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2-Disc Edition by Severin Films


Hot Dog... The Movie


Cannibal Apocalypse

Zombie Holocaust

original title: Zombi Holocaust


  • US Version (Doctor Butcher, MD)
  • International Version
Release: Oct 04, 2016 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the cut US Version with the title DOCTOR BUTCHER, M.D. and the International Version* with the title ZOMBI HOLOCAUST (both available on the new US Blu-ray by Severin Films)

26 differences, including
* 24x additional footage in the International Version
* 2x additional footage in the US Version
* 2 Recuts

- Additional Footage US Version: 472 sec (= 7:51 min)
- Additional Footage International Version: 600.8 sec (= 10:01 min)

Besides smaller locally censored releases, there are two official and two more slightly different versions of the Italian splatter classic Zombi Holocaust from 1980. For that reason, those four relevant versions (all available on Blu-ray today!) will be listed and explained in the following:

1. "Doctor Butcher, M.D."

Length: 82 min (NTSC resp. Blu-ray)

The version for the US market: Basically, this version only lacks some plot scenes. On the other hand, a 2.5 minutes long scenes from some never finished US flick has been added right at the beginning. In addition to that, there is a longer scene with a length of 5 minutes with the original film crew which is normally missing in the actual movie resp. only available as deleted scene on DVD. Furthermore, the score was altered in many places.
The new US Blu-ray by Severin Films is a 2-Disc-Edition and one of the selling arguments is this US Version which was not available for many years and which is now available in HD. Before that, one could only get it on the Japanese Laserdisc but the nudity got blurred for that release.

2. "Zombi Holocaust"

a) International Version - Length: 81 min (PAL) / 84 min (NTSC resp. Blu-ray)

The regular version which was also released in Italy. Also the main version on the Austrian NSM Blu-ray. The first US Blu-ray by Shriek Show and the British Blu-ray from 88 Films only contain this version as well.

b) Extended Version - Length: 86 min (PAL resp. Blu-ray by NSM)

Basically, this is the "2a" version except the 5 minutes from the US version Doctor Butcher, M.D. are also integrated in the movie. The Austrian NSM Blu-ray is the only digital release so far even though it was only put in SD and PAL on the disc (which also explains the length diffence).

This comparison is about the versions "1" and "2a". Even though a different path has been taken here because instead of "2a", the comparison has been made with the version on the new US Blu-ray due to its availability and better quality. This US Version contains the additional scene with a length of 5 minutes (similar to "2b") but there is also 1 scene missing. Both will be pointed out in the actual comparison though.

Especially during the first 30 minutes, the US Version lacks a lot of footage. Lori's rather dull background story in the big city is shorter and partially recut for a better pace. All in all, nothing that really bothers.

Which disqualifies this version for many genre fans on the one hand but also makes it kind of interesting on the other hand are the two further alterations. Right at the beginning, there is a sequence from some US horror flick called Tales to Rip Your Heart Out which has never been finalized. Really crude an completely out of context, there is a resurrection on a cemetary and both the inscription "Snuff Maximus" on the headstone and the zombies from the jungle make it seem completely absurd. In addition to that, most of the scenes contain some shrill synthesizer soundtrack that creates an entirely different atmosphere.

This version is worth taking a look at because of its curiosity but for a rewatch the International Version should be first choice unless one has gotten used to the US Version on VHS.

Time index refers to
US Version Blu-ray / International Version (Severin Films)*

* The version on the new US Blu-ray by Severin is not 100% identical to the International Version. The two relevant differences (small cut after 25 minutes & deciduous wood scene) will be pointed out in the following comparison though.

** Since the already existing comparison with the Japanese Laserdisc already documents the differences of the US Version, some of the descriptions have been taken from that comparison.

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00:00-02:47 / 00:00-02:04

Alternate opening: The Original Version shows a freeze frame during the credits, followed by a pan to the clinic.

The US Version on the other hand shows a certain "Snuff Maximus" digging out of his grave. Then he staggers around. By showing the zombies from the second half of the movie (despite an entirely different background, they are facing the cemetary zombie all of a sudden and he makes a fist), a loose connection is being made. Eventually, even laymen should be able to recognize that this has nothing to do with the actual movie. Last but not least, a newspaper report informs the audience that more than 100 bodies are on the road.

US Version 43.3 sec longer

03:06 / 02:23-02:38

The stranger opens the door plus his way to the autopsy is longer.

15.9 sec

05:21 / 04:53-05:06

In the autopsy, Dr. Dreylock walks up to the bodies and uncovers them.

12.9 sec

06:01 / 05:46-06:08

Longer shot of Dr. Dreylock doing the autopsy on the students. He explains the workings of the stomach during.

21.5 sec

06:48 / 06:55-07:19

When the lesson is over and the students leave, a conversation between Dr. Dreylock and Lori is missing. They discuss that the hand thing was no isolated incident and that Dr. Dreylock refuses to go to the cops in oder to not disgrace the hospital. He also asks Lori how an incident like that was even possible these days. They then leave the autopsy.

24.3 sec

06:55 / 07:26-07:44

Longer tracking shot across town. A car is driving on the road and the camera zooms in on it a little.

A good example for the alternate score by the way: It is rather sinister and menacing in the Original Version while the US Version contains synthesizer sound.

18.3 sec

07:37 / 08:26-08:55

From the building, the camera zooms in on the road with the car passing by. Then we see the inside of the car: Lori and the Professor are in it.

28.2 sec

08:01 / 09:19-09:26

After Lori says goodbye to the Professor, she walks up the way by the restaurant.

7.2 sec

09:11 / 10:36-10:58

Lori goes to the bedroom and takes off her jacket.

21.9 sec

10:01 / 11:48-12:12

Lori lights a candle in the living room.

24.2 sec

11:10 / 13:21-13:35

Susan asks Lori how her affection for exotic art originated. Lori explains that besides medicine, she was an anthropologist. Susan turns back around to the dagger on the wall and takes a closer look at it.

13.6 sec

11:22 / 13:47-13:53

The wall slightly longer plus the subsequent shot is shorter at the beginning. to be more specific, the footage of the perp opening the door to autopsy is missing.

6.4 sec

12:29 / 15:00-15:03

Dr. Dreylock a little longer, followed by a cut to the perp.

3.1 sec

13:07 / 15:41-15:51

The tracking shot across the building is longer.

10.1 sec

14:08 / 16:52-17:00

Chandler says to Dr. Drydock he needed to do without his assistent prematurely because he needed her for scientific counseling. Drydock explains this was not an option.

8.3 sec

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