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Brain Damage


  • BBFC 18
  • Unrated
Release: Sep 25, 2009 - Author: magiccop - Translator: klepp - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the cut British VHS version from Palace (BBFC 18) and the uncut US DVD from Synapse (Unrated).
The British version of this cult splatter-comedy from the director of Basket Case was based on the Unrated version. However, it was cut in the "oral sex scene" with Elmer, even though only moderately.
British version = 81:55 min. (PAL)
US version = 85:36 min. (NTSC)

Cut length = 22 sec.

00:00 The Manson International logo can only be found in the British version.
+ 7 sec.

35:34 A shot in the "oral sex scene" is missing: Elmer is penetrating the woman's mouth.
2 sec.

35:42 Same shot as above. The woman desperately tries to resist.
9 sec.

35:46 Same here. Blood is coming out of the corner of her mouth.
7.5 sec.

36:11 Cut, Elmer tearing the woman's brain out of her mouth. The beginning of the shot of him disappearing in Brian's pants with it is also missing.
2.5 sec.