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To Live and Die in L.A






Erotic Rites of Frankenstein, The

original title: Maldición de Frankenstein, La


  • Spanish Version (X-Rated)
  • NL VHS
Release: Jun 02, 2010 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Matar - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the X-rated DVD and the NL tape of Sunrise.

There are two different versions of Franco’s interpretation of the Frankenstein story. A shorter one with about 71 minutes and a Spanish version which runs 11 minutes longer.
It is often said that the longer (Spanish) version is the original cut version of the film, but this is to be doubted.

The Spanish version contains some scenes with Lina Romay as gipsy woman who is under Cagliostro’s influence. These scenes are very autonomic and do not really fit in the rest of the plot. Only with the help of an ominous voice they managed to establish reference to the plot (resp. to Cagliostro). Above all, these scenes seem to be irrelevant filling material.
Additionally, it seems that this material was reshot later. The forest in where they filmed might be the same as in Female Vampire. So one can assume that these scenes were shot during the filming of Female Vampire.

Furthermore, the full nude scenes are missing in the Spanish version.

Either they were replaced by alternative scenes where the actors are dressed, or they were completely deleted. This is not surprising then at that time nude scenes were forbidden in Spain. In order to release the film on the Spanish market, they had to shoot these alternative scenes. One can come upon the same principle in miscellaneous Naschy films.
These alternative scenes were shot with the same actors and probably at the same time as the rest of the material.

By Mondo Erotico one could read: "None of the sources I consulted mentions Franco shooting softer variants of these scenes." Whether Franco shot these scenes by his own stays a secret. From time to time one can see a naked breast and even the transitions to the alternative scenes seem that the version with the nude scenes is the actual version which has been shot.

The shorter version containing nudity seems to be Franco's director's cut. Actually it is the better cut of the movie. The nudity spices up the whole movie and due to the fact that the redundant scenes with Lina Romay are missing the movie gains a lot more tempo.

Unfortunatelly, the X-Rated DVD only offers the Spanish version.

The first runtime belongs to the X-Rated version, the second one to the NL tape.

Scenes which are contained in the X-Rated but missing in the NL version are coloured red. Scenes which are contained in the NL but missing in the X-Rated are coloured green. Alternative scenes are coloured blue whereas the image to the left belongs to the X-Rated and the image on the right belongs to the NL version.


X-Rated: 81:48 Min. (PAL)
NL VHS: 70:30 Min. (PAL)

Comparison of different Versions by Mondo Erotico

The Erotic Rites of Frankenstein

Erotic Rites of Frankenstein (Go, UK)
= 70m32s (at 25 fps)

Curse of Frankenstein (VML, Holland)
= 70m32s (at 25 fps)

La maldicion de Frankenstein (Major, Spain)
= 81m52s (at 25 fps)

La maldicion de Frankenstein (Divisa, Spain)
= 81m08s (at 25 fps)

The English language and English language Dutch tape runs 70 minutes 32 seconds and seems to represent the film in the form Franco intended. The older Spanish (Major) video release runs 81 minutes 51 seconds and removes all the nudity, partly through cutting, but mostly by using 'clothed' takes - it's odd to see the notorious scene in which a man and a woman are whipped until they fall onto spikes in a non-nude variant. None of the sources I consulted mentions Franco shooting softer variants of these scenes.

The Spanish version also adds a complete subplot in which Lina Romay plays a peasant called Esmeralda. There are 5 extra scenes, with a total running time of 17 minutes 29 seconds. These scenes were apparently filmed some time after the original release. The forest through which Lina Romay walks at the beginning of FEMALE VAMPIRE can also be glimpsed in this new footage, so these reshoots were probably done during the filming of FEMALE VAMPIRE.

The newer Spanish (Divisa) version runs 81 minutes 7 seconds, and is identical to the previous release, except for the omission of a single 44 second shot of Romay 51 minutes 14 seconds in. This print is also cropped on all 4 sides of the screen and is incredibly grainy.

Compared by Brad Stevens


The X-rated offers an intro.

57 Sec.


Alternative scene when Melissa enters the castle. The NL version shows this scene with more nudity.

X-Rated: 22 Sec.
NL: 31 Sec.



Cagliostro enters the room. On a bed there are two naked girls. They grab after him but he tells them, he does not need them anymore and calls the warden. A man appears and takes the girls away.

The next scene shows Cagliostro who walks towards Melissa. He tells her that she can see a lot even though she is blind.

1:04 Min.


There is only an alternative scene between Cagliostro and Melissa who wears more clothes.

52 Sec.

The versions run parallel when both can be seen in a close-up.


Pan shot over the countryside. Zooming on the moon.

Afterwards one can see a little girl collecting wood and who is also asked not to disturb Esmeralda in her trance. The man tells that doom will come because mother Gudrun gave birth to this monster.

Cut to an old woman and the children.

Finally one can see Esmeralda who is called by voices.

1:53 Min.


Esmeralda is near a stream and runs into the woods.

55 Sec.


Film tear in the NL: The carriage can be seen earlier.

6 Sec.


Vera is getting undressed by her servants. Several cuts to Melissa.

The X-rated only shows the end of the last take where Vera sends away her servants.

28 Sec.


Esmeralda lays at the river. She awakes because of voices calling for her.

The graveyard bell can be heard.

Afterwards the voice explains that Cagliostro gathered the creatures amongst him and the time will come that even Esmeralda has to follow. She runs through the woods to a river and asks to be freed from the evil influence.

Afterwards one can see creatures dressed in white walking through the woods. Again one can hear the bell.

The voice tells Esmeralda that she is designed to carry on Cagliostro’s name. Esmeralda repeats the name and runs away.

She runs to mother Gudrun and tells her what had happened.

4:07 Min.


The camera moves along the naked girl. The x-rated only shows her head.

8 Sec.


Again the naked girl. The camera moves along Melissa.

The x-rated only shows the end of the camera movement.

12 Sec.


The girl is pounded to the ground.

Again x-rated only shows the end of the take.

1 Sec.


In the x-rated version the girl is dressed up while the NL shows her naked.

X-Rated: 13 Sec.
NL: 12 Sec.


Same difference.

X-Rated: 3 Sec.
NL: 3 Sec.


The NL offers more nudity when Mara gets up.

X-Rated: 9 Sec.
NL: 11 Sec.


The x-rated shows Melissa dressed, the NL shows her naked. Afterwards one can see both servants who are also naked.

X-Rated: 11 Sec.
NL: 11 Sec.


Both are whiped by Frankenstein’s monster. The NL shows both naked while the x-rated shows them dressed. Intercuts to Melissa. The scene runs longer in the NL version.

X-Rated: 1:05 Min.
NL: 1:43 Min.


Melissa’s monologue continues.

18 Sec.


Esmeralda hears voices calling her name. She walks to the river and subjugates herself to Cagliostro. He wants a proof.

She gets up and moves to a well. She takes a gulp and moves on.

4:06 Min.



Seward can be seen again. Afterwards Melissa who tells Cagliostro that the time has come. Camera panning to a girl.

28 Sec.


Alternative scene, same dialogue, this time the girl is naked.

20 Sec.


Again alternative scene.

X-Rated: 2 Sec.
NL: 2 Sec.



X-Rated: 9 Sec.
NL: 10 Sec.


Again. Melissa wants her to come to life.

X-Rated: 9 Sec.
NL: 8 Sec.


The girl starts screaming. The NL shows her naked and the camera is zoomed out a bit.

X-Rated: 6 Sec.
NL: 5 Sec.


Again screaming, only the NL features nudity.

X-Rated: 10 Sec.
NL: 9 Sec.


The girl calms down.

X-Rated: 5 Sec.
NL: 4 Sec.


Cagliostro walks towards the girl.

X-Rated: 6 Sec.
NL: 6 Sec.


X-Rated: girl dressed.
NL: girl naked.

X-Rated: 4 Sec.
NL: 4 Sec.


The scene in which Melissa attacks the prisoner is longer in the NL.

54 Sec.


Esmeralda tells mother Gudrun that she obeys Cagliostro. Gudrun explains her that she is the one and also tells her that she gave birth to a child.

Creatures in white walking through the woods.

2:19 Min.


At the ceremony one can see a naked girl on the table, the X-rated shows her covered with a sheet.

X-Rated: 14 Sec.
NL: 14 Sec.



X-Rated: 6 Sec.
NL: 6 Sec.


The NL shows a nice zooming on the girl. The X-rated only offers a view from the top.

X-Rated: 8 Sec.
NL: 9 Sec.


In the NL the zoom goes back from the naked girl. The X-rated shows the typical view from above. Both versions offer a camera panning on a skeleton.

X-Rated: 7 Sec.
NL: 8 Sec.


The monster appears. Usual difference.

X-Rated: 5 Sec.
NL: 5 Sec.


Frankenstein’s monster bends over the naked girl, the X-rated shows her, of course, covered with something.

X-Rated: 15 Sec.
NL: 15 Sec.


The monster bends over the girl.

4 Sec.


The monster bends over the naked and sometimes over the dressed up girl.

X-Rated: 3 Sec.
NL: 3 Sec.


The monster gets up and gets into a rage.

X-Rated: 5 Sec.
NL: 5 Sec.


The monster is still in rage. In the NL the camera goes back to the naked girl. The X-rated does not offer a camera panning.

X-Rated: 3 Sec.
NL: 3 Sec.


To the end of the take, when Cagliostro is driving with the carriage, the take is cut to Esmeralda twice.

The NL does not have such a cut.

X-Rated: 12 Sec.
NL: 3 Sec.


Again a cut to Esmeralda.

2 Sec.


Both versions differ in their outros.

X-Rated: 58 Sec.
NL: 59 Sec.