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Tombs of the Blind Dead

original title: Noche del terror ciego, La


  • US Version
  • Spanish Version
Release: Jun 26, 2010 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Dr. McNinja - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the US and the Spanish version. Both of these are on the US-DVD by Blue Underground.
The US version has a somewhat higher contrast and only contains the English dubbing.
The Spanish version is slightly better in terms of picture quality and features the Spanish soundtrack with optional English subtitles.

Bet runs into her old friend Virginia at the swimming pool. They plan on going on a little trip together with her boyfriend Roger. During the train ride, however, a quarrel arises and Virgina jumps off the moving train. Miles off the next village, Virgina happens upon an ancient ruin and decides to stay there for the night. Little does she know that at this place a Templar sect used to execute gory rituals. At night time, the Templars rise up from their graves and kill Virgina.

"Tombs of the Blind Dead" is a classic of its genre and also one of Ossorio's best films. The gloomy atmosphere and the well fitting music easily make up for minor plot flaws.

In the US version, mainly plot was cut. Apart from some cuts of violent scenes, all the nude scenes or scenes with a sexual undertone were deleted. In the Spanish version, Virginia's motivation for jumping off the train becomes a lot clearer. It is jealousy, since it is implied that the Bet and Virginia had a love affair in their teenage years. In the US version those scenes are missing, which implies a purely friendly contact between them.
It is noteworthy that the US version shows the scene with the sacrifice of the virgin at the beginning of the film (analogous to the sequel "Return of the Blind Dead").

Image collation:

Spanish version:

US version:

Run times:

US version: 82:51 min.
Spanish version: 97:02 min.

The US version starts with the scene of the Templars sacrificing the girl. In the Spanish version, this scene comes later.

US: 3:26 min.


In the US version there is a still with the title fade-in. In the Spanish version there is a pan shot.

US: 6 sec.
Spanish: 8 sec.


After screaming Bet, one sees two shots of the city.

Spanish: 8 sec.


After Bet said she was unmarried, some of the dialog is missing.

Bet: "I'm still single. And you?"
Virginia: "I'm going out with a guy, but it's not serious."

Spanish: 5 sec.


Some of the dialog is missing when they are talking about the trip.

Bet: "Still, I'd only get in the way."
Virginia: "You could bring a friend with you."
Bet: "I don't have any friends. But I'll look for one."
Roger: "They'll come flying."
Bet: "No. Men are really difficult these days."

Spanish: 12 sec.


A conversation between the train driver and his son is missing.

Train driver: "The secret lies in pumping enough fuel. We won't have any problems if the boiler's full."
Son: "I see."
Train driver: "You're taking charge, including checking the passengers for tickets."
Son: "Yes, Father."
Train driver: "Load the coal. We're leaving."

Spanish: 16 sec.


After Bet's arrival some of the dialog is missing.

Bet: "My friend was coming, but he canceled at the last minute."
Roger: "His loss. Are we off?"
Bet: "Not me. I just came to tell you."
Virginia. "You could have phoned the station."
Bet: "I did, but a very nast man told me they can't relay messages to the passengers once they're on the platform, so please forgive me, and have fun. Bye."
Roger: "Wait a second. You're coming with us. Isn't she, Virginia?"
Bet: "Okay."
Roger: "The landscape's beautiful.

Spanish: 29 sec.


Just after the departure some of the dialog is missing.

Bet: "It looks like we're the only ones here."
Virginia: "Not really."
Roger: "It's a great hotel. The best air you'll ever breathe."
Bet: "Speaking of air, have you got some cream?"
Virginia: "I don't need any."
Bet: "I do. You see, I'm a city girl. I don't want my nose to peel off."

The US version sets in again with Roger opening the window.

Spanish: 28 sec.


After Virginia has left, some of the dialog between Bet and Roger is missing.

Bet: "I think she's upset."
Roger: "I don't see why."
Bet: "It's only natural. I think we've been a bit inconsiderate."
Roger: "I told you, there's nothing between us. And I really like you. It had to happen sooner or later."
Bet: "Not with me. She's my best friend."
Roger: "She's my friend, too. But what can you do?"

Spanish: 20 sec.


Some of the dialog between Bet and Virginia is missing.

Virginia: "I don't understand why I reacted that way."
Bet: "Calm down. It doesn't matter. It was childish, because you're still the same little girl. The same girl who'd come to my room trembling who nedded my trust, and answers to so many questions."
Virginia: "Please, stop. Don't talk about that."
Bet: "I'll never forget you. And you'll never forget me. Remember what I taught you."

Spanish: 31 sec.


The flashback goes on a little longer.

The two girls start dancing, kiss and drop into the bed.

Spanish: 1:33 min.


A part of the flashback is missing. The two girls lie on the bed and kiss.

Spanish: 29 sec.


Virginia waves after the train.

Virginia: "Have fun."

Spanish: 4 sec.


A shot of Virgina walking through the forest is missing.

Spanish: 13 sec.


Virginia mills around in the ruin some more and climbs a wall.

Spanish: 40 sec.


Virginia looks around in the room longer and then lights up a cigarette.

Spanish: 1:08 min.


The scene of Virginia unclothing before the fireplace is missing.

Spanish: 40 sec.


Some shots of the ruin are missing. Then one sees Roger and Bet riding through the ruin on horseback.

Roger: "No signs of Virginia."

Spanish: 52 sec.


Bet and Roger stroll through the ruin.

Bet: "She couldn't have stayed. She probably left after seeing all this."
Roger: "Come on, she must be around somewhere."

Spanish: 26 sec.


Bet talks to Nina.

Nina: "What are you doing, Bet? That wig doesn't go with a blue-eyed mannequin."
Bet: "You're right. I'm obsessed. It's been so horrible."
Nina: "Forget your friend. Focus on your work."
Bet: "That's easy for you to say. If you'd seen her. It would drive anyone crazy."
Nina: "It'd be good for you to take a trip, have a change of scenery."
Bet: "I might as well. Once I find out what happened to Virginia."
Nina: "It's better to leave things as they are."
Bet. "You know something about Berzano, don't you?"
Nina: "I don't want to talk about it."

The doorbell rings

Bet: "Open the door. That must be Roger. Will you open it already?"

Spanish: 1:06 min.


The professor talks about the Templars some more.

Professor: "Their stories are fantastic and incredible. No one has been able to uncover their great mysteries."
Roger: "Do you think the village..."
Professor: "In the 13th century, Berzano was the seat of one of their priories."

This is followed by the flashback. One sees two Templars.

Professor: "The Eastern knights were the absolute masters of this region."

Here the US version sets in again. As mentioned above, this scene is at the beginning of the film.

Spanish: 19 sec.


In the US version the scene with the two Templars in the castle is inserted here (cf. last cut).

US: 6 sec.


The templars strike more blows upon the girl with their swords. Followed by some cuts on the Templars.

Spanish: 1:00 min.


Close shots of the Templars drinking the blood.

Spanish: 12 sec.


Some more close shots of blood drinking Templars. The girl dies.

Spanish: 10 sec.


The professor explains some more:

Professor: "Do you remember the voodoo rites? Faust, and all those who make pacts with the evil spirit do so with blood. The knights perform human sacrifices consummating the offering with a virgin's blood."

Spanish: 15 sec.


Some of the dialog is missing:

Inspector: "They're spreading fear. And keeping people away from the area where they commit their crimes."
Bet: "That's terrible."

Spanish: 7 sec.


Again there is some of the dialog missing.

Bet: "This is a nightmare"
Inspector: "Be very careful. Your workshop is very close to the morgue."

Spanish: 5 sec.


Bet is seen earlier. She warns Nina.

Bet: "Listen. Lock the door. It doesn't matter. Today's a special day. Do it. Listen to me. We're in danger. I'll explain it to you later. That's it."

Spanish: 13 sec.


The girl calls for Pedro once again.

Pedro is in bed with another girl and hears her shouts.

Girl: "Let that idiot yell."
Pedro: "Something's up."
Girl: "Whatever."
Pedro: "It could be the police."

Pedro gets out of bed and dresses. She still calls for him.

Girl: "You've pulled that trick on me twice."
Pedro: "They'll be after me sooner or later."
Girl: "All because of that cow, Amalia. Why so difficult? Tell me you're going with her, and that's it. I'll find a guy."

Spanish: 36 sec.


The girl comes out of the room, tossing the shirt to Pedro. She then looks up to the girl on the ladder.

Girl: "What are you waiting for? Do you like seeing him naked?"
Pedro: "I'll be caught one day, but not by a woman."
Girl: "At least I'll know where you spend the night."

Pedro climbs on deck and looks at Roger.

Spanish: 48 sec.


The conversation between Roger and Pedro goes on some more.

Pedro: "I can't, I've got a job here."
Roger: "You're right to refuse. I wouldn't do it if I were you."
Pedro:" When are we leaving?"
Roger: "Right away. We must spend the night in Berzano."
Pedro: "The night? You mean sleep in Berzano?"
Roger: "Yes. Are you afraid?"
Pedro: "All right. Fine."
Mädel: "If you go, I'm going with you."

Spanish: 19 sec.


Some more dialog between Roger and the girl.

Roger: "And you don't know Bet."
Girl: "As if I care. You have to accept things as they come. And you're not bad at all."

The girl offers Roger a drink.

Girl: "Here. Have some."
Roger: "What is it?"
Girl: "Rum. Have some more. Warm up. Enjoy the party."

Spanish: 29 sec.


The girl drops her coat. Roger goes up to her.

Spanish: 12 sec.


A conversation between Roger and the girl is missing.

Girl: "They're hiding."
Roger: "They must be around somewhere in the abbey."
Girl: "What do you think they'll do?"
Roger: "I don't know. Visit it."
Girl: "You really think so? You're very strange."

Spanish: 22 sec.


The scene of Pedro raping Bet is missing.

Bet: "You'd better not try. This is a cemetery."
Pedro: "Quiet."
Bet: "No!"
Pedro: "What's the difference?"
Bet: "Let me go! No!"

Pedro dashes her to the ground, hits her in the face and tears open her top. He then rapes her.

Spanish: 1:21 min.


Bet walks back to the ruin. The girl is following her.

Spanish: 10 sec.


Roger is slowly being encircled by Templars. One of them draws his sword and chops off his arm. Roger slumps to the ground.

Spanish: 23 sec.


The Templars kill more passengers. A child is being splashed with blood.

Spanish: 15 sec.


The Templars drag the train driver out of his cabin.

Spanish: 5 sec.


The child is holding on to his dead mother while one of the Templars is approaching.

Spanish: 12 sec.


A still of the train, followed by stills of Bet and the train guard. One hears screams.

Spanish: 36 sec.