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Vikings: Season 5 Vol 2


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Two Evil Eyes



  • Thai DVD
  • Director's Cut
Release: Sep 06, 2010 - Author: magiccop - Translator: Dr. McNinja - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the cut Thai DVD by Mangpong and the uncut German DVD by I-ON New Media (FSK 16)

Dead/Undead is a low-budget amateur horror film which tries to follow in the steps of the cult classic "Evil Dead". The producer was anxious to mention that shooting took place in the same woods as the original. However, the final product did not profit from this at all.
The film shows lots of splatter scenes such as gutting and dissection of bodies and squashed eyeballs. Nevertheless, the film wants to be seen as a funsplatter. The German version represents a director's cut: The epilogue was reshot years later.
The Thai version is based upon the normal version. However, two scenes displaying some "naked truths" were censored.
00:00 The Thai DVD sets in a bit earlier.
+ 1 sec.

24:06 When Lewis tells the horror story, the Thai version misses three short shots of the vampires.
3.7 sec.

73:24 The Thai version ends with Eli and Alice driving off with the camper. In the director's cut, or the German DVD resp., some closing credits are following, until one suddenly reads "2 years later..."
Subsequently a longer epilogue ensues. One sees a mummed person limping along. On closer inspection, one can observe that he (a demon, that is) carries a severed arm holding an amulet. After a while, the demon turns around to an approaching car.

The camper pulls up and Eli gets out. He swirls a baseball bat and just as he is about to hit the demon with it, the latter tosses the severard arm at him and makes off. In a side street, Eli catches up with him and wipes him out. At that, the amulet is thrown up in the air and Eli catches it.

Suddenly, the demon grabs Eli from behind and a little fight ensues, in course of which the demon recaptures the amulet and clears away.

After that, one sees Eli in an abandoned hall. As he looks around, the demon suddenly appears in front of him. Some fighting scenes are following, which Eli, at the start, is able to win.

Then, he sweeps the unconscious demon for the amulet. When he has found and pocketed it, the demon awakes, grabs Eli and slings him away. Several fighting scenes follow, in which the demon, among other things, tries to kick Eli. Eli, however, can manage to dodge and counterattack. Now Eli finishes the demon once and for all and squeezes him against a pillar. He tells him furiously that the amulet had brought him nothing but misery.

Suddenly, a voice is heard and several men in suits appear. Meanwhile, the demon makes off. The men talk mystical stuff about demons. Eli does not quite know what to make of this, until they explain to him that he should help them to Alice, thus enabling them to kill the superdemon.

As Eli asks how to do this, two people are being led in, who are supposed to be his guides. When looking at them more closing, Eli (and the viewer) notices that they are Ricky and Maxwell. However, the two of them are zombies now and just fool around. One of them pulls a tree limb out of the other's head, whereupon lots of blood squirts from the wound. The go on clowning around some more, while the others watch speechlessly. At the end, Eli says: "Wait a minute? Where is Carlton?". Then, the closing credits set in.

Total cut duration 513.6 sec.

77:47 During the closing credits, the shot of a naked vampire from 24:06 is missing again.
3.7 sec.