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Young Master, The

original title: Shi di chu ma


  • Regular HK Version
  • Taiwanese Alternate Version
Release: Aug 16, 2015 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
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HK Version longer
78:25-79:51 / 76:44

As compensation, the Taiwanese Version now lacks a longer scene with a lot of nonsense with Dragon in women's clothes.

+ 86.3 sec

Taiwanese Version longer
81:33 / 78:26-82:02

After San Kung arrested the bodyguards, there is a huge block with several scenes. Worth pointing out is the more comprehensible presentation of Dragon executing his exchange plan (Tiger vs Kam).

At first, San Kung questions the present villagers and Yuen Biao enters the premise. They argue and fun is being made of the fact that San Kung's announcement made them tie themselves up.
When San Kung leaves, the store owner asks for a refund and for pressing charges.

Then Dragon and Tiger at the teahouse. They are arguing with the waiter. Dragon asks for the check but Tiger is quicker. Then Dragon shows his cuffs to Tiger who tells him to hide them. In the end, he can be talked into trying them on himself - because after all, the cuffs are custom-made.
During the further conversation, Dragon upsets Tiger with a statement he whispers into his ear which attracts the other guests' attention. By impersonating an officer of the law, he manages to calm everyone down.

Continuation of the previous conversation between San Kung and the store owner: at the police station, they take a look at the sketch which looks a lot like Sammo Hung. Up next, Siu "Drunken Master" Tin Yuen is the topic of the conversation but they come to the conclusion that the unsub must have been younger.

Subsequently, Dragon and Tiger (still wearing the ankle shackle) enter - the store owner recognizes him. He suggests a deal: San Kung lets Tiger go if Dragon delivers Kam as a quid pro pro. San Kung refuses resp. he believes that Tiger catching Dragon was the duty of any upstanding citizen.

216.3 sec (= 3:36 min) in total
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