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original title: Shao Lin mu ren xiang


  • French Version
  • Original Version
Release: Aug 31, 2013 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the cut French DVD by Metropolitan and the uncut US DVD by Shout Factory

- 7 cuts
- Total cut length: 533,7 sec (= 8:54 min) PAL

Differing credits and small mastering mistakes shorter than 0,5 sec will not be mentioned.

As is the case with many other French movie versions, the movie editors had an easy job because for the biggest part they simply removed a rather long plot sequence in the middle – which is not really obvious because there is nothing too important missing. The same applies to the other, shorter cuts. The cut version is therefore still enjoyable, although some cuts, for example Jackie's head in flour, seem a bit unnecessary.

Luckily, the uncut version was released on DVD for the French market in a more recent reissue. British buyers are less lucky, the previous good DVD release in the UK is out of production and only available for high prices these days. However, there is still the uncut Australian DVD, which is identical to the British one, and the new US DVD from July 2013 by Shout Factory.

Running time designations are formatted like this:
French DVD in PAL / US DVD in NTSC
Company Logos

The French DVD features Metropolitan's company logo, the US DVD the one of Fortune Star.
Not included in the total cut length.

US DVD 21,1 sec longer



The film titles differ, afterwards the credits can be seen on a black background in the French DVD whereas the original shows the wooden men.

No difference in running time


08:27 / 09:05-09:40

The guard tells the people to get up. Jackie stays on the ground and is made fun of.

33,4 sec

09:10 / 10:24-10:41

Longer in the kitchen, the leader says that the food is ready and the drunkard gets back to his wine.

16,4 sec

14:54 / 16:41-18:15

There is a zoom out from a letter and the students talk about who brought how much water. Jackie is the victim again and attacked for his weak performance. Then the master approaches and criticizes him as well because his container is less than half full. Jackie is supposed to put more effort in it, which he then does.

91,3 sec

30:26 / 34:29-39:05

When Jackie gets some wine for the imprisoned Fa Ting he is caught by the drunkard. A small fight ensues, in which several kitchen utilities are used and Jackie's face gets dipped into flour.
At the same time, Fa Ting is served by two other monks but demands to see Jackie. The latter is still on forced kitchen duty, however, the drunkard is pleased with his work and lets him go – he even gives him a bottle of wine as a parting present.

Jackie goes to Fa Ting, who seems to be feverish. Jackie has to make him alternately warmer and colder but it never seems to do the trick. At least he commends Jackie for his efforts and teaches him some basic Kung Fu stances.

264,1 sec

48:30 / 57:56-58:31

The monk talks longer to Jackie. He tells him to use Kung Fu only for self defence and get ready for many tests outside the monastery.

34,2 sec

80:31 / 91:56-92:40

Between exercises, a chat in the tea house is missing. Several men want to learn the new technique by Fa Ting and he praises its superiority.

42,7 sec

81:45 / 93:57-94:51

There is some more talk about Jackie as the appointed enemy for Fa Ting. They say that only Jackie can win against him and should forget that Fa Ting used to be his teacher and friend. After all, Fa Ting is a traitor that and deserves to die. Going on his knee, Jackie says that he agrees.

51,5 sec


Different credits at the end.
Not included in total cut length.

US DVD 1,9 sec longer