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  • US Theatrical Version
  • Extended Cut
Release: Jun 27, 2010 - Author: Forrest - Translator: Muddi - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the US VHS tape with the theatrical cut and the Extended Cut from the US DVD, both from 20th Century Fox.

The Extended Cut is a bit different from the theatrical version and additionally contains two nude scenes of Drew Barrymore and one not so hot view of James Russo's bare butt. So the Extended Cut doesn't offer any plot extensions or further violence, which would be quite untypical for this movie, anyhow. Instead the theatrical cut had been altered or cut at three points (in a for the U.S. quite usual manner, nude scenes were removed). Despite these alterations, the theatrical cut received an R-rating, as did the extended version. There even exists a VHS version of the extended cut, but a little bit later it was released exclusively on DVD. It is not known which version had been shown in European cinemas. As there is no information on European DVDs about an 'Extended Cut' (although the extended version of the movie is included) one must assume that there has only been one version of this movie in Europe, and that seems to be the the extended version.

Runtime of the theatrical version w/o end credits (measured from the 20th Century Fox intro): 1:36:06
Runtime of the Extended Cut w/o end credits: 1:36:33

2 cuts
once alternative material = 26,2 secs.

Any additional runtime difference results from small frame cuts on the VHS tape.
Time index: Theatrical version (TV) / Extended Cut (EC)

The U.S. tape starts with a logo and an information table.
(not included in the count of cuts)
+11,04 secs.

During the bathing scene the part where Lilly and Eileen are spattering each other with water is missing in the TV. During this scene, Lilly's breast can be seen.
5,37 secs.

When Lilly is putting on her dress while Kid Jarrett is watching her, the two versions use different angles. The EV clearly shows Lilly's bare breast again.

Theatrical version:
Kid Jarrett sits down on the bed while Lilly is standing there back towards him. He tells her to put on the dress. Lilly turns to the right, so she now is positioned with her back to the camera. When she starts putting on her dress, the angle changes and you see her reflection in the mirror (again her back). As she continues dressing herself, the camera moves towards Kid Jarrett.

Extended Cut:
When Kid Jarrett sits down on the bed, the angle already changes and you can see both him and Lilly in the mirror. Lilly is seen from the side. Kid Jarrett tells her to put on the dress. When she starts putting it on, the camera moves towards her and you can see her bare breast. She continues dressing herself.

When Kid Jarrett gets up from the bed, both versions run simultaneously again.
No runtime difference

KinofassungExtended Cut

Kid Jarrett is walking through the room towards the door drunk and without pants, takes a sip from the bottle and calls to Ned: 'She's all yours'. When Ned steps out the door, the TV sets in again. In the EC, this change between Kid and Ned is made without any cut.
It's notable that the following scene when Ned steps out the door and walks through the room is not the same in the two versions. When you examine it closely, you can see that the two versions use different takes.
20,85 secs..

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