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Drunken Master 2 (aka The Legend Of Drunken Master)

original title: Jui kuen II


  • US DVD
  • Chinese DVD
Release: May 25, 2010 - Author: Mr. White - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the cut US DVD by Buena Vista/Dimension and the uncut Chinese DVD by Thakral.

There are three different versions of "The Legend of Drunken Master":
1. International version (e.g. DE DVD/UK DVD/HK DVD)
2. US version (e.g. US DVD/BluRay)
3. Uncut (e.g. China DVD/Hongkong Laserdisc)

About the different audio tracks/ dubbings:
The US DVD features the so-called "US Synchronisation".
The HK DVD contains the English audio but with the original music.
The Chinese DVD offers both original audio and score.

The US DVD has been cut by one scene.
1 cut = 37,8 seconds.

The US version is approx. 40 seconds longer than the international version and 37,8 seconds shorter than the original movie.
Because of the different logos and the extended ending credits the US DVD runs longer than the Chinese one.
US / China

0:00:00 - 0:00:12 / -
The US DVD starts with the Dimension logo, the Chinese DVD only shows a black screen.
US-DVD 12,4 sec longer

0:00:31 - 0:00:44 / 0:18
After the Golden Harvest logo, the US version features a black screen and then a prologue showing text.
US-DVD 13,2 sec longer

0:00:44 - 0:05:49/ 0:18 - 0:05:10
The names of the crew and cast are either spelled in English or Chinese, depending on the version.

0:04:01 / 0:04:56
The title overlay is in English on the US DVD, the Chinese DVD shows it in both Chinese and English (but a little bit later).

1:39:36 - 1:39:39 / 1:39:02
After the picture has been taken there is a still frame in the US version and the ending credits fade in.
US-DVD 3,7 sec longer

1:39:39 / 1:39:02 - 1:39:39
Cut in the US DVD:
After the picture has been taken the attending people want to watch the son exercising. Jackie Chan makes a grimace and pretends to be retarded.

This scene has been cut because it was considered crude towards disabled people.
37,8 sec

1:41:44 - 1: 42:29/ 1:41:44 - 1:41:55
The Chinese DVD ends the ending credtis and the outtakes with a still picture. The US DVD fades the background to black instead and the ending credits roll on. The names of the people involved are in either English or Chinese, depending on the version.
US-DVD 24 sec longer