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  • US-TV Version (Koch Mediabook)
  • Theatrical Version
Release: May 20, 2020 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Asphyxia - external link: IMDB
This is a comparison between the cut US TV version and the uncut theatrical version (both included on the German Mediabook by Koch Films)

- 47 deviations, including 14 censored audio parts
- Cut duration: 237.8 sec (= 3:58 min)

A few additional film material errors with a duration of less than 0.5 sec each were not listed in the cut report.

The 1981 created Nighthawks with Sylvester Stallone and Rutger Hauer is above all notorious for his R-rated censorships. As with the similarly known titles City Cobra or Total Recall the existence of a US-TV version is an interesting fact because in both cases mentioned at least a few exclusive action scenes could be discovered. Regarding the censorships, the two titles were unfortunately also disappointments, there were only various other toned down scenes for the US television added. In Stallone's filmography, however, Paradise Alley deserves a mention in this context because in addition to cuts, the US TV version also offers exclusive scenes here and the German Label Koch Media therefore offered this version as a bonus on the Blu-ray released in 2018.

Accordingly, it was interesting that Koch Films also included a US TV version as a bonus for the 3-Disc-Mediabook of Nighthawks available since 28 March 2019. Of course, the main movie already deserves a mention because not only the picture quality is significantly improved compared to the previous Blu-ray releases but also two audio language tracks each are included in German and English: The previously available video version with exchanged songs and the original theatrical version with the original soundtrack. For this reason alone, fans are advised to check out the new release but on the US TV version one has to say again: Disappointingly you won't find any additional material here.

A curiosity of the bonus version, which is only available in the English original version, are various audio censorships, where some cute alternative formulations can be heard in order to avoid bad words. Over and above this, some violent peaks were censored. The majority of the runtime difference on the other hand, is due to arbitrary story tightenings. All in all, it's an interesting bonus version for the die-hard fan, at best because of a few creative dialogues but basically everyone can concentrate on the main movie version. It's a shame that none of the additional scenes with Rutger Hauer that Stallone apparently deliberately kept under lock and key didn't make it into the TV version.

Runtime specifications are arranged according to the following scheme
US TV version in PAL / Theatrical DVD version in PAL
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An additional remark at the beginning of the TV version.

+ 6.6 sec

Audio censorship
03:07 / 03:00

A newly recorded commentary of the Goon with the same shot.

Original version: "Put it in my hand, bitch."
TV version: "Put it in my hand, broad."

Picture for classification

Audio censorship
04:12 / 04:05

Newly recorded commentary by Deke (Sly).

Original version: "Come on, badass. Come on. Cut me, badass."
TV version: "Come on, big guy. Come on. Cut me, big guy."

Picture for classification

04:58 / 04:51-05:39

The bus can be seen a bit longer along the road. There, Wulfgar (Rutger Hauer) arrives and walks a bit clumsy across the street to the shop respectively can be seen earlier in this scene.

48,6 sec

06:55 / 07:37-07:53

You can see Deke and Matthew (or Matt) going through the side street in further shots.

16 sec

Audio censorship
08:24 / 09:22

Various newly recorded comments from the gangsters.

Original version: "What is this shit? What the fuck is this shit? How much shit you want, man? How much for this motherfuckin' shit, pig? [...] I paid the other motherfuckers! [...] Shut up, my ass!"
TV version: "What's this beef, man? How much braid do you want? How much you want for this foley raid, man? [...] I already paid the other cop. [...] Shut up yourself!"

Pictures for classification

08:47 / 09:44-09:46

Here the over-synchronization was not enough, at this point there is still a nasty "motherfucker" at the end of the shot. This is part of the differently spoken sentence:

Original version: "I want you to pay for every life you've wasted on this shit, motherfucker!"
TV version: "You're gonna pay for every life you've wasted on this stuff, you miserable freak."

1.4 sec

08:50 / 09:49-09:55

Again Matt with the gun and a child in the background.
Deke says in the off: "He ain't worth it. I said, he ain't worth it."

5.8 sec

08:52 / 09:57-10:02

Matt still hesitates, then again the shot with child in the background.

4.6 sec

09:39 / 10:48-11:23

Deke and Matthew entering the store a bit earlier. Matt is not so happy about it but Deke insists on the visit. When Matt then says that Deke should at least take off his cap, a "Jesus Christ!" can be heard. This is sometimes critical for the evaluation on US television.

34.6 sec

14:36 / 16:20-16:21

The bloody impacts on the attackers on the stairs can also be seen in the TV version, only in the end the shot is a bit shorter.

0.5 sec

14:55 / 16:40-16:49

After Wulfgar has left, a woman finds the blood-drenched corpse of Kenna. She screams, more girls join in.

9.5 sec

16:14 / 18:08-18:19

The man buys a few more clams, then Shakka steps outside.
11.4 sec

Audio censorship
19:59 / 22:04

Alternative word-fight between Matt and the cop.

Original version: "What the fuck do you want here? [...] Don't go shittin' me. [...] I'll break your fuckin' face! [...] Fuckin' glory boys. Nobody likes your crap. [...] Kiss my ass, Fox! I'm gonna kick your ass! Wise-ass. [...] Bitch."
TV version: "What the hell are you doing here? [...] Don't put those ?meatballs?. [...] I'll break your stinkin' face! [...] Stinkin' glory boys. Nobody likes you creeps. [...] Kiss it, Fox! [...] Wiseguy (?). [...] Nuts."

Pictures for classification

22:10 / 24:16-24:18

The surgeon can still be seen from the front, Wulfgar presses the tool into his mouth.

1.9 sec

Audio censorship
36:10 / 38:18

In the TV version Hartman chooses the curse variant which is somewhat weaker for US TV standards.

Original version: "For Christ's sake."
TV version: "For God's sake."

Picture for classification

Audio censorship
37:14 / 39:22

Same game, different word on TV.

Original version: "For Christ's sake."
TV version: "For Pete's sake."

Picture for classification

Audio censorship
39:54 / 42:02

When the stewardess found Wulfgar's gun case, a "Jesus!" was erased from the soundtrack.
According to subtitles she is supposed to say "Shit!" 4 seconds before but you can only hear a "Shhh." in both versions.

Picture for classification

53:11 / 55:19-55:20

Wulfgar holds the knife to the woman's neck longer.

1.3 sec

53:20 / 55:30-55:31

The follow-up shot of him also begins much earlier, he turns to the right.

1.8 sec

53:29 / 55:40-55:41

Another shot a bit earlier.

0.4 sec

53:38 / 55:50-55:51

And another shot a bit longer.

0.8 sec

53:40 / 55:52-55:57

Two more shots are completely missing and then again the aiming Deke.

4.5 sec

53:55 / 56:12-56:23

Wulfgar threatens again at the end of the shot and between shots of Deke walking along the door you see him and the woman more times.

11.2 sec

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