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  • US TV Version
  • Unrated
Release: Jun 15, 2012 - Author: Buster - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
The US company The Asylum is renowned for its regular releases of low budget productions that are a bold rip-off of current blockbusters of the majors in Hollywood. Unfortunately, the low budget is very obvious in any of those movies.

With Born Bad, a movie which isn't a current blockbuster rip-off was released in 2011. But then again there are lots of similarities to the home invasion thriller Fear starring Mark Wahlberg and Reese Witherspoon, released in 1996.

The movie is about a young naive girl living with her dad and her stepmom after her parents got divorced. After a short while, she gets to know the perfect son-in-law who turns out to be a psycho killer. All warnings from her family are being ignored until the final confrontation: the intrusion of the family's house including taking hostages. Along with a nymphomaniac girlfriend and annoying brother, this description fits perfectly for Born Bad as well.

Compared are the TV Version and the Unrated Version.

Running Time:
TV Version: 85:41 min NTSC (no end credits)
Unrated Version: 88:40 min NTSC (no end credits)

Total difference: 2 minutes and 59 seconds

In detail:
- 8 extended scenes Unrated Version: 2 minuten and 54 seconds
- 1 aditional scene Unrated Version: 1 minute and 32 seconds
- 4 extended scenes TV Version: 2 minutes and 9 seconds

The remaining difference consists of transitions in the TV Version for the commercials. That's not going to be specifically mentioned in the following comparison.
Extended Scene Unrated Version:
When Denny wants to get comfy with a girl on his bed, the TV Version lacks the shot of him rucking up her skirt.

+1 sec

Alternate Footage Unrated Version:
In the TV Version, his hand slowly glides over her thigh while he's grabbing her more roughly in the Unrated Version. A very short shot of of his index finger coming closer to her genital area has been removed.

+1 sec

TV Version:Unrated Version:

Extended Scene Unrated Version:
In the Unrated Version, Denny tears apart the top the girl is wearing and rucks up her jeans skirt.

+10 sec

Alternate Footage Unrated Version:
TV: 00:01:43 / Unrated: 00:01:55
In the TV Version, the young lady is still wearing her top.

no difference

TV Version:Unrated Version:

Extended Scene Unrated Version:
ab 00:02:01
The TV Version lacks several shots of the beginning of the rape sequence. While the TV Version fades out early while the Unrated Version contains some rougher footage.

+34 sec in total

Extended Scene Unrated Version:
After the rape, Denny puts on his pants. This scene contains a censored audio track. He's turned his back to the camera. While he doesn't say a single word in the TV Version, he says "God damn, girl." in the Unrated Version. The girl tries to get out of the bed but Denny pulls her back in by her hair.

+28 sec

Denny: "God damn, girl."
Girl: "You're crazy. You're a psycho. I'll go home."
Denny: "Hey! Hey! Hey!"
Girl: "Please!"
Denny: "Where do you think you're going?"
Girl: "Ahh! Stop please!"
Denny: "Shh shh shh."
Girl: "Please stop. Please!"
Denny: "Shut up!"
Girl: "I'll do whatever you want from me."
Denny: "Relax."

Alternate Footage Unrated Version:
TV: 00:03:07 / Unrated: 00:04:01
The opening credits are slightly different.
In the Unrated Version, the actual title is being displayed instantly. The TV Version also contains the logo of the production company ("The Asylum"). Furthermore, the TV Version shows Denny burying the girl's body for an extended period.

-13 sec

TV Version:Unrated Version:

Alternate Transition:
TV: 00:04:22 / Unrated: 00:05:03
The Duncan family has arrived at their new house.
A transition to another scene contains alternate footage. While the TV Version goes immediately from Katherine to Walter, the Unrated Version also contains the frontal view of the new house.

no difference

TV Version:Unrated Version:

Alternate Transition:
TV: 00:05:22 / Unrated: 00:06:03
At the end of a conversation between Katherine and Walter, the camera goes to Brooke lying on her bed, listening to music. In the Unrated Version, this happens immediately while the TV Version contains an additional shot of the house now.

-2 sec

TV Version:Unrated Version:

Alternate Footage Unrated Version:
TV: 00:05:40 / Unrated: 00:06:19
Brooke calls Dana, an old friend, to tell her that she'd had moved into town. At the time of the call, Dana is in the bathroom. She hurries to get to the phone. In the Unrated Version, her bathrobe is open. In the TV Version, it's not.

no difference

TV Version:Unrated Version:

Additional Scene Unrated Version:
After the phone conversation, Brooke visits Dana at the dorm. She has to ask her way to Dana's room. Having finally arrived, Dana gives her a warm welcome at the door and asks her in. Some chitchat follows. Brooke talks about her mom being gone again and that she had to live with her dad and her stepmom Katherine now. Dana calms her down and tells her to not think about it anymore.

+1 min and 32 sec

Extended Scene TV Version:
Brooke and Dana bump into Denny and his friend Jose and Frankie at some bar. Sitting all together at the same table, the TV Version cont ains a short shot of Dana and Jose getting closer.

-2 sec

Extended Scene Unrated Version:
Brooke meets Denny out of town. She slowly starts to build trust which won't be betrayed when he offers her a joint either. The TV Version lacks the shots of Brooke smoking pot.

+1 min and 17 sec

Extended Scene Unrated Version:
Denny takes Brooke home. In front of the house, he has a short conversation with Brooke's dad Walter Duncan. The TV Version lacks a small part of it. Denny pretends to understand the parents who have no clue her daughter is with and introduces himself. At least, this will get him an invitation for dinner.

+12 sec

Extended Scene Unrated Version:
Denny drives back to his apartment. Jose and Frankie are already waiting for him. Dana is lying dizzy on the sofa and Denny calls her a whore. In the Unrated Version, Denny rucks up her skirt which exposes her naked but. He hits her thighs several times and also her face.

+11 sec

Extended Scene TV Version:
TV: 01:16:01 / Unrated: 01:20:45
Brooke, her stepbrother Kyle and her dad Walter Duncan are tied up in the garage. Denny and Frankie are out to search for Katherine, Jose remains in the kitchen. He's so excited, he can't stand it anymore and decides to go to the garage. He grabes a kitchen knife on his way over there. Because he believes Denny was still outside, he starts getting busy with Brooke. To get to her boobs and between her legs, he cuts the ducktape she was tied up with. Brooke gives it a shot and pushes Jose away. In the Unrated Version, the scene ends with Jose attacking her while she's holding up the knife. Looks like it didn't go very well for him because Brooke subsequently steps over his body ans goes back into the house.

The TV Version on the other hand contains a dramatic fight.
Brooke loses the knife because of Jose and she hits him in the face with a plastic can. Kyle reaches for the knife and starts cutting his bonds. Jose has the upper hand now but before he can do anything to Brooke, Kyle stabs him in the back. Kyle is shocked about it that he's careless for a second. Jose can take him down. Jose goes after Brooke again and hits her like hell but he doesn't realize that Kyle could free Walter in the meantime. Walter attacks Jose and can stab him in the stomach. But Jose is one tough SOB and pushes Walter in the corner. He also manages to stab Walter in the shoulder before he dies of his injuries.

-1 min and 52 sec