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Salem's Lot


  • Movie Version
  • TV Version
Release: Sep 19, 2013 - Author: Eiskaltes Grab - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the shortened German DVD (Movie Version / FSK 16) by Warner Home Video and the uncut Unrated DVD (Movie Version) by Warner.

There are 71 differences with a total length of 76 minutes and 8.5 seconds:

63 cuts = 64 minutes and 4.5 seconds.
6 alternate scenes = 12 minutes and 4 seconds.
2 scenes from a diferent angle = no difference.

After the book "Salem's Lot", one of Stephen King's works, was released in 1975, it took 4 years to make a movie out of it. The movie sporadically sticks to the source material but it completely differs now and then. There was s sequel in 1987 and a remake in 2004. Although one had agreed to do a motion picture, the decision was overruled. Now it was supposed to be a TV mini-series because almost 700 pages of content was simply too much for a 90-minute-motion-picture. For its European release, the decision to make a movie version with a length of almost 100 minutes out of it was made. This means 76 minutes of plot were removed. Although the torso does concentrate on the basics, important plot elements are missing and the results are a lot of plotholes.
Bottom line: the TV Version is the much better version. It's been released on DVD in the US, the UK and the Netherlands.

Two more important facts: allegedly, there's a VHS and a DVD with the TV Version available that shows Cully putting his rifle in Crockett's mouth. The Unrated DVD shows Cully holding his rifle in front of Crockett's face though. Therefore, it's not quite clear which release contains the "rifle in mouth" shot. Furthermore, Bill's impalement at the Marsten House is supposed to be more harmless in the Movie Version. As the comparison shows, at least the German release of the Movie Version is 100% equal to the Unrated DVD here.

Missing black screens haven't been mentioned in the comparison.
0 Min
Distance shot of the church plus "Ximico, Guatemala" written at the bottom. Then Ben and Mark praying in the church. Subsequently, Mark fills two little bottles with holy water and gives them to Ben who puts the first one in his bag. When he intends to put the second one in as well, a small bright light suddenly appears inside the bottle which is a sign for vampires being close by. Mark approaches and looks at the bottle in Ben's hand.
Ben: They found us again! Another one has found us!
Mark: We have to go further!
Ben: Not yet!
The light disappears. Fade out. With the opening credits, the versions are back in sync but there's still a tiny difference: while the credits in the Movie Version are blue, they're pink in the TV Version.
76 sec

1 Min
Tracking shot from the small town to some road with Ben on it in the car. Then he stops at the side of the road. He gets out of the car and approaches the Marsten House. After a few steps, he stops and looks at himself. Straker comes through the door and notices Ben. He keeps walking to his car, takes another look at Ben and gets in. He passes Ben, who keeps permanent eye contact, on the driveway. When Straker is further away, Ben stops looking at him and gets his eyes back on the house.
The Movie Version contains an extended shot of Ben on the road instead.
Movie Version: 7 sec
TV Version: 122 sec

Movie Version:

TV Version:

2 Min
Ben is driving through town. The TV Version contains an additional shot of him in his car plus a further distance shot. When Ben takes a turn at the intersection, the Movie Version is back in the game.
11 sec

4 Min
Crockett and Bonnie watch Ben making a few steps forward. Then he looks back to them. Bonnie winks and smiles at him, Ben turns around and walks to his car.
Crockett: Funny, about the Marsten-House! Vacant over 20 years!
Bonnie: Cully is going to Portland tomorrow!
Now Straker in his shop. He approaches the window and sees Ben driving off. After a cut to Constable Gillespie sitting in his car and watching Ben leave, we're back with Straker. Crockett enters the shop, they have a conversation.
Straker: Good afternoon, Mr. Crockett!
Crockett: You sure fixed it up!
Straker: You think so? You like it?
Crockett: Fine job! Sure is different from that doctor's office I sold you!
Straker: I'd have to agree with you!
Crockett: Very tasteful!
Straker: Yes? Thank you!
Crockett: Mr. Barlow? Will arrive!
Straker: Soon!
Crockett: A lot of people have been waiting!
Straker: For Mr. Barlow!
Crockett: You know how it is with a small town! People don't have that much to do!
Straker: Yes! I can assure you that people will find Mr. Barlow well worth the wait! Especially you, Mr. Crockett! I've told him how helpful you've been getting us the house and the store!
Crockett nods with a smile on his face.
109 sec

6 Min
Ben wants to know from Susan which other book he got her at the library. Susan shyly responds she couldn't remember.
5 sec

9 Min
After Straker closed the front door, the shot of the door is longer. The proch light is being turned off.
3.5 sec

10 Min
After Crockett said bye to Bonnie, he also walkd to his car, gets in and drives off. Weasel watches him. Constable Gillespie runs up to him. Then they have a chat.
Gillespie: What are you doing out here, Weasel?
Weasel: Sitting!
Gillespie: Spying more like, huh?
Weasel: Oh, no, Parkins!
Gillespie: Cully set you to it!
Weasel: No!
Gillespie takes the alocohol bottle out of Weasel's hand.
Gillespie: Better not!
He takes a smell and closes it.
Gillespie: That writer who moved into Eva's!
Weasel: Right down the hall!
Gillespie: I heard!
He offers the bottle to Weasel. When Weasel tries to reach it, he pulls away.
Gillespie: Can you keep an eye on him?
Weasel: What's he done?
Gillespie: Keep your eye on him and your mouth shot! Got that!
Weasel: What's he done?
Gillespie: Murdered 18 people!
Weasel: 18 people?
Gillespie: Every one of them an old man who kept asking: "What's he done!"
Weasel looks terrified.
Gillespie: Keep an eye on him for me!
Gillespie gives the bottle back to Weasel and keeps walking. Weasel watches him leave.

Cut to the cemetery. Mike approaches the gate with his dog. He stops and looks at Ben passing by. Ben also looks at Mike while the dog is barking. When Ben has passed, Mike calms his dog down. Then he looks in Ben's direction again.
127 sec

10 Min
Bonnie's conversation with Cully continues.
Bonnie: Well, don't get drunk! I want some fun in tonight! You know what happens when you drink too much! I'm gonna get something out of the freezer! Twenty minutes?
Cully: Bring me a beer!
Bonnie goes to the kitchen, looks at Cully again - with a smile on his face - and goes around the corner. Then a cut to Ben with Susan and her parents at the table. They're having dinner. Subsequently, Susan and her mom get up to clear the table.
30 sec

11 Min
Susan and her mom in the kitchen:
Ann: What's his book about?
Susan: Well, his latest one is about... two men!
Ann: Not one of those!

Change of scenery to Eva and Weasel:
Eva: What are you doing in here?
Weasel: Nothing!
Eva: What's that?
Weasel: It's just a piece of paper! There's nothing on it! He got a lot of scribbling here, too! Something... about a boy!
Eva: A boy and a house! "The house was a monument to evil sitting there all these years holding the essence of evil in its smoldering bones!"
Weasel: Monument? Who's monument? The Marsten house?
Eva: I don't know! He stopped in the middle of the sentence! Sitting there all these years holding the essence of evil!
Weasel: Writes real good!

Ben, Susan and her parents are coming through the front door.
Ben: Thank you for the dinner!
Ann: Good to meet you, Mr. Mears!
Ben: I'll get you a copy of that book!
Bill: Sorry about the peas! She's done better!
Susan: Bye Dad!
Ben and Susan on the way to their car.
Susan: They liked you!
Ben: Well, your father maybe!
Susan: My mother doesn't like anyone except Ned Tibbets!
Ben: Who's he?
Susan: Someone I've been seeing!
Ben: Have been or had been?
Susan: A little of both!
Susan gets in the car and Ben shuts the door.
109 sec

11 Min
Longer conversation in the car.
Ben: Tell me about Ned Tibet!
Susan lachend: Tibbets!
Ben: After college?
Susan: New York! I worked in an ad agency! I was a junior! I did layouts mostly and things like that!
Ben: You liked it?
Susan: I love it! But then something happened! The agency lost a big account and had to cut back and there I was on the street looking for a job!
Ben: It's a cruel city!
Susan: Anyway!
Ben: You had to come home!
Susan: Retreat! Sanctuary! I was all beat up! Glad to have a little loving care! How long since... your wife died?
Ben: Two years!
Susan: Are you writing about that?
Ben: No! I'm writing about a house!
Susan: A house?
Ben: The Marsten house!
Susan: The Marsten house? I see... No, I don't see!
86 sec

12 Min
Ben and Susan at the lake:
Susan: Are you uncomfortable with me?
Ben: Why, should I be?
Susan: No, I just have a habit of asking questions!
Ben: Well, I have a habit of evading them!
Susan: Perfect match!
Ben laughs, then a short pause. Now Susan says: I like you, Ben!
They're looking straight in each others eyes. After she looked away with shame, Susan says: Modern, aggressive female, partially liberated, states her feelings!
Ben: Well!
Susan: Does that make you uncomfortable?
Ben: No, it makes me feel good!
Susan: How long will you be staying?
Ben: We'll see how the book comes!
Susan: Are you a slow writer?
Ben: I'm medium!
Susan: I hope it's a long book!
They look in each others eyes and kiss.

Ben is sitting at his desk, working on his typewriter. He gets out a crumpled up piece of paper, looks at it and tosses it on the ground. He keeps typing, then he looks at the Marsten House from the distance. Straker hurries out of the house, gets in his car and drives off. An interior shot of the car follows. He looks behind, then his eyes are on the road again.

Change of scenery to Bonnie and Crockett:
Crockett is on the phone while Bonnie pours him a coffee and puts it on his desk. Crockett hangs up and passes Bonnie on the way to the entrance.
Crockett: I will be right back!
Bonnie: Okay, honey!
Crockett: Please don't say that! Someday you will forget!
Bonnie: All right, honey!
Crockett turns around to Bonnie with anger.
Bonnie (amused): I forgot!
Crockett turns away from Bonnie with an evil look on his face, then he opens the door.
196.5 sec

13 Min
Straker conversation with Crockett is longer:
Straker: Do you understand? Crockett nods.
Crockett: Sideboard taken to house!
Straker: Yes! And your movers will put it down in the cellar! They can get in though the outside bulkhead below the kitchen window, as you know!
13 sec

14 Min
Mark's and the kids' play is longer. Ben is at the entrance, watched the play and slowly approaches the seats.
25.5 sec

15 Min
Mike removes some dead flowers from the grave and walks forward. Someone honks whereupon Mark turns around. He approaches Cully who's getting out of a truck.
Cully: I don't know how you can work here! It'd scare the hell out of me!
Mike: It's kind of nice here, during the day! It's pretty and quiet, you know!
Cully: Too quiet! Especially at night!
Mike: I'm hardly ever here at night! They are! What's up?
Cully: I need a strong back tonight! want to make 50 Dollar!
Mike: 50 Dollar?
Cully: That's for two of you! You're going to need another strong back!
Mike: What about you?
Cully: Me? I've got something else planned for tonight!
57 sec

16 Min
Change of scenery to Bonnie and Cully after a longer shot of Susan and Ben:
Bonnie: What time do you think you'll get home, honey?
Cully: With all the junking around, locking up those things take... five, six hours! Be back midnight of after! Er zeigt auf Crockett und meint weiter: You stay away from her, you hear?
Crockett: I'll try!
Cully: Well, you try real hard! She's all mine! Right, honey?
Bonnie laughing: You big bad bear! Go on!
Cully runs out. Bonnie watches him leave, runs to the window and looks out. Then she turns around to Crockett.
Bonnie: He was just kidding! Look, if he suspected anything, would he kid?

Cully on the way to his truck. When he wants to get in, Constable Gillespie is calling his name.
Gillespie: You shouldn't leave your truck double-parked like this!
Cully: Would you want me to go to Portland without saying goodbye to Bonnie?
Gillespie: What's in Portland?
Cully: I've got to make a pickup! For him! Custom wharf!
Gillespie: Do you know what it is?
Cully: A lot of old junk from Europe, I guess! I don't know why anybody would want to open an antique shop here! You?
Gillespie: They know what they're doing! Don't leave the truck sitting here like this! I might have to ticket you!
Gillespie shuts the door and Cully starts the truck with a smile. Cut to Straker's shop. Straker runs out while Cully is passing by with his truck. Straker gives him a long look, turns off the porch light and goes down the stairs.

Several shots of Mike's dog barking at the cemetery while Mike secures the gate with a padlock. As a sideline, he tries to make his dog to shut up. Then he approaches Ned.
Ned: I wouldn't leave a dog in there!
Mike: He's all right! He'll go to sleep in a while! He's a good old dog!
Mike still tries to calm down the dog. Then Cully arrives in his truck and stops. Mike and Ned get to the truck, Cully gives Mike a list he immediately takes a look at.
Cully: Is that dog going to whine all night?
Mike: He'll be all right!
Cully: You know where to go, what to do?
Mike: Sure!
Mike and Ned get in the truck.
Cully: Leave the truck here when you get back! I'll pick it up in the morning!
Mike: You bet!
They hit the road. Cully makes a few steps forward and is being barked at by Mike's dog. Cully yells at him to shut the hell up and tosses an empty can in his direction.
211 sec

17 Min
Parts of Mike's conversation with Ned conain alternate footage (the dialog remains cunchanged though).
Mike: As a matter of fact, Crockett himself set up this trip!
Ned: Larry Crockett? What's he got to do with this?
no difference

Movie VersionTV Version

17 Min
Ben enters the bar and sees Jason Burke. He walks straight in his direction, they shake each others hands. Burks asks Ben if he wanted something to drink. Ben says he wouldn't mind. Then Burke orders drinks from the barkeep.

Cut to the cemetery. Cully keeps aloof from the action and drinks his beer. He keeps walking when he suddenly hears Mark's dog howl in the distance. He turns around and starts looking around. But he keeps walking because he couldn't see anything. The camera pans to some tombstones and stops at Mike's dog lying under the smashed gate.
87 sec

17 Min
Extended shot of Mike and Ted moving the big box forward with difficulty.
18 sec

18 Min
The loading ramp of the truck with the box in it is closing. A cut to the driving truck follows and so does an interiot shot of the driver's cabin.
Ned: It's cold in here!
Mike: It sure is! It shouldn't be! It's a warm night! Turn on the heather!
After a little pause, Ned looks behind and notices the box coming closer to the driver's cabin.
Ned: Hey! That thing is moving!
Mike: What thing?
Mike looks behind as well. Someone honks and Mike turns around immediately. He jerks the wheel violently in order to avoid a collision.
Ned: Stop the truck! We should open that thing up!
Mike: We can't do that!
Ned: Something is wrong! It's getting cold in here!
Mike: Let't just get it delivered!
Ned: I want to open it!
Mike: Come on! Just let me drive, will you?

Bonnie goes to the mirror, looks at herself in it and makes her hair. Then she goes to the phone and picks it up. In the meantime, Cully is watching her from outside. Then Bonnie again, she's on the phone with Crockett.
Bonnie: Honey, it's safe! Oh, Tiger, I'm going to lose respect for you! No! I don't want to go to a motel again! I want you right here in my own little bed! It's more exciting to me that way! No! No, I'm not going to talk like that on the phone! You just get over here and I'll whisper things in your ear that will make your hair stand up! You get here, or else!
She hangs up and smilies.

The camera tracks across Mark's room and stops in front of him. He's reading his essay about the play out loud.
Mark: 1951! A fire started in the old mill! It spread rapidly on both sides of Griffin Road and burned toward the Marsten house on Pabscuitti Hill!
He makes a few corrections and reads it again, this time wittier. Then he adds: The wind turned the fire back toward town! Volunteer fire companies came from all... His mom June interrupts him.
June: Whatever are you doing?
Mark: Rehearsing for the pageant!
June: Keep it down! Your father's trying to figure his quarterly taxes!
Mark: All right! Mother, Danny and Ralphie Glick are coming over after they finish their homework! We'll rehearse!
June: Have you finished your homework?
Mark: Yes, a long time ago!
June: All right! Just as long as you and the Glick boys don't disturb your father!
June leaves the room and Mark keeps working on his essay.

Ben's conversation at the café with Burke is longer:
Burke: Bright boy, Mark Petrie! Wrote most of the pageant this year, just as you did! Both talented!
Ben: Another writer!
Burke: Very possibly! I'd certainly be proud if I'd helped develop two authors! It will make a lifetime of teaching worthwhile!
Ben: You got me started!
Burke: You had the gift! I wanted the opportunity to continue, but you moved away! Let see you where...
Ben: Eleven!
258 sec

18 Min
Parts of Ben's following conversation with Burke are being shown from a different angle (the dialog itself remains unchanged though):
Burke: Tell me, why the Marsten-House? I remember that figured in your pageant, too!
Ben: Maybe because my aunt worked there!
Burke: Did she ever tell you anything about what went on inside the house?
Ben: No, ever?
no difference

Movie VersionTV Version

20 Min
Ben: The Man who built that house...
Burke: Yeah, Joshua Von!
Ben: ...killed his wife and a servant, and hanged himself in his bedroom closet! Hubie Marsten's sister and wife died mysteriously! Rumors of poison, never proved! Then he came here! And the young boys in the area started to disappear! Some people suspected Hubie Marsten, but it was never proved! Never proved!
The Movie Version only contains a short alternate shot of Burke.
Movie Version: 2 sec
TV Version: 34 sec

Movie VersionTV Version

20 Min
Burke: But if a house attracts evil men!
Ben: Why did it attract me?
Change of scenery: the truck is on the road. Then the box which is coming pretty close to the driver's cabin. Ted looks nervous and realizes it's coming closer.
Ted: It is moving! Look at it!
Mike: We're almost there! Now shut up! Shut up!

The Movie Version shows the following scene instead - already shows in the TV Version.

Cut to the driving truck. Then an interior shot of the driver's cabin.
Ned: It's cold in here!
Mike: It sure is! It shouldn't be! It's a warm night! Turn on the heather!
After a little pause, Ned looks behind and notices the box coming closer.
Ned: Hey! That thing is moving!
Mike: What thing?
Mike looks behind as well. Someone honks and Mike turns around in a split second and jerks the wheel violently in order to avoid a collision.
Ned: Stop the truck! We should open that thing up!
Mike: We can't do that!
Ned: Something is wrong! It's getting cold in here!
Mike: Let't just get it delivered!
Ned: I want to open it!
Mike: Come on! Just let me drive, will you?
Movie Version: 61 sec
TV Version: 41.5 sec

23 Min
Extended shot of Mark in his room. Cut to the following scene. The truck stops and Mike and Ned get out of the truck and walk to the rear of the hanger.
24 sec

26 Min
Extended shot of Ned in the basement. He hears noises from nearby. He gets startled and runs off to Mike who's outside.
6 sec

26 Min
Shot of Cully. He turns around and watched Bonnie opening the door for Crockett. Later on, Cully watches the bedroom light go off. He gets his gun and runs out of the shed.
40 sec

27 Min
The camera pans to the cemetery. The truck arrives and stops. Mike and Ned get out. They say goodbye, Ned gets in the van and drives off. Mike goes to the cemetery and calls the name of his dog.
61 sec

29 Min
Straker walks upstairs from the basement, takes another look behind and switches off the light. Change of scenery: Cully approaches the bedroom door and eavesdrops with the rifle in his hand. Cut to the inside. Bonnie and Crockett in bed, kissing. Cully kicks the door open and turns on the light. Bonnie and Crockett get startled.
Cully: Well, well, well!
Crockett: Cully!
Cully approaches them and points holds them at gunpoint.
Cully: I guess I owe Weasel Phillips a case of beer after all!
Bonnie: Cully, look this isn't! He broke in! He tried to rape me!
Cully: He was?

The Movie Version only shows Bonnie and Crockett kissing in bed and Cully kicking the door open which gets Bonnie and Crockett startled. This is in the TV Version as well but it's slightly different here.
Movie Version: 7 sec
TV Version: 45.5 sec

Movie Version:

TV Version:

29 Min
Extended shot of Cully pointing the gun at Crockett.
Cully: Get up!
Bonnie: Cully!
Cully points the gun at Bonnie tells her to shut up with a lot of anger in his voice.
Crockett: Please don't do anything! You don't want to go to jail, do you?
Cully: I'm not going to jail for killing the man who raped my wife! That is what he did, isn't it, honey?
Bonnie: Yes!
Crockett: No! She invited me, I swear!
Bonnie: You invited, him?
Crockett: Yes!
Bonnie: No! He called me and he said that he had to talk to me and...
Cully: So you invited him over? He points the gun at Bonnie again.
Bonnie: Cully, no!
Crockett: Cully, you don't want to go to jail for the rest of your life for what is a lie!
38.5 sec

30 Min
Cully puts his gun against Crockett and tells him to go to the living room.
Cully: In the living room! Man-t-man stuff! I like your shorts! You must too, keeping them on like that! Where did you get them?
Crockett: Boston!
Cully: They sure look good on you!
Cully looks at Bonnie, points a finger at her and says "Stay right there, puss!". After that, Crockett enters the living room, followed by Cully, who has his gun pointed at Crockett.
Cully: Turn around, Larry!
Crockett: Look, I know how this must look to you! I can understand how upset you are... but let me explain what happened!
Cully: Grab the barrel, Larry!
Crockett: Hä?
Cully: The barrel! Grab the barrel!
Crockett grabs the barrel after Cully has told him to do so.
Cully: Easy! Very easy!
He cocks the gun.
Cully: That's it! Now, this shotgun's got a five-pound pull on it and I've got about three on it now! Good boy! Cully and Crockett laugh. Cully: Now hold it up front on your face! Crockett suddenly stops laughing. Cully: That's it! Right in front! Crockett moves the barrel towards his face. Cully: Careful! You move that barrel, Larry, and I'll blow you away! Good! Just hold it, Larry! Hold it steady! Steady, Larry! Don't move! Don't move! There! You see how much self-control you can have? It's terrific! You're doing fine, Larry! Just fine! Close your eyes, Larry! Close them! Larry closes his eyes. Cully pulls the trigger, but nothing happens. Crockett lets go of the gun, stumbles backwards against the wall and then runs towards the front door.
142 sec

30 Min
The long version goes on with Cully and Bonnie in the house, after Crockett ran outside and got surprised by the vampire.
Cully: Here I come, puss! Here comes big bad bear!
Cully closes the door of the bed room. The camera stays a little longer on the closed door and we hear Cully beating Bonnie, who screams loudly.

Ben and Susan lie at the beach and kiss. A conversation between them ensues.
Ben: I know you're going to say "Don't make a big thing out of this!" No, I wasn't going to say that!
Susan: Maybe... "Look, I can't make any commitments right now!"
Ben: I wasn't going to say that either!
Susan: What were you going to say?
Ben: I wasn't going to say anything!
Susan: I told you, I ask too many questions!
Ben: And I don't give enough answers!
Susan: Maybe we talk too much!
Ben: Maybe we do!
They fall in each other’s arms and kiss. Shortly afterwards, they get distracted by car sounds and look in the direction where it’s coming from.
Ben: Sounds like a traffic jam!
The sounds of a car door being slammed shut and a starting engine can be heard.
Ben: Maybe they saw our car! I'm going to take a look!
We hear the car driving away. Ben gets up and walks over to his car. But Crockett, sitting in his car, is also parking there. Ben stops in front of the car; Susan joins him. He comes closer to Crockett, who is sitting with his eyes closed behind the wheel. He grabs him at the shoulder, shakes him and calls his name several times. Crockett’s head bumps down on the wheel, which sets off the horn.

Danny sleeps in the bed. He tosses and turns a few times, because he obviously has a nightmare. In between, there are some cuts to the window, where his brother Ralphie, a vampire now, appears shortly afterwards; he waits outside of the window. He repeatedly scratches at the window, which causes Danny to wake up, whereupon he sees his brother at the window. At first, he starts up a little bit, but then he gets out of the bed and runs happily towards the window to let his brother in. After Danny has opened the window, he takes a few steps back and Ralphie floats towards him. He stops right in front of Danny. Transition to the next scene.

Scene change to the crime scene at the lake, where the police and an undertaker have already arrived.
Gillespie: You heard another car drive off! Then?
Ben: Car or truck!
Gillespie: Which one?
Ben: I don't know!
Gillespie: You don't know! Do you?
Susan: No!
Gillespie: Where were you people?
Ben: We were over there! He points at the lake.
Gillespie: Over there?
Deputy Gardner: Parkins?
Gillespie: Ja?
Gardner: Come here, will you?
Gillespie walks over to Gardner. Crockett’s body gets removed in the foreground. Gardner gets some clothes from Crockett’s car and hands them to Gillespie. But he isn’t interested in those and walks back to Susan and Ben to ask some more questions.
Gillespie: You heard two cars!
Ben: Or a car and a truck! During the dialogue, we see Crockett’s corpse being put into the car.
Gillespie: One drove off, and then?
Ben: One more thing! I think I heard someone get out of one car! I'm only supposing that because I didn't see it! And get in the other car, or truck! That's what I think!
Gillespie: That's what you think!
Short pause. The back door of the hearse gets closed.
Gillespie: Quite a night, huh? First the kid disappears, then this! You're not leaving Salem's Lot, are you?
Ben: I'm not leaving! Don't
Gillespie keeps walking, while Ben gazes after him.
387 sec

30 Min
The dialogue between Ben and Susan in the home of her parents goes on:
Susan: It's only all just happened since...
Ben: Since I came here!
Susan: You didn't have anything to do with it! You didn't even know the Glick boys! Or Larry Crockett!
Ben: I met Larry Crockett! I did see the boys rehearsing for the school play! That's not what I'm thinking! You remember I came here to rent the Marsten-House?
Susan: Yeah!
Ben: Somehow I... I think that my coming here has acted as a kind of catalyst... awakening evil in this town!
Susan: That's...
Ben: Nonsense!
34 sec

31 Min
Mike is in the cemetery looking for his dog. He meets a colleague from work, who is just taking care of a grave, and he asks him, if he has seen his dog, but he tells him that he hasn’t. Mike walks away and calls for his dog, again. He stops suddenly upon seeing his dead dog lying there on the ground. Mike gapes at him in disbelief.
34 sec

35 Min
Gillespie: You learn something new every day!
Straker nods. Gillespie’s line was put over the next shot of him, in which he opens the front door, but it doesn’t quite fit, because his lips aren’t in sync with the words.
5 sec

35 Min
Gillespie talks on the phone in his office.
Gillespie: No, it is not a kidnap! The boy is missing! Probabled foul play! Yeah, I'd like to check a couple of feelers! The first is Benjamin Mears! Writer! The book is called "Aid Dancer"! And the other one is "Conwey's Daughter"! No, I haven't read them! I don't know if many have! The other two are sort of stapled together! There is a Richard K. Straker! No, I don't know what that stands for! And Kurt, with a "K," Barlow! Yes, S-T-R-A-K-E-R, and B-A-R-L-O-W! Any connection between Mears and the others? That's one of the things I want to find out! Gillespie hangs up.

Bill: I understand what you're saying, Ben! I'm not given to unscientific belief, but I will admit that there are many things that science hasn't yet answered! If ever! But I can't for the life of me understand any connection between Crockett's death and the Marsten-House!
Ben: He rented the house to them!
Bill: But he died of a heart attack!
Ben: You're sure of that?
Bill: Absolutely! The autopsy left no doubt whatsoever! None!
Ben: It could've happened at the Marsten-House and he was taken to the lake!
Bill: Let me tell you, the local gossip leans in a different direction!
Ben: All right, what about the Glick boys?
Bill: That could be something else!
Ben: What is wrong with Danny Glick?
Bill: We haven't completed our tests yet, but it could be, and I'm trusting you to keep this to yourself it could be pernicious anemia!!
Ben: Coming on overnight?
Bill: We don't know how sudden it is!
Ben: You don't really believe that!
Susan enters the room and asks Ben if he’s ready. She tells her father that they’re going to the movies in Bangor. Ben gets up and puts on his jacket.
Bill: Ben? Can I say something to you?
Susan: Don't make it to long, Dad! Susan leaves the house.
Bill: Now everybody knows that you and Susan were up at the lake!
Ben: Yeah! I want you to know!
Bill: You seem like a pretty nice fellow to me, and I think you respect Susan, and I believe she respects herself, but you could've been more discreet, alright?
Ben: Yeah!
149 sec

37 Min
The TV version shows Straker leaving his house and getting to his car, after Danny has been bitten by his brother in the hospital and the picture faded to black. After that, we see Straker driving in his car.
48 sec

37 Min
Straker’s driving through the city and parks at his shop. He gets out and takes two suits from the back. Then he’s walking to the front.
52 sec

39 Min
The conversation between Gillespie and Straker is longer:
Straker: Now, the suits! Don't forget! As soon as Crime Lab...
Gillespie: FBI! In Bangor!
Straker: And no damage, please! I want them back in excellent condition! And cleaned! Straker gets up from the chair and walks to the door.
Gillespie: I'll see to it!
Straker: Ciao! Thats Italian for...
Gillespie: I remember!
Straker: Goodbye, Constable!
Straker leaves the room. Then, Gillespie takes out a piece of cloth, which they found at the crime scene, from his desk. He compares it to the suit Straker left behind. After that, we see Straker crossing the street. Cully drives up in his car and the camera shows the inside of the car, where we see him and Bonnie, who has a bruise in her face. Then the camera goes back to Straker, who gazes after Cully and then enters his shop, where he puts up an "Opening Soon" sign.

Ben gazes out of the window. He takes off his glasses, looks pensively and looks at the Marsten house again. The scene fades to black and the movie continues in the cafe, where Susan’s sitting at the bar. Ben comes in and joins her.
Ben: Playing hooky?
Susan: No! It's my hour break of which exactly 26 minutes is left! I just wanted to say hello!
Ben: Hello!
Susan: My father asked you to be discreet!
Ben: I didn't tell you that!
Susan: No, he did! And he told me to go ahead and show my feelings!
Ben: Yeah, the man contradicts himself!
Susan: Well, Dad's a New Englander! He has been taught one thing, and feels another!
Ben: Classic conflict!
Susan: I have one too! I got a phone call this morning!
Ben: Ned?
Susan: Not that easy! From Boston! A job interview! They saw my portfolio! It will only be for two days!
The waitress wants to pour a cup of coffee for Ben, but he doesn’t want coffee.
Ben: So it's off to Boston!
Susan: It's not that far!
Ben: When do you leave?
Susan: Tomorrow after class! Can you come with me?
Ben: Danny Glick's funeral is tomorrow! I want to stay for that!
Susan: Why?
Ben: I just need to be there! I wish you weren't going!
Susan: Me, too! I have to!
Ben: Where are you staying?
Susan: With a friend! A girlfriend! I'll give you the number if you'd like!
Ben: Yeah, okay!
Susan: It's only an interview! If I get the job, I wouldn't have to start until June! That's not so bad, is it?
Ben: Well, I guess it'll have to do!
Scene change: a few cars are driving on the driveway of the cemetery.
243 sec

40 Min
The people are leaving in their cars after the funeral is over. We see Mike taking a shovel from his car and walking over to Danny’s open grave. He stands there for a while and finally pours some dirt onto Danny’s coffin.
54 sec

40 Min
Mike takes some more dirt and puts it on the coffin. After that, he thrusts the shovel back into the pile.
8 sec

40 Min
Longer shot of Mike at the grave. Then a scene change to Ben and Burke in the car:
Burke: Have plans for tonight?
Ben: More or less! Susan's gone to Boston!
Burke: I heard!
Ben: I hope she gets it!
Burke: Do you?
Ben: Whatever is best!
Burke: Should I believe that?
Ben: Not entirely, but that's what I want to feel!
Again back to Mike, who pours another shovel full of dirt onto the coffin.
38 sec

41 Min
There are two additional shots of Mike standing at Danny’s open grave and looking down onto the coffin.
8 sec

42 Min
Ben drives down the road towards the city. Then we see him making a phone call in his room.
Ben: Everything is all right? I'm glad I stayed! How about the job? Tomorrow? So when are you coming home? Friday! Well, there's really not much point, is there! No! Tonight I'm having dinner with Jason Burke! Just Jason and me! I miss you too! Bye!
He hangs up and we see Eva in the background.
Eva: Ned Tibbets was around here today, fixing a toilet and threatening to fix you! I just thought I'd tell you! You're a nice guy! I'd hate to see you get all busted up!
Ben: Thanks!

It continues in Mark’s room. He’s sitting at his desk coloring a figure. He hears his parents fighting downstairs and looks at his door. Then he gets back to coloring.
102.5 sec

44 Min
At the police station. Deputy Gardner making a phone call.
Gardner: Okay! That's it? Thanks!
He hangs up, while Gillespie enters.
Gardner: Hi! Just had FBI, Boston on the phone! Run down on Ben Mears, Straker and Barlow!
Gillespie: What did they say?
Gardner: Straker is British by birth! Fifty-eight years old! Applied for extended visa 18 months ago! No criminal record at all!
Gillespie: Barlow?
Gardner: Born in Germany! Left in 20s before Hitler! Naturalized British! Changed his name from Brikin!
Gillespie: Anything else?
Gardner: Been in the import-export business with Straker since 1943! He travels alone! Seems to keep to himself! Straker's the one who stays in front! Has he shown up yet?
Gillespie: Barlow?
Gardner: Yeah!
Gillespie: No! What about Mears?
Gardner: He was born here, in Salem's Lot! Left at the age of 10! His wife died in an automobile accident two years ago! He's a left-winger! Against nuclear power, stuff like that!
Gillespie: No record?
Gardner: Travels a lot!
Gillespie: No connection between Mears and the other two?
Gardner: Wouldn't say so!
Gillespie: Then why is he so interested in the Marsten-House? And why did they buy it? There's a connection, I'm telling you!
90 sec

45 Min
Burke still wants to know if Mike took any drugs. He then says that he’s just not feeling too well.
5 sec

45 Min
Mike: First, I found my dog dead! And then, there was the funeral yesterday!
9.5 sec

45 Min
Mike keeps babbling about strange stuff and downs his drink.
33 sec

48 Min
There’s one additional shot of vampire Danny and one of Mark, after Mark has refused to open the window, in front of which Danny is floating.
4.5 sec

49 Min
Mark, lying in bed, is longer looking at the cross in his hand. Suddenly, his father Ted yanks the door open, which startles Mark; he hides the cross under the blanket.
Ted: Son, are you awake?
Mark: Yeah, kind of!
Ted: Did you have a bad dream?
Mark: Maybe! I don't remember!
Ted: You called out in your sleep!
Mark: I'm sorry!
Ted: Do you want anything?
Mark: No!
Ted: Good night, then!
Mark: Good night, Dad!
Mark takes the cross out again and looks at it, after his father has turned off the light and closed the door.
67 sec

49 Min
Mike is standing in the middle of the room; bite marks are visible on his neck. There’s a knock on the door and Mike asks the person in. Burke opens the door and comes in.
Burke: I hope these will be all right! He hands Mike a shirt. Burke: Turn your head, Mike! This way! Mike turns his head sideways and Burke points at the bite marks. Burke: Where did you get these marks?
Mike: I don't know!
Burke goes to the window and closes it.
Burke: Call me in the night if you want anything! Anything! Even if you have a bad dream! Will you be sure to do that?
Mike: Yes!
Burke: Anything, I mean it! Burke goes to the door and says: I'll be right down the hall! He leaves the room and closes the door.
Mike: I will!
He puts on the shirt and sits down on the bed.

Ben’s typing something on the typewriter. Then, he looks out of the window towards the Marsten house. After that, a scene change to Burke, who is lying in his bed, tossing and turning.
148.5 sec

50 Min
Next scene: Eva knocks on Ben’s bedroom door and tells him that there’s someone on the phone who wants to talk with him. Ben says he`ll be right there and opens the door shortly afterwards.
Ben: What, is it long distance?
Eva: No, it's Jason Burke!
Ben: What time is it?
Eva: It's a little after 4:00! Mr. Burke sounds very upset!
Ben puts on a bath robe and comes out. They both go downstairs.
19 sec

51 Min
When Ben and Burke want to go to Mike, they are shown ascending the stairs before.
10 sec

52 Min
Burke: Do you think I'm crazy?
Ben: No!
Burke: Do you believe me about the marks?
Ben: I guess I'll have to! But where does that put us, Jason?
Burke: It puts us in the position where we have to do something!
Ben: Could he have died of a virus or something?
Burke: The window, the marks on his neck, and I heard invite someone into the room! That terrible laughter!
Ben: Do you know what will happen to you if we whisper a word of what hust told me?
Burke: Right!
Ben: Funny old duck living alone! How can we trust to teach our children? I can't help you Jason! I saw a body! Nothing else! And I'm an outside! A writer! A crazy!
Burke: If we do nothing!
Ben: There is something we can do! We can check this all out! Call Dr. Norton! Call the constable!
Burke: Let the machinery take over!
Ben: Don't even tell Dr. Norton he's dead!
Burke: Not dead!
Ben: But how do we know he is? Let the medical people check it out! Let them find the cause of death!
75 sec

54 Min
Eva is in the kitchen, ironing. Ben enters.
Ben: Good morning, Eva!
Eva: I heard! Awful! Poor Mike!
Ben: I'm tired! I'll just have a cup of coffee and get some sleep!
Eva: Why in the world did Mr. Burke want that crucifix?
Ben: Maybe he thought that Mike Ryerson was Catholic!
Eva: He should've known better! He had Mike in school! All his people were Lutherans! Looks like you'll miss the opening!
Ben: What opening?
Eva: Those antique fellas!
Ben: Straker?
Eva: Yeah, him and the other fellow!
Ben: Did that other fellow ever show up?
Eva: I don't know about that! All I know is they're opening the store today!
61.5 sec

61 Min
There are more cuts between Burke and vampire Mike. Mike repeatedly tells Burke to look at him.
19 sec

62 Min
Burke, having problems with his heart, staggers out into the hallway and goes into his room, where he collapses on his bed. He reaches out for the phone, but he can’t reach it.
43 sec

63 Min
Henry’s in the bathroom and freshens himself up. He hears a sound from downstairs and calls for his wife Majorie. After that, he goes downstairs and walks into the kitchen. He finds Majorie lying motionless on the floor. He runs to her, calls for her and puts her up a bit.
Henry: What is it? What are you saying? Marge, I'll call a doctor!
Majorie: No!
Henry: You sure?
Majorie: I'm okay!
Henry: I want Dr. Norton to see you!
Majorie: No! I'm weak! Real weak!
Henry: You haven't been sleeping ever since!
Majorie: I've been dreaming about him! About Danny!
Henry: That's natural! It's all right!
Majorie: He comes back and he says "Mommy, I'm so glad to be home! He says he's my baby! My baby!
83 sec

65 Min
Ben is standing a little bit longer at the hospital bed of Burke, who’s in a coma. Then, he leaves the room and joins Susan.
Ben: Do you know the priest of St. Jude's?
Susan: Father Callahan?
The two are going to see Father Callahan.

An exterior view of the church follows. After that, Callahan, Ben and Susan in the church.
Callahan: But I'm an agent of the Holy Catholic Church! The overall concept of evil in the Catholic Church has undergone a radical chance in this century! Evil with a small "E!"
Ben: Satan with a small tail! Witches, incubi?
Susan: Vampires?
Ben: In Salem's Lot!
Susan: Haven't you noticed anything out of the way, peculiar?
Callahan: The Malloys weren't at mass this morning! Mrs. Malloy never misses! Mrs. Glick! But she's suffered a terrible blow!
Ben: Ned Tibbets! Mike Ryerson!
81 sec

70 Min
Ben is longer fixing up the cross.
5 sec

70 Min
Ben looks at the clock. Next is a shot of Majorie’s body covered up on a stretcher.
6 sec

72 Min
An additional close up of Majorie, who has turned into a vampire; she hisses at Ben.
3.5 sec

72 Min
At this point, there are more shots of Majorie and of Ben, holding up his self-made cross.
7 sec

73 Min
The empty stretcher is shown at the end of the scene.
3 sec

73 Min
The conversation between Ben and Bill in the car is longer:
Ben: I called a friend of mine in San Francisco! He's turned on to the occult! He says that we have to get to Barlow during the day before sunset in his coffin and drive a stake through his heart!
Bill: How about Straker?
Ben: Straker's human! He's mortal!
28 sec

75 Min
Ben is on the road. He stops at a police station and gets out of the car. Cut to the police station which he's entering at very moment. Deputy Gardner is relaxing in his chair, Ben approaches him.
Ben: Where's Gillespie?
Gardner: Parkins called in sick! This is the first day he's been off the job ever!
Ben: Are you all right?
Gardner: A little tired! I didn’t sleep much last night! I was dreaming! Funny! Dreaming about Ned coming to see me!
Bens hurries out. Then another shot of Gardner who watches him leave.
Gardner: It was a funny dream!

Susan walks over to Ben's house and rings the bell. When no one responds, she opens the door and enters. She goes upstairs to Ben's room. When she approaches his desk in order to check the paper in his typewriter, the door behind her opens and Eva comes in.
Eva: He may have gone into town!
Susan: You look pale! Are you all right?
Eva: Just tired! She looks exhausted and sits.
Eva: I dreamed all night! All night! Sweet, sweet dreams! Weasel! Young! Just like old times! Kissing me on my neck! Oh Weasel!
Susan: Maybe you better go lie down!
Eva: Yes, I will!
Eva gets up and heads to the door. She turns around to Susan, then she leaves. Susan watches her leave, she's obviously irritated by her behavior. She turns her head to thw window and looks at the Marsten House.

The Movie Version contains another scene which will also be in the TV Version later on:

Gillespie intends to leave town with his family. The car is already surrounded by suitcases and other things and he's putting it in the car piece by piece. Then Ben shows up in his car, he stops at Gillespie's the driveway. He gets out and rushes over to Gillespie because he can't believe what is happening.
Ben: Where you going?
Gillespie: South Carolina! To visit relatives!
Ben (wütend): You can't do that! He's up there, in the house!
Gillespie: Who?
Ben: Barlow! He's a vampire! He's got to be destroyed! Gillespie laughs.
Ben: What the hell is so funny?
Gillespie: You're crazy! There's no such thing!
Ben: Then what do you say is happening?
Gillespie: I don't know! Craziness!
Ben: You're scared!
Gillespie: I'm not staying!
Ben: You're the constable!
Gillespie: Was!
Ben: Running?
Gillespie: Running! And you're staying? You're staying! All right, since you're staying, come here! Gillespie hurries to his squad car.
Gillespie: Come here, will you? Ben goes to him and Gillespie gives his gun to him.
Gillespie: Maybe this'll do you some good!
His wife honks. Gillespie goes to his car, gets in and drives off in a hurry.
Ben yells after him: This town's falling apart and you're running?
Ben watches Gillespie drive off.
Movie Version: 84 sec
TV Version: 262 sec

78 Min
Additional shot of Susan approaching the Marsten House.
6 sec

85 Min
Now the scene of Gillespie leaving with his family while Ben arrives and tries to talk him out of it. In the Movie Version, the scene started a little earlier though. Furthermore, one can see Ben getting back to his car after Gillespie is gone. Then Ben drives off, too. Subsequently a cut to Mark being tied to a chair in the basement. He tries to get free.
118 sec

86 Min
Extended shot of Ben and Bill in the car, coming closer to the Marsten House.
8 sec

100 Min
Further shot of the Marsten House burning down.
3 sec

100 Min
Another shot of it.
4 sec

100 Min
Ben's conversation with Mark in the car is longer:
Ben: It will purify Salem's Lot! And the others will be on the run! And on the hunt!
Mark: For us?
Ben: For us!
8 sec

101 Min
The entire ending is missing in the Movie Version! When the Marsten House is burning down, it cuts to the moon where the face of the leader of the vampires appears. Then the end credits.
The TV Version continues after the shot of the burning Marsten House: shot of the moon in the sky plus a distance shot of the church. There's an information at the bottom of the screen as well: "Ximico - Guatemala / Two years later". Now we're inside the church, Ben and Mark are praying. Subsequently, Mark fills two little bottles with holy water and gives them to Ben who puts the one in his bag. When he wants to put in the second one, a little bright light appears in the middle of the it which is a sign for vampires being nearby. Mark comes closer and looks at the bottle in Ben's hand.
Ben: They found us again! Another one has found us!
Mark: We have to go further!
Ben: Not yet!
Then the light disappears.

Ben and Mark on their way to a shed, then they go in. Mark goes to the back. Ben follows him and passes him the bottle with holy water which starts to glow again. Then Ben goes to the room next door and finds Susan lying in a bed. He approaches her.
Susan: I found you!
Ben: I know!
Susan: I love you!
Ben: Yes!
Susan: You were so difficult to find!
Ben puts down his bag and goes on his knees.
Ben: I know!
Susan: But we're together now! We'll always be together! We'll always be young! We'll love each other! Forever! That is his promise!
Ben: Forever?
Susan: Forever!
Susan opens her eyes but she's no longer human. Ben is terrified because he didn't expect it.
Susan: Kiss me!
Ben slowly moves his head in her direction. Susan twines her arm around him. Her head is coming closer to his neck, her mouth is open. But she doesn't get to bite him because he stakes her. Susan screams real loud. Ben pushes the stake in deeper and starts weeping in the process. After he took her life, he returns to Mark..
Ben: There'll be others!
Mark: Do we go now?
They pick up a few things and leave. Then a tracking shot to the moon with the vampire's face on it, night sky footage included. Now, the end credits begin.
Movie Version: 79 sec
TV Version: 459 sec