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Young Master, The

original title: Shi di chu ma


  • Regular HK Version
  • Taiwanese Alternate Version
Release: Aug 16, 2015 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the Regular Hong Kong Version and the Taiwanese Alternate Version (both available on the Japanese Blu-ray re-release by Twin / Paramount - among others, the Regular HK Version is available on the German and the HK Blu-ray)

34 differences, devided into
- 15 additional scenes in the Taiwanese Version
- 16 additional scenes in the HK Version
- 3 Recuts

Length difference: 85.2 sec (= 1:25 min)
* Additional footage in the Taiwanese Version: 332,3 sec (= 5:32 min)
* Additional footage in the HK Version: 415,5 sec (= 6:55 min)

A few jump cuts with a length of less than 0.5 sec have not been considered in the following comparison.


A lot has already been written about Jackie Chan's first work for Golden Harvest Studios on our site, e.g. in the comparison to the old Export Version which was available in the US and the UK as VHS, among others. This version is approx. 20 minutes cut (basically minor cuts for pace reasons but also 10 minutes of the incredibly long final fight) but it also contains three scenes missing in the Regular HK Version - for more details, please see our separate comparison.

In Bey Logan's audio commentary, more detailed implications of Jackie Chan's original 3-hour-version are revealed. This version has never been released though. At least, die-hard fans are already aware of an actual Alternate Version on a VHS in Taiwan. This version is also cut (there is no version available that contains the entire footage!) but it also contains 5.5 minutes of exclusive footage.

However, this version is very rare but with the Japanese re-release on Blu-ray from 11/26/2014 the situation has changed because this rare version is available in the bonus section. Without this very Blu-ray, the following cmoparison would not have been possible in the first place. Certainly, it is a 1:1 transfer from the above-mentioned VHS but it is something and the hardcoded English subtitles make this version for an international audience.

The Taiwanese Alternate Version

For starters, the rather uninteresting part: almost 7 minutes of the Regular HK Version are missing in the Taiwanese Version. Admittedly, most of the footage are rather minor parts from longer scenes. But then again, this also regards fights / artistic action such as the scene with the fan. But for quality reasons, one would only watch the version because of the additional footage anyway. For that matter, this aspect is only being illustrated by very few screenshots and cursive texts.
Gehen wir also gleich weiter zum zusätzlichen Material der Taiwan-Fassung.

Moving on to the additional footage of the Taiwanese Version. On the one hand, there are several small additions. A little comment by Jackie here, a failed bench trick there - nothing spectacular but still nice. Sometimes, they even reveal little continuity errors resp. there now is an explanation why for instance Jackie has lost his pants and stuff like that. All in all, quite useful footage.

Furthermore, there are a few longer additional scenes at the end of the movie resp. there is a huge block of scenes with a length of appro. 3.5 minutes which also explains that Dragon takes Tiger to San Kung in restraint in order to make a deal. Moreover, there are further references to successful HK movies and actors of the time (also the case during another small extended scene). There are also 20 additional seconds during the final fight that really should not have been removed from other versions.

All in all, the new footage is quite interesting, especially for genre fans. It would not hurt if that footage was also in the Regular Version because it explains why there are some plotholes in the other versions. The bottom line is if you are really interested in that kind of stuff, this version is highly recommendable. The average viewer still tries to get the Regular Version though because it is accessible much easier.

Additional Information About the Japanese Version

The third and actual main version on the Japanese Blu-ray is the Japanese Version and it is really worth mentioning. Contrary to many other Japanese releases, it is highly recommendable for an international for two reasons:

Complete English audio track in the form of the high-end and rare original dub by Golden Harvest (including the different score).
Contrary to any other Blu-ray with the Fortune Star master, this version is in true HD and has the correct framing while the heads are often cut off in the Fortune Star versions.

With a length of 99 minutes, this version is shorter than the Regular HK Version which is why a single comparison was planned. It did not happen though because the differences are already documented in a way: it is a hybrid of the Export and the Regular HK Version. The final fight is uncut, any previous cuts are identical to the Export Version.

HERE are a few uncompressed screenshots of this HD master.

Time index refers to
Regular Hong Kong Version on the Japanese Blu-ray / Taiwanese Alternate Version on the Japanese Blu-ray
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Taiwanese Version longer
02:42 / 02:42-02:44

The camera pans to the old man (Ah Suk) with a short dialog during.

2.7 sec

HK Version longer
02:43-03:28 / 02:46

Subsequently, the Taiwanese Version lacks a longer part of the preparation for the Dragon fight.

+ 45.6 sec

HK Version longer
03:31-03:52 / 02:48

Same here.

+ 20.4 sec

HK Version longer
04:24-04:30 / 03:20

And one more time before the show begins.

+ 6.6 sec

HK Version longer
11:59-12:00 / 10:49

Jump cut in the Taiwanese Version: actually, Dragon opens the door a brief moment earlier.

+ 0.8 sec

Taiwanese Version longer
15:06 / 13:55-13:59

After Tiger pushed Dragon outside, only the Taiwanese Version shows him out there. He leaves clueless and starts singing "Me & my gal".

4.2 sec

The following shot of the master arriving at the backyard starts 1 sec earlier in the HK Version.

HK Version longer
24:09-24:20 / 23:01

In the Regular Version, one of the students stands in front of the bird box. He goes to the other students earlier as well.

+ 10.8 sec

29:04-32:30 bzw 36:54 / 27:45 bzw 32:08-35:02

After Dragon left the school, he instantaneously gets a job at the competition. The fat guy (Bull) is being made look like a fool - especially with Jackie's fan.

In the Taiwanese Version, the scenes has been cut and re-inserted later: after freeing the boss, it can be enjoyed there (please see the colored box) in a slightly shortened way.

HK Version longer
30:47-31:03 / 33:51

A small part of the artistic fight has been removed from the Taiwanese Version.

+ 16.3 sec

HK Version longer
31:19-31:34 / 34:07

More missing action.

+ 15.5 sec

HK Version longer
33:36-33:37 / 28:51

Slightly extended shot of the master (Kam). His legs are twitching. Probably a jump cut.

+ 0.6 sec

HK Version longer
39:15-39:23 / 37:23

A few moments of Dragon blocking the sword attacks in a playful way are missing in the Taiwanese Version.

+ 8.4 sec

47:07-47:10 bzw 47:37-47:38 / 45:07-45:08 bzw 45:35-45:38

In the Regular HK Version, San Kung makes a short comment about using a bench. In the Taiwanese Version, he simply laughs.

A brief moment later, Dragon has grabbed the bench as well: now the two different takes of San Kung have been re-instered.

Combined with the following difference and the difference in between, the footage has a different impact. While it seems as if San Kung is only surprised by the bench of his son in the Regular Version, he is surprised about the fact that Dragon uses a bench as well in the Taiwanese Version.

no difference

Alternate / Taiwanese Version longer
47:30-47:33 / 45:28-45:31

Whilw San Kung's son ("Fourth Brother" resp. Yuen Biao) also finishes his stunt with the bench in the Regular HK Version, the Taiwanese Version cuts to Dragon earlier. He tries to swing the bench around his head as elegant as Biao did, he can't do it resp. he just looks stupid.
Thisalso explains why he attacks snottily and roughly in the remaining part of the scene.

Taiwanese Version 0.3 sec longer

HK VersionTaiwanese Version

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