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  • Original Version
  • Director's Cut
Release: Dec 26, 2018 - Author: Mike Lowrey - Translator: Asphyxia - external link: IMDB

Bereavement is chronologically the first part of director Stevan Mena's story of the serial killer Martin Bristoll, whom viewers already know as a murderer from the 2004 film Malevolence. In 2018 Mena finished the third part with Malevolence 3: Killer.

Probably in the context of the release of the third film, Stevan Mena has now produced a Director's Cut of Bereavement and given him his own Blu-ray. This new version doesn't offer any more of the hard to watch violence but only a negligible storydetail, which makes you wonder if it justifies a new release. For those interested who already own the original version, it is not worth buying a new one but German consumers in particular could still grab it because of the unsatisfying censorship situation of the title here in Germany.

The original version (included on Anchor Bay's US Blu-ray) was compared with the Director's Cut (included on Mena Films' US Blu-ray).

One additional and one extended scene = 2 minutes 40 seconds

Additional scene
0:57:55: A completely new scene. Allison visits William and apologizes for yesterday evening. She wants a fresh start without lies and therefore tells William that she knows that the drugs he is taking are not against headaches but he is taking them because of his mother's disappearance. She shows understanding because she knows what it means to lose a loved one. Then William's drunken father appears and scolds why she talks to his son about his mother not being interested in him and abandoning them. William and his father have a heated argument and Allison flees. William is frustrated and tells his father that when he leaves, he's lost. But the father only screams that he should leave after all.
149.88 Sec.

Extended scene
1:08:45: William mentions to the Millers that Allison was with him first but then they got into a fight and he thought she went home. This extension of course refers to the scene before, which only occurs in the Directors Cut.
10 sec.