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High Tension

original title: Haute Tension


  • R-Rated
  • Unrated
Release: Apr 08, 2008 - Author: magiccop - Translator: Victor - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the R-Rated version and the Unrated version (both from Lions Gate)
Only a cut R-Rated version was running in the US cinemas. On DVD, however, the movie was released as both the R-Rated (Fullscreen)and the Unrated version (Widescreen). Unusual is that this time not only short frames had to be removed, but rather longer sequences, partly over 20 seconds long.

R-Rated version = 89:37 Min.
Unrated version = 90:50 Min.

Missing scenes, one second due to a Blackscreen = 1:13 Min.
00:00 The Unrated starts a little earlier (Blackscreen).
1 Sec.

25:07 After the killer has severed the head of the father, which is stuck in the stair railing, the end of the shot is missing. Blood squirts out of the stump.
3,3 Sec.

25:12 Another shot of blood gushing out of the torso.
1,7 Sec.

35:14 End of the shot of Alex' mother after the killer has slit her throat. Blood flows out of the wound and she starts to rattle. The next shot, in which we see her from the side and blood continues to flow out of her throat, is missing completely.
5,5 Sec.

35:43 The shot, in which blood splatters against the closet door, is longer. We can hear the killer groaning.
7,8 Sec.

36:20 Beginning of the shot of the blood-splattered mother lying on the floor.
3 Sec.

36:44 As Marie bends over the mother, the mother lifts her arm. Her hand has been cut off and we see the bloody stump. She rattles and eventually dies. Inter-cut to the sobbing Marie.
12 Sec.

53:01 Shot of the axe in Jimmy's while the camera moves to his face. Cut to the killers face.
7,4 Sec.

74:21 After Marie has sent the killer to the ground with a swing of her club, she sits on him. Several shots of Marie beating the killer to death are missing.
22 Sec.

82:10 Longer shot of the killer slicing through the driver with the buzz-saw.
3,3 Sec.

82:12 Shot of the screaming Marie while blood splatters all over her face.
1,9 Sec

82:14 More full contact between saw and driver. Blood splatters onto the camera.
2,6 Sec.

85:29 The close-up of blood flowing over Alex' hand, after she has stabbed Marie with the crowbar, is a bit longer.
1,5 Sec.