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Censored Version
Region: Japan

Uncensored Version
Region: Worldwide

Release: Oct 04, 2011 - Author: Der_TOT_64 - Translator: Tony Montana
Origins and Critics:
Doom 64 for N64 was released in 1997. But this is not just a transfer but a stand-alone sequel to Doom 2. The working title was "Doom - The Absolution". To emphasize the exclusiveness of the game, the title was changed to Doom 64. Developed by Midway, the score composed by Aubrey Hodges. Hodges also composed the score for the PlayStation Version. There were also plans for a sequel to Doom 64 but the project was cancelled because the designer prefered to work on other projects like Quake 64 plus the Doom 2 engine was considered obsolescent. The game was released in Europe, the US and Japan. The critics were good and very good. One of the exceptions was But that wasn't very surprising because test report was written by Jeff Gerstmann who is infamous for his test reports among gamers and other critics as well. His test report about Kane & Lynch - Dead Men was also his last one because he got fired after he rated the game with 6.0.
Good ascpects of Doom 64 were the good graphics, the sinister sound, the nighmarish atmosphere and the uncomplicated gameplay. The most common points of criticism: still no capability of jumping, ducking or looking up and down. Moreover, there was no multiplayer mode.

As already tried to explain, Doom 64 is based on an advanced Doom II Engine. Animated skyboxes were added, rooms lighted with color and combining used rooms was also an option. The monsters and weapons were completely remodeled. The sound effects were taken from the PlayStation and Saturn Version and some new ones were added. The soundtrack wasn't rock anymore. Some of the guns even had a recoil. Besided the standard weaponry from Doom II, the "Unmaker" is in the game as well. The Unmaker is an expandable laser weapon. To upgrade it, up to three pentagrams needed to be found. The pentagrams were also necessary to close the gates in the last level where new enemies show up all the time. To get these pentagrams, the path to the secret levels needed to be found first. And there wasn't a pentagram in each of the secret levels. Once the gun was upgraded, it was capable of firing three laser rays at the same time.
1/3 of the game takes place on the mars, the rest in hell.

New enemies were "Nightmare Imp" and "Motherdemon". Unfortunately, not all the monsters found their way to Doom 64 due to the limited memory on the cartridge. Former Commando, Revenant, Arch-Vile and Spider Mastermind had to be removed. Especially the Doom community critized that.

After you figured all demons were gone, you return to earth. But one demon made it and he builds a new body out of body parts from dead people. Just having arrived on earth, you have to go back to mars with your special unit. Being on the mars, your last complete unit gets overrun by demons. You're the last survivor of the unit and you have to take these mothers down for good.

PC Version
In 2002, Samuel Villarreal transfered Doom 64 to the PC and offered the download for free. Besides the N64 levels, there were additional levels in the PC Version. The light effects were altered and advanced so that they look more sophisticated. Furthermore, the PC Version contains two new monsters. Some of the secret levels belong to the standard levels now. To play the PC Version, the file "doom2.wad" from the full version of Doom II was necessary.

Ban and Censorship:
In Germany, the game got banned pretty fast so that it was just available on request and not in any shop. The Japanese Version was censored from the beginning, but Western countries got the uncensored Version. The censoring in the Japanese Version looks pretty "shallow" because the only difference is new color of the blood whichh turns green in the Japanese Version. Any splatter effect and the blood on the corpses remained untouched.

Compared are the censored Japanese Version and the uncensored PAL Version. The screens of the Japanese Version have been lightened up because some of them were even darker than the screens from the European Version.

Please note:
Info for N64 fans: the savegames are compatible with any Doom version worldwide, no matter from what country, no matter if PAL or NTSC. The NTSC Version is slightly faster though.

In the Japanese Version, the blood is green instead of red.

European VersionJapanese Version