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Arizona Colt


  • Thai DVD
  • German DVD
Release: Jun 07, 2011 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the German DVD by Movie Power and the Thai DVD by XXX.

About the movie:

The bandit Gordo Watch and his gang rob a prison to recruit new members for the gang. Those who do not join them and have an S burned on their arm are shot. Arizona Colt is one of the inmates and thanks to his deceitfulness and his quick hand with the Colt he manages to not become a member of the gang. Gordo plans to rob a village and smuggles one of his men among the villagers. When he kills the bartender Dolores Arizona gets the job to find the murderer...

Pretty good spaghetti-western from Michele Lupo with Giuliano Gemma in the leading role. In 1970 a sequel was produced called "Arizona si scateno...e li fece fuori tutti" it was directed by Sergio Martino.

About the versions:

Up to this point there are three relevant DVD releases of the movie: the German DVD from Movie Power, the US-DVD from Wild East and a French DVD from Seven7. In Thailand the movie was released on DVD, too, but here, the French DVD was used as the master. The German DVD is the best release up to this point. Unfortunately, during the finale two scenes with a combined running time of 12 seconds and also another scene of the pastor killing a bandit are missing. The scene with the pastor is only present in the Thai/French DVD but apart from that the German DVD is far superior to the other releases. The US-DVD from Wild East is probably a direct copy from a filmreel. The image quality is far from being perfect, there are filmtears and a couple of censorship cuts. However, it is interesting that the US version contains several alternative scenes. The French/Thai DVD is shortened heavily and offers a quality that is a little worse than that of the German DVD.

Check out the comparison between the US DVD by Wild East and the German DVD by Moviepower.

Thanks to Frankie for providing the German DVD.
Image comparison:

German DVD:

Thai DVD:


Running times:

German DVD: 111:20 min (PAL)
Thai DVD: 98:02 min (NTSC)

Both version run with the same amout of fps despite the norm difference (NTSC / PAL).

Missing shot of the laughing bandits. Then a shot of two further soldiers getting shot.

German: 2 sec


Some more soldiers get shot. Gordo orders to ride to jail. Then the missing beginning of the assault. Some soldiers get themselves killed, Whisky is involved in the shootout as well.

German: 21 sec


Arizona looks around. Soldiers get shot and Whisky hides in the fountain.

German: 15 sec


Gordo tells the freed prisoners how he got his watch and makes a boast about the fact that he's wanted.

German: 1:00 min


The shot of Gordo shooting the prisoner is missing. The Thai Version continues with him asking whether the others are in or not.

German: 22 sec


The poker game continues. Arizona gets deeply involved, offers 100 bucks and wins with 4 aces against a flush. The Thai Version continues with the shot of Gordo immediately.

German: 2:22 min


Gordo kills one of the bank costumers. A further costumer gets killed by another bandit

German: 2 sec


Gordo complains about his plumb expenses at the counter and shoots another customer.

German: 20 sec


Parts of the shootout are missing.

German: 17 sec


Gordo randomly kills another customer.

German: 9 sec


Gordo kills another cowboy.

German: 5 sec


Same here.

German: 7 sec


Ditto but this time he kills two people. He looks around and notices another one.

German: 25 sec


The entire scene of Gordo shooting Arizona's hands in pieces is missing.

German: 12 sec


Whisky suggests to Arizona to leave town because the residents were already looking at him in a strange way and because he was also afraid that Gordo might show up. Arizona is not very amused and proposes to stick around. Whisky agrees.

German: 1:28 min


Arizona and Whiskey determine the ruin. Arizona says no one knew they were there but they don't know that they're being watched by Jane.

German: 40 sec


Whisky takes the gun and aims at Glocke but he misses. Arizona gives it another shot and hits.

German: 39 sec


Gordo kills the cowboy. Cut to Gordo and his gang members, who start laughing.

German: 20 sec


Jumpcut in the German Version: the padre also makes the sign of a cross.

Thai: 2 sec


Footage missing in the other version.


The Thai Version lacks a lot of the assault scene. Several participants get shot.


One of the bandits dug himself in a car. The padre shoots him and extinguishes a candle.

German: 42 sec
Thai: 12 sec


Whisky announces he was going to go to the village and fight, Arizona remains. He looks at the dough, his hands and thinks.

German: 1:10 min


Gordo laughts, then a cut to Whisky's carbonized body.

German: 5 sec


The German Version lacks the death of one of Gordo's men.

Thai: 3 sec


Parts of the shootout between Gordo and Arizona in the shed are missing.

German: 26 sec


Whisky is lying in bed with a patched up arm. He's being taken care of by the villagers.

German: 50 sec