author: magiccop - Translator: Muddi - external link: IMDB
Cut version = 120:03 mins.
Uncut version = 123:24 mins.

Cuts in total = 3:21 mins.

Comparison between the cut British DVD from Premier Asia (BBFC 18) and the uncut version represented by the unrated Austrian DVD from Raptor.

Also in England this gory Manga-based movie from Takashi Miike was released only in a censored version. However, the few cuts are mainly in scenes containing violence against women (which are extremely mean in this movie).
The time line is taken from the cut British DVD.
The German subtitles in the pictures result from them being taken from the before mentioned Austrian DVD.
02:07 For continuity reasons a shot of Ichi's sneaker is missing. Afterwards, multiple shots of the pimp hitting the crying and whimpering woman are missing in the British version.
14,9 secs.

02:13 Close-ups of the woman's face and the pimp beginning to abuse her. Cuts to Ichi standing at the window watching this.
23,7 secs.

35:30 Flashback: The pimp is hitting the prostitute and pulls her hair. He is mad at her for not bringing in enough money (which he throws at her). She begs him to stop.
26,6 secs.

35:49 The pimp is sitting on the woman and hitting her till she doesn't move any more. Then he gets up, pulls down her skirt and starts raping her. Cuts to the brutally smashed face of the woman and Ichi at the window.
38,7 secs.

35:53 Shot of her face and then Ichi in a flashback.
3,2 secs.

49:30 When Karen and Kakihara are pulling apart the guy's cheeks, the part where she tells Kakihara that she will tell him all he wants to know is missing in the British version. During that, Karen is groaning excitedly and Kakihara is looking at her with a wide grin.
23,9 secs.

76:59 Close-up of one of Myu-Myu's nipples. On this one (and the other breast, too) there are clips with rubber bands fastened. Then one of the Psycho Twins strikes along the table with a knife, thus cutting off her nipples.
10,6 secs.

78:24 The brutally mutilated Myu-Myu is thrown on a table.
3,2 secs.

78:53 'Sniffer Dog' Saburo is smelling between Myu-Myu's legs to get Long's scent.
19,1 secs.

80:36 Kaneko is losing it and starts severely kicking Myu-Myu to get her talking. Takayama walks over to his friend to calm him down. Kaneko pushes him away.
23,4 secs.

92:16 Camera moving over Myu-Myu's blood-spattered corpse.
14,7 secs.