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  • Unrated
Release: Mar 12, 2008 - Author: magiccop - Translator: Frankie - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the cut R-rated version and the uncut Unrated version (both from Warner).
The sequel to the successful horror movie "House on Haunted Hill" is a direct to video production, with two different versions available in the United States.

R-Rated version = 79:09 Min.
Unrated version = 81:04 Min.
05:02 One shot at the photo shooting has been changed.

R-Rated (1,5 Sek.):

Unrated (2,8 Sek.):

28:35 Homicide of Warren: In the unrated version there are two more frames included, where one can see how his stomach is getting slashed and guts are falling down. In the rated version a longer shot of his face is shown instead.

R-Rated (0,9 Sek):

Unrated (2,2):

31:09 One shot, after the ghost has picked up Harue's weapon, is a bit longer in the rated version. The camera pans to the ghost's face.

R-Rated (0,8 Sek):

31:10 Different frames can be seen here: In the unrated version Harue licks her lips arousedly while being seduced by the ghost women. In the rated version she turns around to one of the ghosts.

R-Rated (2,2 Sek.):

Unrated (4 Sek.):

31:12 Here, the beginning of a shot is a bit more longer in the rated version. i

R-Rated (1,6 Sek.):

31:17 A frame with Harue and both of the ghosts is a bit longer in the unrated version.

Unrated (3,5 Sek.):

31:20 There are two frames in the rated version missing whilst the ghosts are kissing and palming Harue. In the rated version another shot is included instead.

R-Rated (1,4 Sek.):

Unrated (5,7 Sek.):

31:23 One frame is only enclosed in the unrated version.
Again, the beginning of a shot can be seen a bit longer in the rated version.

R-Rated (1 Sek.):

Unrated (1,5 Sek.):

31:45 There are some frames missing at the b/w flashback in the rated version.

Unrated (5,8 Sek.):

32:19 There are two shots of the ghosts in the rated version missing after Harue has left the room abruptly. They kiss each other.

Unrated (6,2 Sek.):

36:46 As Norris' arm is ripped of, one can see different frames in both versions.
R-Rated (0,9 Sek.):

Unrated (1,1 Sek.):

36:55 As Norris is torn apart, there is one tiny shot more in the unrated version.

Unrated (0,2 Sek.):

43:02 In the rated version Samuel's fate is completely left out: One can see blood stained hands putting away a knife and afterwards Samuel's face. He is fixed on a stretcher and looks about frightened.A ghost nurse is standing beside him . Suddenly Dr. Vannacutt (Jeffrey Combs) appears: The camera pans back to Samuel's face. One can see how Vannacutt removes his skullcap. He runs his hands over Samuel's exposed brain and rips it out subsequently with a fast turn. At the end the ghost nurse, who tapes everything with a camera, can be seen.

Unrated (28,2 Sek.):

In the rated version a frame is included with Michelle saying: "I think that was Samuel."

R-Rated (2,6 Sek.):

68:01 Dr. Hammer punches Ariel in his face: One can see one shot of Hammer's face in the rated version instead.

R-Rated (1,1 Sek.):

Unrated (1,6 Sek.):

69:37Vannacutt hits Hammer's head more often against the wall.

Unrated (2,3 Sek.):

69:42 dito.

Unrated (2 Sek.):

78:59 After the end credits the following happens in the unrated version: A couple walks along the beach, they lay down on the ground and kiss each other: The boy strips down her top. Suddenly the woman notices something under her back. They start digging and bring a Baphomet's statue to broad daylight. One can hear creepy noises and the screen fades to black.

Unrated (62,2 Sek.):