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Tongs: A Chinatown Story

original title: Tong hau goo si


  • HK Version
  • German VHS
Release: Jan 29, 2016 - Author: Il Gobbo - Translator: ManfredR - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the HK-VHS from Ocean Shores and the German VHS-Version from IMV.

The German Version is cut as well but in complete different scenes then the HK-Version. In Germany some short takes of violence representation are missing. In Hong Kong authorities have been irked by the pledge of allegiance of the "Phantoms", the sex scene as well as the phone call of a corrupted Cop.
There’s nothing more worth mentioning…hurry up!
11:50 Min.
This seems to be an error in the master: Paul leaves his apartment and in the Hong Kong version the long shot of him walking down the street is missing.
( 3 sec. )

50:00 Min.
The pledge of allegiance of the "Phantoms" has been shortened by some text lines. Also the blood oath where Mickey cut his finger and let blood drip into a bowl has been shortened.
( 31 sec. )

69:43 Min.
The sex scene lacks of a mirror view.
( 8 sec. )

78:31 Min.
The phone call which Silverman obviously receives from Chen is also only available in the German version.
The following dialog (monolog) has been cut in the Hong Kong version: "Silverman"....."Listen Chen, there has been a gunfight at Mott Street 10 minutes ago so I cannot see you now."......"Don’t you dare come visit me, hide yourself wherever you want!"......"Ok. Park your car in front of the block. Get out the car and walk down the street to my door. Wait for me there, I will be there in about 5 minutes!"
Insert cut onto Mickey walking down the street and then Silverman who dials a number and then talks to somebody on the phone: "Johnny? Come with Martinelli to Mott Street to check if everything is in order. I will be there too in about 10 minutes!"
( 35 sec. )

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