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Release: Sep 06, 2008 - Author: magiccop - Translator: jack ass - external link: IMDB
Comparison of the cut US videotape from Ventura (R-Rated) and the uncut German DVD from Rapid Eye/One World (Unrated)
Takashi Miike's masterpiece was released uncut in almost every country around the world. Only in the US there had to be an r-rated version for the VHS release that was missing out more than one minute of material. But the uncut version was later also released there on DVD, labeled as "Unrated Director's Cut".
The time indices refer to the cut version.

Note! Everyone who hasn't seen the film so far should maybe read the report afterwards, because there are a lot of things given away here - the viewing could make less of a impression if one knows these things beforehand!
Cut version = 114:04 min. (NTSC)
Uncut version = 110:49 min. (PAL)

Run time of the cut scenes = 80,5 sec.

The VHS features additionally some really short flaws (unintentional cuts) in the material that amount to roughly 7 seconds and are not discussed here in this report.
95:11 The end of the shot when Asami puts the needle at Aoyama's tongue is missing.
2 sec.

95:12 The beginning of the shot when Asami sits on top of Aoyama, leans over him and he still fidgets with his arms and legs is missing.
6 sec.

97:25 The closeup of Asami sticking the first needle in Aoyama's body is missing in the r-rated version.
2,5 sec.

97:27 Asami drills the needle further into Aoyama's body and leans over him. She says: "Stick and stick and stick and stick."
11,5 sec.

98:29 Closeup of Aoyama's belly that is covered with needles.
3 sec.

99:02 The end of the shot when Asami gets close to Aoyama's face with another needle is missing.
1,5 sec.

102:29 Shot of the steel wire cutting into Aoyama's leg. He screams and then one sees Asami who's pulling the wire back and forth with obvious exaltation.
11,5 sec.

102:30 Shot of Asami.
0,5 sec.

102:30 Again there's Asami plus a cut to the old guy in the wheelchair in between missing.
2,5 sec.

102:36 Shot of the wire still cutting deeper into the leg, of the screaming Aoyama and Asami.
7 sec.

102:46 One sees from the outside perspective how Asami throws the severed foot against the windowglass (a bloodstain is the result) and then starts to wind the wire around Aoyama's right foot.
23 sec.

102:52 The end of a shot of Asami and the beginning of a shot of Aoyama, who has needles sticking all over his face, are missing.
7,5 sec.

103:22 Shot of Aoyama's foot, respectively stump.
2 sec.