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original title: Via della prostituzione, La


  • NL VHS
  • US DVD
Release: Sep 21, 2010 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Matar - external link: IMDB
Comparison of NL tape of Video for Pleasure and US-DVD of Severin.

In the sixth part of the Black Emanuelle series the sexually exposed reporter uncovers a human-trafficking gang.

The complete photo safari was shortened in the NL tape. Additionally the version has got some jump cuts and film tears that will not be listed here.
picture comparison:


NL tape


NL: 79:57 min. (PAL)
US-DVD: 88:38 min. (NTSC)

One can see the car that follows the zebras longer.

After that the complete photo safari is missing. The bus is driving around. Emanuelle takes some photos of the animals. Also a hot-air baloon trip can be seen.

Eventually, a scene with Rivetti and Emanuelle is missing, too.

Rivetti: "You know something Emanuelle? I've changed my mind about that interview. However I can't see how the public could be interested in a rich mans life, who owns it all to intelligence and inside, but if you like I let you interview me."
Emanuelle: "Come on tell me, where's the catch?"
Rivetti: "You've been very charming to the prince and I thought that you might be..."
Emanuelle: "...that I might be useful to your plan?"
Rivetti: "You're there before me. I can see you're more intuitive than I thought."

3:49 min.


The last take of the threesome between Rivetti, Susan and Emanuelle is missing. The end of the song was set on the next scene in the NL.

6 sec.


Emanuelle leaves the restaurant after the meeting was arranged.

11 sec.


Emanuelle enters the house. In the NL one can see her only walking in for a second.

11 sec.