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Release: Feb 08, 2009 - Author: Mike Lowrey - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB
This film, which can clearly be categorized as a member of the hyped “torture porn“-genre, was – like many other of its colleagues – released in an R- and an Unrated Version. The latter is advertised as the so-called “Grisly Edition“ and offers a much more bloodthirsty cover artwork.

While unrated cuts either add up on films (whether that is to label as necessary or not is an issue of discussion) or can simply be called bluff packages, R-rated versions are mostly seen as censored or tightened. However, the situation concerning Carver is rather obviously to describe. The R-rated cut of the film was rigorously cleaned of splattery scenes and does in fact seem like a censored version. Here the editors didn't even work with replacements through alternate material but just cut out the violent scenes.

Comparison between the R-rated and the Unrated Version (both released by Allumination Filmworks)

21 cuts = 132,24 seconds = approx. 2 minutes 13 seconds
0:30:55: The woman in the snuff video is shown a bit longer in the unrated version. She fights back against Bobby Shaw while lying naked on the ground.
6,32 Sec.

0:46:12: The unrated has a long shot showing Zack lying naked on the floor of the restroom.
4,64 Sec.

0:46:27: Another view on the naked Zack. This is followed by a close-up of Zacks testicles. Bobby Shaw brings the pincers in position. Zack is shown screaming. His testicle gets worked on by the pincers and some urine flows out of the (obviously fake) penis.
10,04 Sec.

0:46:46: Bobby Shaw uses the pincers harder what is accompanied by Zack screaming in pain. Shots of Zacks hands and his testicle. Finally, Bobby Shaw presses the pincers so hard that the testicle bursts open bloodily (CGI, of course.).
10,36 Sec.

1:04:44: The unrated version shows a close-up of the nail sticking bloodily in Rachel's leg. Another hammer blow is performed.
1,04 Sec.

1:04:46: Another detailed shot is omitted in the R-rated version. Bobby Shaw knocks the nail completely into the leg.
1,24 Sec.

1:04:51: The R-rated just shows the beginning of this scene where the nail is pulled out of the wound. After that the next scene follows. Instead, the unrated shows longer how the nail is pulled out. This is followed by shots on Rachel winding in pain and a final view on how the nail leaves the wound.
8,16 Sec.

1:05:05: The nail is partly forced into the leg. No bloody details here.
0,56 Sec.

1:08:49: Yet another censored scene in the R-rated version. The unrated shows how Bobby Shaw pushes the nail into Rachel's forehead by punching on it twice with the hammer.
4,24 Sec.

1:23:09: In the unrated, Pete has to suffer from 7 more hits with the hammer. Changing shots between Pete looking more and more flawed and Bobby Shaw hitting continuously. Finally, Pete burps out some blood and gets tortured further.
16 Sec.

1:24:23: A scene that is only suggested in the R-rated version is fully shown in the unrated cut. Close-up shots of the serrated knife cutting into the handwrist and shots of Bryan who is more and more splattered with blood and obviously disgusted by that.
17,4 Sec.

1:25:07: The unrated shows how the hammer smashes brutally into Pete's face. After that, Bobby Shaw is shown having much blood sprayed on his face from that recent act of violence against Pete. The rated version has the sound of this scene as well but here is the only use of alternate material (Bryan crouches to Bobby Shaw). This will not be documented with screenshots because it is no new material.
No time difference

1:25:14: Pete's heavily damaged body can only be seen in the unrated version.
2,12 Sec.

1:26:16: Ditto.
1,76 Sec.

1:26:25: A stream of blood hits Bryan in the face. As usual only in the unrated cut, though.
4,16 Sec.

1:26:57: Kate stares longer at the dead body of her female friend lying off-screen. The cam catches the separated head and Kate holds her hand before her mouth to avoid regurgitation. This is followed by a short flashback of the murder at the beginning of the film. After that, the R-rated version is back on board as well.
20,96 Sec.

1:27:30: The R-rated version omits the bloody headshot of Kate.
2,24 Sec.

1:29:04: Another shot of Petes heavily injured body. Bryan stares at it in an apathic way.
7,48 Sec.

1:29:15: Same content, different perspectives.
5,36 Sec.

1:30:29: Bryan leans against the electricity box and looks at Pete's body once more.
6,36 Sec.

1:34:21: Billy Hall cuts Bryans throat.
1,8 Sec.