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original title: Haute Tension


  • Korean DVD
  • Uncut
Release: May 22, 2010 - Author: magiccop - Translator: Gladion - external link: IMDB
The cut Korean DVD by Dae Kyeong Digital Video (18+) has been compared to the uncut US-DVD by Lions Gate (unrated).
The famous horror film was cut by one minute in Korea as well. The special edition, which was released later, includes the uncensored version, though.
Cut version = b>86:02 Min.
Uncut version = 90:50 Min.

Missing scenes = 1:05 Min. (of that 15.5 seconds Logo)

The rest of the runtime difference results from the Korean DVD being played in PAL speed, even though the format is actually NTSC.
00:00 The Lions Gate logo is only found on the US-DVD.
15.5 sec.

06:19 Two shots of the killer pleasuring himself with the woman's severed head in the truck (no details). He is moaning.
10.7 sec.

23:40 The Korea DVD only shows the very beginning of the Killer pushing the dresser towards the father's head. The actual decapitation of the father with the dresser is missing. Blood spurts from the trunk. Edit to Alex rolling in bed.
10.3 sec.

33:15 Cut as Alex' mother's neck being ripped open by the razor blade cut and a lot of blood flowing out. Subsequently you see the whole thing from the side. More blood spurts out of the wound. Finally another shot of Marie who has to watch everything with eyes wide open.
9.1 sec.

35:06 Before Marie grabs the telephone you see the mother's severed hand lying next to it.
1.6 sec.

50:30 After the Killer rammed the axe into Jimmy's chest, several shots of the two are missing. Jimmy drops his bottle.
11.4 sec.

70:49 Marie hits the killer for the first time with a club wrapped in barbwire. A shot of it being stuck in the man's face and being pulled out is missing.
2.2 sec.

78:48 A complete shot of the killer notching the car driver's stomach with a buzz saw is missing.
4.2 sec.