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Release: Mar 16, 2008 - Author: magiccop - Translator: abyss - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the cut R-Rated DVD published by Anchor Bay and the uncut Unrated DVD published by Sunfilm.

In the run-up Hatchet's reputation precedes it to be a new milestone in the sky of horror. In retrospect you (sadly) have to find out that the movie is nothing more then a simple, even though very gory, Backwood Slasher. Hoping to see a exciting horror movie after the very good beginning you have to please yourself first with 40 minutes of annoying teenie comedy before the movie finally gains momentum again.
00:00 The Anchor Bay logo can only be found on the US DVD.
7 sec.

47:41 As Victor Crowley treats Mr. Permatteo with the hatchet a short shot from above is missing in the R-Rated version as Victor splits Permatteo's shoulder. Blood is splattering out of the gaping wound.
0,7 sec.

47:42 A few frames are missing as more blood is splattering out of the man's wound.
0,2 sec.

47:44 Crowley continues chopping at him.
0,7 sec.

47:47 The end of a shot as Crowley continues striking at Mr. Permatteo.
0,8 sec.

47:49 Ditto.
0,2 sec.

48:00 Crowley tears apart Ms. Permatteo's mouth respectively her head. This scene runs longer in the Unrated version.
1,1 Sek.

51:48 As Victor "twists" Shapiro's head, one shot is missing in the R-Rated version as blood is splattering out of Shapiro's throat.
0,9 sec.

51:50 Ditto. The end of the shot.
0,9 sec.

51:50 The end of a shot, in which blood is splattering all over the place and the beginning of the shot, in which you can see Shapiro's head turned 360°.
0,6 sec.

62:47 In the Unrated version Jenna's face (deformed by the grinder) is shown longer.
1,4 sec.

62:57 In the R-Rated version it can barely be seen when Crowley impales Jenna on the shaft of the spade. But in the Unrated Version he pushes her further down. Gory close-up. Then Crowley disappears and you can see Shawn's severed head lying on the ground.
10 sec.

72:30 Following scene was left out completely. Victor grabs Marcus' body (the guy he previously torn out the arms) and slams it heavily against a tombstone. Blood is splattering out of Marcus' head. Intercut to Ben and Marybeth.
11 sec.