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Fallout: New Vegas


Censored PS3 Ultimate Edition

Uncensored Ultimate Edition (Xbox360)

Release: Aug 20, 2015 - Author: FreshDudel - Translator: Tony Montana
When Fallout: New Vegas was released in October 2010, it had already been common knowledge that the upcoming German release was going to be heavily censored. On 02/10/2012, Namco Bandai released the so-called Ulitimate Edition for PC, PS3 and X360. The Ultimate Edition was advertised "100% Uncut" and it actually was. Well, almost. Technically, the PS3 Version is not uncensored - despite the "100% Uncut" sticker on the cover. A slightly alteration has been made for some reason. Only the PC and X360 Version are fully uncensored (has been checked). It's beyond unlikely that this an intentional alteration because, first of all, all three versions (PC, PS3, X360) have the same rating. Second, except for this particalur alteration, the PS3 Version is utterly uncensored. Third, the "100% Uncut" sticker on the cover implies that it was accidental. Last but not least, it's very likely that the reason for the altered headshot in the PS3 Version are the restrictions of one (unknown) country in particular because any European PS3 Version is equally censored. Whether the US Version for PS3 is also censored hasn't been checked.

Compared are the censored Ultimate Editon (PS3) and the uncensored Ultimate Edition (Xbox360)
(Intro by Glogcke)
Censored Intro

The headshot has been alleviated.

Uncensored VersionCensored PS3 Version