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The Burning

Needful Things


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  • R-Rated VHS
  • Unrated DVD
Release: Feb 20, 2009 - Author: magiccop - Translator: enemy - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the censored US-VHS by Republic Pictures (rated R) and the uncensored US-DVD by Anchor Bay (unrated).

Until its DVD release Brian yuzna's icky satire on society has only been available in an R-Rated version which missed about four minutes of mostly story material. Only in the finale we find a few (absurd) violence cuts.

R-Rated = 94:23 Min.
Unrated = 98:53 Min.

Cut duration = 4:30 Min.

Note: Amazon falsely labels the DVD as "R-Rated". However it is the full nrated version as can bee seen on the pictures.
17:00 On the beach: there's a missing shot of Bill massaging his girlfriend with sunblock.
16,8 Sek.

34:18 At Ferguson's party: the R-Rated entirely misses Bill turning toward Clarissa and both of them looking in each others eyes for a while. She then approaches him and both dance and talk a bit. They both are watched by a girl (which later tells Shauna that she saw them both at the party).
Suddenly Milo joins them and asks Bill a little excited what happened to Blanchard. As Clarissa says something he accosts her and she leaves.
77,5 Sek.

34:21 After Clarissa entered Ferguson's tent the conversation between Milo and Bill is missing. Bill says to Milo that he wasn't very polite to Clarissa. Milo keeps asking for Blanchard but Bill says he can't talk to him about it.
15,2 Sek.

37:06 In Clarissa's house: Bill sits on the bed, a little shy, as Clarissa joins him and helps to take his shirt off. They kiss. Clarissa pushes him down on the bed and pulls off his pants. Bill asks if they're even alone. Clarissa ensures this. They continue kissing.
51,2 Sek.

49:07 After Bill turned around there's missing footage of him yelling: "Who are you?". He gets up and follows the laugh he heard. Scared he looks around and discovers Petrie's shirt between a few branches. Bill takes a step back as a figure emerges behind him and pushes him over. Bill takes the shirt dangling above him and looks at it but the stranger grabs it and takes off.
49,3 Sek.

49:49 After Bill discovered Clarissa's house he runs toward it in the unrated version. He opens the front door and runs into Clarissa. Bill tells her what happened to Petrie and runs for the phone to call the police.
22 Sek.

51:28 After the two cops left Clarissa asks Bill if he wants to come with her. But he's not in the mood. Clarissa states that she didn't mean it like that. Then we see both sleeping in Bill's Jeep.
31 Sek.

77:51 Brief shot of Judge Carter making a fist and ramming it between Blanchard's legs.
0,8 Sek.

78:01 Shot of Carter's hand coming out of Blanchard's mouth and ripping on his head.
2,2 Sek.

88:26 There's a shot of Ferguson's face missing as Bill's fingers come out of his eyes and mouth. An intercut on Bill is also missing.
5,2 Sek.