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Hot Shots! Part Deux


  • German DVD
Release: Mar 13, 2010 - Author: pippovic - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
In the movies a series of well-known action flicks of the 80ies are being parodized. Depending on whether you like their humor you usually either love or hate them. The second part makes mainly fun of the Rambo series but also features some allusions to other movies like Basic Instinct and Star Wars.

For the British cinema release MGM had the mvie cut a bit in order to get the BBFC 12 rating. The following DVD release even received the PG clearance. Which of the 4 cuts have been made exclusively for the DVD I don't know. All in all 3:52 minutes have been cut.

Comparison between the cut UK DVD (PG) and the uncut German DVD (FSK 12), both by 20th Century Fox. The running time designations oroginate from the uncut version.

Running times
uncut version: 84:56 minutes (80:31 minutes w/o end credits)
cut version: 81:04 minutes (76:39 minutes w/o end credits)
Topper sceptically looks at his opponent who then gets his nunchakus out and whirls them around.
9 sec.

19 frames of the scene in which Topper is getting hot are missing. Additionally the whole scene of Topper and Michelle having sex (and the driver watching them) has been cut. After the warming up in the car the action continues in MichelleÄS Appartment. Here the great allusion to Basic Instinct has been cut as well.
3:28 min.

Ramada quoting Michelle's entry in her yearbook is missing.
Ramada: "You wrote: Remember the fun we had in class... and I'll fuck up your life if it's the last thing I do."
6 sec.

After Topper asked her if she could imagine what would happen if she stayed Ramada's answer has been cut. She says:
"Sex. Wild, free, passionate, unbridled sex. I'd fondle you in ways you can't imagine."
The rest of her answer can be seen in both versions.
8,5 sec.