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Slaughter in San Francisco


  • US VHS
  • Export Version DVD (Asia Line)
Release: Jun 15, 2021 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB

Comparison between the cut US VHS by World Nathal and the uncut export version on the German DVD by Schröder Media (Asia Line).

- 13 cuts
- Difference: 46.3 sec

A few additional master errors with a duration of less than 0.5 sec each were not listed in the report.

We have already reported on Chuck Norris' early work Slaughter in San Francisco in a separate report. The export version is 17 minutes shorter than the Hong Kong original and only the export version has been released in Germany so far. Since May 12, 2021, this is available for the first time in its own "uncut" form as a DVD premiere as part of the Asia Line series.

In the following report, we treat the US VHS for the sake of completeness. The World Northal label was notorious at the time for releasing American TV versions and that probably explains the present version.Violence was left untouched, but nudity and swear words that are considered rather harmless in this country were rigorously removed.

Runtimes are ordered as follows: US VHS in NTSC / Asia Line DVD in PAL

The credits on the US VHS are the "original" ones from the English export version. Since the German DVD was based on a picture master from Asia, you see the original Chinese inserts here instead.

While the opening credits simply run compressed in height, the rest of the film is brutally zoomed to full screen on the US. The image jumps as needed, so there are constant perspective changes depending on who is speaking. Here you can see an example of this in the shot before the opening credits with Don and John in the car. Sometimes (see last comparison picture of a later scene), however, it was not to be saved even in this manner and the extreme loss of picture information is undeniable.


02:53 / 02:47

Don and John insignificantly longer in the car.

0.7 sec

03:07 / 03:01-03:02

The couple behind the bush can be seen a moment earlier.

1 sec

43:34 / 41:50-41:56

The shot in the second room starts a little earlier. A naked woman combs her hair and walks away to the side as Don enters the room.

5.8 sec

43:35 / 41:56-42:02

After the last frames of the shot with Don at the door are also seen with the US, she first jumps to the guy on the bed and covers her nakedness. As the guy jumps towards Don, the US resumes in the middle of the shot.

5.6 sec

46:57 / 45:16-45:18

There is a missing "That bastard!" from Don at the beginning of the shot.

1.6 sec

47:42 / 46:00-46:02

Before Don attacks, he first says, "Newman, you son of a bitch!"

2 sec

51:34 / 49:45-49:46

Don says at the beginning of the shot, "You bastard, Newman!"

1.2 sec

51:32 / 49:54-49:56

Again, he says earlier, "Newman, you son of a bitch!"

2.1 sec

62:45 / 60:32-60:34

Once again, Don is referring to the baddies as "bastards" at the beginning of the shot.

2 sec

63:01 / 60:49-60:52

The baddie takes a first step towards Don, screaming, and gets kicked.

Note: Was already missing from the NL-VHS, the old German versions and the British DVD. There was some more choppiness in parts. Since it is, after all, a fight moment, this was left in the German DVD in the Gegenssatz so in, as you can see it in the long original version from Hong Kong.

2.6 sec

63:27 / 61:17

As Don runs toward the henchman, he again mutters a "Bastards!" so the scissors were applied again in the US.

0.5 sec

70:12 / 67:46-68:04

Another brief shot of Slaughter with Sylvia on the bed to the left. Then Paul runs up to her. As he does so, he says, "Stop it, you two-faced bastard, you! You got both of her parents arrested, didn't you? We know you robbed that bank. You killed that cop. And now you're trying to rape her as well. Goddamn you! Brother, you're an animal. You son of a bitch!"

During the last words, Sylvia is seen and the shot moves over to Slaughter. The US then kicks in mid shot with Slaughter's "Get lost!".

18.5 sec

70:14 / 68:06-68:09

Paul first says "No, I won't. I've had enough of your shit." at the beginning of the follow-up shot.

2.6 sec