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  • Theatrical Version
  • Unrated Version
Release: Jul 14, 2009 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Victor - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the Theatrical Version (German Free TV broadcast) and the Extended Version (German DVD, identical to the Unrated / "Badder Santa")

The movie and the releases of both versions

Two versions were released of the Christmas comedy "Bad Santa" produced by the Coen brothers and starring Billy Bob Thornton as a nasty, always drunk and cursing crook in a Santa suit. The normal Theatrical version as well as an Unrated Version for which the title was changed into "Badder Santa".

The Unrated Version:

...generally lives up to its name. Although the Theatrical Version was not really suitable for children on its own, the Unrated piles up on nudity, criminal actions and foul language. The new scenes do not at all seem like merely re-integrated deleted scenes but fit into the movie quite nicely. For example, the characters Marcus and Lois are fleshed out a bit more and seem a lot meaner than in the Theatrical Version.

Quite amazing is that director Terry Zwigoff did release another Director's Cut at the end of 2006; the Unrated Version had been produced by the studio and without his involvement. The new Director's Cut runs three minutes shorter than the Theatrical Version and is said to differ considerably from the other two versions.
Those who already boarded the BluRay train and are unsure of what version they would prefer should go grab the US-Bluray-Disc: It contains the Unrated Version as well as the Directors Cut.

Time indexes are taken from the Theatrical Version: 83:59 min without ending credits

- German DVD (Extended Version / Unrated): 91:27 min o.A. (95:30 min including ending credits)

- 31 scenes with cuts or recuts, including 15 with alternative footage in the Theatrical Version
- Difference: 448 sec (= 7:28 min)
Alternative footage

In the Unrated the scene runs completely with alternative footage, with Willie answering the security guard in a much harsher way. The TV runs about 1 second longer. The shots are similar, only the hand movements and the lines spoken indicate alternative footage.

Theatrical Version:

The security guy walks around the corner and wishes several customers a Merry Christmas. Just as Willie walks past him he hears something over the radio and holds Willie back while talking into the radio. They talk about how Willie may have stolen something but eventually he is set free.


Here, too, the customers are greeted before an obviously different message comes out of the radio and the security guard talks about himself wanting to go grab a beer. He holds Willie back who reacts somewhat irritated and mentions his penis as the only content of his pants and whether the guard wants to see it. The guard sends him off but says that he will be watching him.
TV 1 sec longer


As Willie takes a gulp from the bottle it is in the TV followed by the people complaining and Marcus' message on the answering machine right away. The Unrated shows a few scenes of what Willie does between performances - he steals a car and breaks into a house before going to a strip club and taking one of the strippers home with him.

We see a car driving up and the owner giving the keys to the parking-lot clerk. Willie shows up and observes the scenery, notices the car keys being unguarded and steals them altogether. He walks across the parking-lot, automatically opening the cars and throwing the keys away if he doesn't like the car. After a while he finds a car that suits him and looks for something in the glove compartment that tells him the address of the owner.

The car parks in front of a big mansion. Willie looks around inside the house, using the bathroom as well as the fridge. The flushing in the bathroom doesn't work but Willie doesn't care. He rips some pictures from the wall and in one room finds the safe he was looking for. He tries to open the safe the way it was meant to be opened but then grabs a metal device from the floor and opens the safe with force. We see the cash box lying on the table, followed by Willie in the strip club.

A lottery scratch ticket wins Willie five bucks and he shoves it into a strippers slip while inviting her to his place. After he is brought a beer by the waitress we see him entering his apartment with the stripper. He sends her into the shower, making crude remarks about her odor. They fight a little but then she walks off to shower.

altogether 208,2 sec

Alternative footage

Some alternative footage has been used here and the Unrated runs a bit longer.

Unrated: The last shot from the previous cut keeps running and we see Willie listening to the answering machine.

TV: Closeup of the answering machine while the messages are played. Shot of Willie during the message from the debt collector.

While the TV jumps to the next shot right away the Unrated stays with the answering machine as Willie walks off screen. The next shot is different because Willie has already walked a few steps more in the Unrated.

Unrated 2,4 sec longer



Alternative footage

The sex scene in the locker for over sized women is a bit longer in the Unrated and both versions contain different takes from the moment on when Bob Chipeska (John Ritter) enters the room. The different takes are only noticeable as he drops the papers. However, the Unrated treats us to a few more seconds worth of moaning and we see the legs at the underside of the changing cubicle.

Unrated 6,4 sec longer


Alternative footage

Alternative footage after the shot of Marcus.

The TV only shows another shot of Willie standing behind the under-aged girl, pushing her.

In the Unrated we see Marcus insulting Willie and the girl giggling.

Unrated 6 sec longer



More tired employees in the department store. Willie and Marcus show up with ordered food and drinks, hurling insults at each other about Willie living in the house of the little boy.

The TV continues as Willie shoves some food into his mouth.

23 sec


Willie chows down his food a bit longer and the following shot of Marcus starts earlier.

2,2 sec

Alternative footage

Marcus is seen longer in the Unrated and also speaks different words; most of this is heard from the Off over the next shot of Willie that is also slightly different in both versions.
In the Unrated Marcus continues spewing insults all over Willie who is shown eating a little longer in the Unrated.

Unrated 5 sec longer



A few frames of Marcus' girlfriend Lois are missing. Willies line is identical in both versions: "Are you shitting me? The kid don't have any friends, he don't even have an imaginary friend unless he ditched him."

1,1 sec


Ditto, this time the shot of the shoes is a bit longer before the movie cuts back to Lois. The sentence above ends here.

0,4 sec

Alternative footage

Alternative footage in both versions.
In the Unrated a shot from farther away, in which Marcus and Lois can be seen while the TV shows a close up of Willie.
Unrated: "You think she's gonna rat me out? She don't know her ass from last Tuesday."

TV 0,7 sec longer



Longer shot of Marcus, earlier shot of Willie.

Unrated: "Jesus Christ. Is everything fucking sex with you?"

1,4 sec

Alternative footage

Six shots of which only the last two are somewhat identical.

What follows is the dialogue from the Unrated that should differ from the TV here and there:
Marcus: "I fuck one person. I ain't out there serial fornicating, trying to float my liver, drinking myself silly 'cause I can't stand what a piece of shit I am."
Willie: "What are you, Sigmund Sawed-off Fucking Freud?"
Marcus: "Yeah, that's right. Go ahead. Talk about my height. Make it about something safe 'cause you're an emotional cripple. Your soul is dog shit. Every single fucking thing about you is ugly."

Unrated 2,7 sec longer


Alternative footage

Alternative footage after Marcus told his girlfriend that they should leave.

Both are getting up longer in the Unrated before the movie cuts to the eating Willie. The TV cuts to the eating Marcus directly.

Unrated 1 sec longer



The shot of the approaching mother with her child starts earlier.

3,5 sec


The mother points out Santa to her child and Willie mutters to himself: "Fuckin' great...".

1,4 sec

Alternative footage

The shot of Willie shaking his head is four frames longer in the TV before we see the one single shot of mother and child followed by Willie freaking out.
In the Unrated, the shot of mother and child starts earlier and is also split in two, intercut with a shot of Willie murmuring "Fuck!".

Unrated 4,8 sec longer


Willie is seen for 11 more frames without something actually happening.

0,44 sec


Willie freaks out more aggressively after he lost the game against the kid.
TV: "You're fucking with me!"
Unrated: "You're fucking with me! You did that on purpose. You play like the fucking dead lice are falling off of you, and then suddenly, you're like fucking Seabiscuit all over the place. You're a smartass, that is what you are, kid."

7,7 sec


Willie and Sue are getting it on longer in the Swimming Pool, visible through the old ladies living room window.

7 sec


Before both enter the building, the Unrated shows Willies confrontation with the security guard.

The guard wishes them a good morning but holds Willie back and refuses to let them in before 8:00 am which is only a few seconds later.

23,9 sec

Alternative footage

In the TV, both enter the room and Marcus gives the direction.
In the Unrated, before Willie gets in, an additional shot of Marcus is put in, followed by another shot of Willie and then Marcus again, asking whether Willie has problems with his package, to which Willie replies "Very funny!"

Unrated 2,9 sec longer

Alternative footage

In the TV, Gin walks to his car in a single shot and bids farewell to the security guards, followed by a shot of Marcus and Lois in the car. The next shot shows the starting car, in the TV already when the lights are still out. After the engine starts we see another shot of Marcus and Lois.

In the Unrated, Marcus says "That lousy, leather-faced, frog-eyed, motherfucker." after Gin steps out the door. As Gin walks on and talks to the guard the shot continues until he has reached the car.
Then another shot of Marcus looking at Lois before Gin drives off in both versions.

Unrated 3 sec longer



In the Unrated, it takes Gin considerably longer to die; the TV only shows a short shot of him being pushed against the other car and screaming.

First there are a few additional shots of him screaming, then Lois behind the steering wheel, followed by a shot of the rotating wheels and another shot of the crushing. Lois drives back and Gins body falls to the ground.
After a bit of dialogue Marcus hits Gin who is moaning.
Marcus tazes Gin with a stun-gun that should be enough to finish him off.

38,4 sec


After Lois went off screen, Willie and Marcus re-entering the store through the back door is completely missing.
After a bit of dialogue we see a short shot of from inside he store as all the lights go out one by one.

19 sec

Alternative footage

Now things get a bit complicated as the next shots are running in differing versions and order again.


- The shot of the hallway lasts until the man has shown his ID
- The shot from the previous cut (inside of the store) has been re-integrated.
- The shot of the guard walking away from the door starts about one second earlier before both versions are identical again.


- The shot lasts until the two women have arrived the middle of the screen.
- Marcus crawling through the air shaft.
- The shot of the hallway starts as the first woman walks off screen and lasts until the next man has arrived the middle of the screen.
- Marcus crawls towards the camera.
- The shot of the hallway continues and Willie walks past the guard. When he reaches the outside the man turns around one more time and then turns right.
- Marcus in the air shaft.

Unrated 7,5 sec longer


After "Andy Pitzorella? Sure!" the dialogue continues in the Unrated as follows.
Willie: "No, Andy Ripitski. Andy Pitzorella was Andy Blue Balls.
Marcus: "Since he got married, they call him Andy Pitzorella. What's your fucking point?!
Willie: "They say he can get into anything. Anything. They say he's been in Margaret Thatcher's pussy.
Willie: "And that's a good thing?" So what the fuck are you getting at?"

16,5 sec

Alternative footage

In the TV Willie is silent right away after Marcus asks him whether he said it right to his face. The Unrated contains a reply of Willie that he will need one more second. The TV runs two seconds longer.

TV 2 sec longer


Alternative footage

Both versions differ significantly.


- Willies line is put over the shot of Marcus and Lois which also runs a little longer.
- Willie shakes his head and talks about it being Christmas.
- Marcus looks at him and lowers his gun.
- Willie, looking at Marcus.


- Shorter shot of Marcus and Lois, no Off-commentary.
- Alternating shots of Willie and Marcus talking to each other, intercut with Lois who doesn't seem to give a damn.
- The last shot of Willie looking at Marcus (from the TV) is shorter here.
- Lois says that Marcus should hurry it up.
- The shot of Marcus aiming starts earlier in the Unrated. Marcus sighs and his words "Bye, Willie." are heard in both versions again.

Unrated 21,4 sec longer

Alternative footage

The long shot of Willie closing his eyes is in both versions before they again differ considerably.


- Long shot of the cops arriving and cocking their guns
- Shots of Willie, Marcus and two aiming cops commanding them to drop their weapons.
- Marcus still holds the gun and asks where the cops are coming from.
- Willie looks up and insults Marcus.
- Lois tells Marcus to jump on a shopping cart and use it as a shield which he does.
- Cut to Willie before Marcus drives away shooting and hitting several things.
- Willie ducks and runs, followed by a few frames of Marcus.
- Two shooting cops, Willie runs away and the second shot hits a mannequin in the head.


- One of the cops orders to drop the weapons in a close up.
- Marcus turns around with a "Huh?"
- Shorter version of the long shot of the cops cocking their guns.
- Willie turns around.
- The cop orders Willie to drop the elephant.
- The second cop is seen for a few frames.
- Marcus still holds the gun, asking where the cops are coming from.
- The cop says one more line.
- Willies insult.
- To shots of Marcus and Lois we hear the cop saying that the three of them are never gonna get out of this one.
- Lois tells Marcus to jump on the cart in an alternative shot that is also a bit shorter.
- Cut to Willie, then Marcus driving, shooting and hitting a bag with a bullet.
- The cops shoot, Marcus drives.
- Willie runs away, a cop shoots at him and hits a mannequin in the head
- Short shot of a cop shooting.
- Willie runs past some plush toys that are torn apart in the gunfire.
- Willie runs through the next department and another mannequin is hit.

Unrated 14,8 sec länger


After the bullet has missed Willie's head the TV continues outside at the car. Another bit of the shootout is missing.

Willie runs past a cradle and the figurines are shot to pieces. In the background we see Marcus and Lois running/driving around, then Willie enters the screen, gasping. A cop shoots and the figurine next to Willie gets its head blown off. Willie keeps running and after another shot of a shooting cop we are treated to a spectacular jump down the escalator. The following shot from outside starts earlier in the Unrated and we see the roof of the building before the camera moves down and shows Willie running out of the building.

While in the TV the shot is a single one until Willie jumps on the car the Unrated intercuts to the aiming cops inside the building.

(The screenshot before the last one is in the TV as well. It's provided only for orientation so you can see where the shot is interrupted in the Unrated.)

Unrated 18,4 sec longer