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  • DVD Version
  • VHS/LD Version
Release: May 10, 2010 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Matar - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the DVD version and the Tape version.

DVD: 101:28 min. w/o credits (104:48 with credits) in PAL.
Tape: 101:52 min w/o credits (105:12 with credits) in PAL.

- 1 Change
- Difference: 32 sec

The rest of a different runtime can be the reason of a few master errors in the tape version. They are not considered in this report.

The action-thriller Blue Thunder, released in 1983, shows Roy Scheider as pilot and Vietnam veteran Frank Murphy. The antagonist is Malcolm McDowell and Daniel Stern is also starring as young co-pilot. The main part of the movie is about flying in a helicopter which was designed by the military and is still in a phase of testing. Other high-decorated members have own plans with it and when Murphy and his partner come behind it they are declared fair game.

The DVD version differs in one scene compared to the tape version. The VHS is identical to the laserdisc and earlier TV broadcasts.
On the DVD a chase at the end has been shortend and shows alternative material. The tape offers a car stunt whole the driver escapes a bit boring in the shorter version.

Runtime is based on the German tape
A take starts earlier on DVD before Lymangood (Daniel Stern) loses the papers.
1,3 sec


The DVD offers the original title, the tape shows a German title.


The take runs a bit longer on DVD.
1,6 sec

Frank (Roy Scheider) can be seen earlier.
1,6 sec

Alternative material

When Kate turned into the side street both versions run differently.


One can see Frank in the Blue Thunder, he shakes his head and says 'Oh!". Afterwards a take from the air on Kate, additionally a close-up. Frank comments: 'You're really riding with the angels'.


The take runs longer, Kate is still driving. One can see her via close-up behind the steering wheel, she looks behind her and says 'Shit!'. Behind her the police cars are coming near. Frank watches the chase and one can see from his view that Kate is driving towards a second policecar.

In the side street one can see a delivery truck, the driver gets in in a hurry.
The Policecar drives right towards it, Kate is coming from the other direction.
At the last second the delivery truck drives away.

Kate jumps on the brake, unfortunately to late - the delivery truck escaped but now the policecar is a new obstacle.
She drives right into it, the car drives a bit on two wheels but suddenly goes back in the right order.

The policemen are not that fortunate; another blue car drives from one side and the policecar is still chasing Kate's car. The blue car is struggled into a crash and both policecars are done.
One of the drivers gets out, the other one is blocked by the blue car. He tells the lady that he can't get out, she gets out of her car and asks for one moment.

Tape 31,9 sec longer

Air-take is fairly longer.
1,5 sec

Additionally, there is a small image comparison. The DVD offers the original format with a good contrast and should definately be favorized instead of the zoomed tape.